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Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is an investment firm that specializes in leveraged buyout transactions and growth capital. The firm was formed out of partnerships, spin outs, re branding and acquisitions from the previous firms that it was affiliated to. CCMP Capital has offices in London, Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York. Currently, the firm operates as an independent firm and has since then made growth capital and leveraged buyout amounting to $12 billion.

The firm’s history can be traced back in 1984 when it started as Chemical Venture Partners. At the time, the firm had been established as a private equity and venture capital branch of the Chemical Bank. Later in 1996, the firm acquired the Chase Manhattan Bank and went through a re branding phase that created the Chase Capital Partners. In the year 2000, the corporation acquired the J.P Morgan Company and the new firm became JP Morgan Partners. The firm grew at a steady pace and integrated Chase Manhattan, Hambrecht & Quist, Manufactures Hanover, Beacon Group, J.P Morgan &Co and Robert Fleming & Co.

In 2004, the JP Morgan Chase finalized the acquisition of Bank One. The acquired firm came with its own separate equity investment branch. The One Equity partner, which was controlled by Dick Cashin, was meant to serve as a Private Equity platform for JP Morgan Chase. Soon after, JP Morgan Partners announced plans of branching out on its own. In 2006, the separation was finalized after the sale of the $925 million interest, which was sold to secondary investors. The departure of JP Morgan Partners led to the birth of CCMP.

In February 2014, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital sold Medpace, a pharmaceutical research institution for $900 million. Over the years, CCMP has amassed wealth by investing in multiple sectors. CCMP has so far invested in the retail, industrial, healthcare and energy sector. This growth and investment success led to the firm to be reputed as a superior worldwide investment partner. The success of the firm has been accredited to the skilled professionals. The prudent leadership of Stephen Murray has contributed immensely in the success and growth of CCMP capital.

Stephen Murray is a philanthropist and the founder of CCMP capital. According to NY Post, entrepreneur graduated with an economics undergraduate degree from Boston College in 1984.The same year, he joined the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation where he pursued a credit analyst training program. Murray enrolled at the Columbia Business School to pursue his postgraduate degree in business administration. He graduated in 1989. His career kicked off at MH Equity, which was later bought by the Chemical Bank. Stephen opted to stay with the firm through the various partnerships and acquisitions. Stephen has been a board member of the following companies: Aramark, Pinnacle Foods, Legacy Hospital Partners, AMC Entertainment, Generac Power Systems, Cabela’s, The Vitamin Shoppe and Warner Chilcott.

George Soros‘ foundation has not been on the good side of Russia. Due to the sanctions put on Russia, the country has decided to put a ban on the Open Society Foundations set up by George Soros. To go along with the ban, Russia has decided to burn all of the books that were related in any way to George Soros’s charity. This act was met with disappointment from the Open Society Foundation. They have pointed out that Russia has been happy with the contributions of the charity.

One factor in the conflict was the new set of laws that have been put in place which inclued the Minsk agreement that went into effect sometime in 2015. However, the agreement was rather ambiguous. As a result, two opposing sides were forced to just wait for the other side to make the next move. Fortunately, this was addressed rather quickly. There was a law that was passed that cleared up the confusing parts of the Minsk agreement. However, this resulted in a financial issue for President Putin. The funds were starved in order to get him to hold elections that are compliant with the law of the Ukraine.

However, the Ukraine is likely to develop a winning strategy with careful analysis of everything that went wrong. As of right now, the EU should be looking for ways to protect and preserve the new Ukraine. There should be efforts made to make sure that the new Ukraine is successful. The key to making sure the European Union is in good shape is to make sure that the Russian menace is not able to have its way with the Ukraine. All of the other issues will be resolved if the Russian menace is handled effectively.

One thing that could assure the success of the Ukraine is the analysis. The only problem is the strength of the Russian military under Vladimir Putin. President Putin could use excessive force in order to show its strength to the Ukraine. When it comes to force, the Ukraine does not have a good chance against Russia. There is a second part of the winning strategy that is needed so that the Ukraine can guarantee its success against the forces of Russia. Ukraine needs allies that are determined to do everything it takes to make sure that the Ukraine is able to come out on top and implement the new reforms.

George Soros is obviously in support of the Ukraine, and he gives his support to Angela Merkel because he believes that Germany has the ultimate solution to the issues that are facing the EU. Right now, the EU is barely holding it together due to all of the other crises that have taken place that have brought a lot of problems even with some of the efforts made to bring improvements.



