Masha Reva: Merging

“Today a human is surrounded by huge amount of information, while social networks and blogs bring us an opportunity to create a superficial representation of ourselves in the web. Becoming a part of virtual reality, a computer data, we merge within the boundless informational field that is internet.”- Masha Reva

Ukrainian designer/artist Masha Reva has a good point.  She emphasizes her ideas with a mixing of interesting prints, various shapes and textures, over a backdrop of busy imagery: saturated, to say the least.  The ‘merging’ of images, words, and actions have long been part of the quotidian, but throw in the Internet and those daily stimuli come ten-fold.
To show the critique of today’s digital normalcy in a photograph is interesting.  Many mediums (articles, documentaries, organizations!) have touched on the 21th Century’s overload of information, but somehow these images seem to say so much without any explanations.  The viewer is left to contemplate how Masha’s message comes across for him/herself personally.
For me, I half want to get off the computer and just go lay in the sunshine/half want to look up more awesome pictures and use Pinterest all afternoon.  How do you feel about them?  How do you deal with an info overload?  X
More info!:  Masha Reva is also creating shoes!  Look at these lovelies!  All images via.
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