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If you are tired of the same old drug store brand make up, I recommend you check out Lime Crime beauty products. They are a fun, colorful line of make up products created by an independent team of self described make up lovers. The founding lover of makeup is the creative Doe Deere, and she has a full line of bold colors that really make a statement.

For your eyes, they have a Venus: The Grunge Palette which comes in a funky box with a picture of the roman Goddess, Venus on it. It gives it a retro charm that you will love. The colors will really make your eyes pop. These will be really fun to play with in the fall. They also have some liquid eyeliners in fun colors like blue and purple. I really want to try out the glitter colors.

For your lips, they have a great selection of lipsticks called Unicorn Lipsticks. These come in a selection of funky colors from reds and pinks to green and blue. These colors are sure to make a statement. There is also an awesome selection of sparkly lip glosses to finish off your look. Their nail polish collections as a few unique colors that anyone could wear. I particularly like their Peaches and Cream color and plan on wearing it this spring.

One aspect of their website that I love is the Shop The Look section. You can scroll through the pictures and find a look that you really want and then click on the picture. The products that were used to create that look are displayed on the right hand side and you can add them to your cart from there. There are some funky looks that I wouldn’t have thought of myself. They even have a blog where you can find even more styles that you might enjoy. You can tag them in your own styles and maybe you will end up on the blog!

Overall, Lime Crime has a very user friendly website. Its easy to see how to incorporate their products into your own unique look. They list their ingredients for each product and every product is cruelty free. So you know they are not tested on animals and they are also vegan. You really can’t go wrong!

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