When you think of cosmetics you think of colors that will compliment your natural tones. Concealers, foundation, and soft lip colors that are made to make people think you aren’t wearing anything at all. That has always been what moms have taught their daughters since make up made its way onto the scene so many years ago. But Doe Deere is challenging that theory and doing so quite beautifully if I say so myself.

Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of a little cosmetics company called Lime Crime. Dare to dream yourself in color should be her tag line. Doe has successfully brought the bright blues, groovy greens, vivacious violets, and out of this world oranges to life. Doe doesn’t believe in wearing make up to look natural. If you’re going to wear make-up you might as well have fun with it.

Doe was born in Russia but ended up being raised in New York. She opened an E-bay store in 2004, that’s also when she inadvertently came up with the brand of Lime Crime. Doe has a refreshing entrepreneurial spirit, having tried a number of endeavors over the years. One of which, probably her most successful before Lime Crime, was starting the band Sky Salt. The band never really gained traction in the music industry, but without it Doe would not have met her husband Mark, who is now her Lime Crime partner and president as well as her best friend. That’s a success that beats out all others in my book.

The self-proclaimed animal lover gives back regularly to no-kill shelters for cats and dogs by donating monetarily. But she’s not just some big shot with a checkbook she really does walk the walk by having a couple of rescues of her own.

Recently named Top Inspirational Female Entrepreneur by Self-Made magazine, Doe has reached a level of success that most women business owners only dream of. By focusing strictly on selling her products online and coming up with the “on-lip” swatches she has opened the eyes of her fellow cosmeticians and has quickly made these practices a norm throughout the beauty industry.

Her approach to beauty and fashion is invigorating. She is a fashion faux-pau but in good way. Doe doesn’t follow the traditional color and pattern schemes that the fashion world has claimed “the right way” to dress. She prefers the fun and flirty, the bright and bold, the mystical and marvelous designs that your average woman would fear to attempt. Not only does she attempt them but she brings to life those quirky fashions with her bright colored make-up and hair.

Doe Deere is an inspiration to women and young girls everywhere. Not only with exhilarating style and confidence, but also her ambitious never-give-up attitude in business. She has done what is necessary to remain true to herself all while making her business prosper. Doe has empowered us all to do and wear what makes us feel good and that’s just good business!

Just about every family in Brazil has someone who owns their own business, usually in the retail sales arena. Throw a rock and you will hit a fount of sagely administered business advice. It seems that all South Americans have plenty of unsolicited advice to purvey, private jewels that they claim to live by, and for a quite nominal fee they will let you have access to this valuable advice. Ah, everyone has an angle. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours is the name of the game there.

However, when it comes to real business savvy in South America, you must turn to Igor Cornelsen. Besides embodying the human encyclopedia of business and finance, he seems to possess a special ‘second sight’ that enables him to master business relationships and effective networking. If that is not enough, he is equally the resource to approach when knowledge about the huge number of Brazil’s sub-cultures. Igor Cornelsen on whitepages has employed all of this amazing acumen to grow tight relationships with the upper-crust of Brazilian society. When asked about this, Igor Cornelsen replies, “Be sure to connect with the natives.”

Mr. Igor Cornelsen built his stellar reputation as a builder, mover, shaker, and investing legend upon his deep understanding of Brazil’s small business environment.

Even today, he offers the advantages of his advice, based upon long and varied market experience. The general opinion by the majority of business experts in the South American export markets is that Mr. Igor Cornelsen is a quite shrewd and gutsy investor, especially in the agricultural sector. He is seen as the major player in Brazil’s busy export business. His standard practice is to develop detailed profiles for his clients and requires them to read and study them. He makes the study of these profiles mandatory for any of his foreign clients.

Whenever anyone asks Igor how this has all come about, how he became such an influencer, he says, “Be ready for some red tape… Those who make informed decisions and put the work in are the ones who will see the big payoffs in the end.”

On the night of Feb 14th 2013 the sports world was shaken when one of the most famous figures in sports was accused of shooting his girlfriend. Oscar Pistorius had become a global icon with marketing contracts from some of the top sports suppliers in the world after finding fame running on so-called blades during the Paralympics. Pistorius then fought to be allowed to appear at the 2012 London Olympics, which saw him act as an inspiration for many athletes and individuals around the world. Despite the apparent success of Oscar Pistorius the shooting of his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp opened up the life of the athlete to public scrutiny.

South African legal expert Brenda Wardle will soon publish an examination of the Oscar Pistorius trial, which will be known as “To Kill A Fragile Rose”. Wardle became known around the world for providing an insight into the case, and explanations of how the South African legal system works for foreign audiences. The lawyer has spent a large amount of her time during the Pistorius trial providing expert analysis for global news outlets, such as Sky and the BBC.

Wardle is in a strong position to provide expert analysis on the Pistorius case and many other legal cases as she three degrees in South African law. Prior to the outset of the Pistorius case Brenda Wardle had already become a well known figure within the South African legal world for her analysis of various legal issues, including the use of government security clearances. Even though Wardle lives a busy life in her legal career she has found the time to publish short stories and a novel, alongside her role as both a other and grandmother.

The Pistorius case has become a global sensation and continues to provide hours of news coverage as appeals continue to be heard in South African courts. The varying accounts of the mysterious shooting death of Reeva Steenkamp has continued to provide numerous theories on the truth of what occurred between the couple. Oscar Pistorius was initially sentenced to prison for culpable homicide; at the start of 2016 the athlete and prosecutors were both still appealing the decision of the court in a bid to have the sentence changed.

In the world of fashion, women have always ruled the industry. Ordinary women always wanted to dress well whenever they left the house. In today’s generation, statistics are showing that men are dressing better and better. Not only are they finding better looking clothes, but they are also looking for ways to accessorize. Through the world of social media, men are finding it more important to look good for friends and family. However, as much as men want to look great for Instagram and Snapchat, it’s simply the easiness of getting to shop online.

Online shopping is constantly growing, and men are finding it easier to find clothes for themselves through sites like Amazon and other online stores. An increase of about 16.7 percent have grown in the last five years of men shopping online. The truth is that men hate shopping in general, and usually they would rather buy online to avoid the common hassles found in normal shopping like waiting in line or trudging through annoying women’s clothing to finally find the men’s section. With free shipping and easy return and exchange policies, it shows that it is the place for guys to easily shop without traditional shipping hassles.

For a variety of companies, they are successfully turning their onions stores into money making machines. For Paul Evans NY, their leather shoes are some of they go best in the industry, and they clearly are clearly reaching a bigger market. Their fashionable shoes have proven that they know what they are capable of. With comfort and style as their main priority for shoe design, there is no wonder as to why so many men every single day make it a goal to simply strive to get the shoes from this brand.

Paul Evans NY has a wide variety of shoes in their collection. With a variety of options, you will surely find something that will work with you best.

Men are always looking for ways to stand out. If you are a guy and you want to improve your look, don’t look any further than Paul Evans NY and their unique shoe collection. They are always looking for something different and strive to give men the comfort they need to look their best.

Canada stopped minting their pennies and is using polymer bills now. Will the United States follow suit by ending US penny minting? US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl discussed the demise of the penny during a CNBC Squawk Box interview.

“Cost of Minting Penny Higher Than One Cent”

During the December 30, 2015 CNBC Squawk Box interview, US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl stated the simple fact: “Nobody uses the penny anymore.” Many pennies are strewn on the road or lost in seat cushions. Mr. Diehl suggested that the time spent picking up a penny is not economically worthwhile because it amounts to less than minimum wage.


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In a move to encourage budding philanthropists of tomorrow, Bruce and Karen Levenson have donated $5.6 million to the University of Maryland’s Center of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership. With a huge boost in funding from the Levenson’s gift, students can continue to receive cutting edge learning in philanthropy and nonprofit business. The program offers students the chance to gain skills and experience that will help them shape their communities as future leaders. With a hands-on curriculum, the Center of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership provides opportunities to not only make an impact in the United States, but other parts of the globe as well. A recent program in India tasked students with helping the disabled, youth outreach, and wildlife preservation efforts in the region. Another opportunity that allows students to get involved is The Do Good Challenge. The university community comes together in competition to brainstorm ideas on social change, and the Center of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership funds the event. The Center also prepares students for careers in the nonprofit sector. After graduation, many degree holders head for jobs in nearby Washington, D.C. These graduates are armed with a unique skill set in understanding social issues. The hope is that these Maryland grads can tackle the problems of tomorrow by forming nonprofits that benefit our world. The Levensons are active philanthropists for many causes. The contributions they have made have benefited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, I Have a Dream Foundation, Seed Foundation, Hoop Dreams Scholarship, Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute, Bringing the Lessons Home program, and Seeds of Peace. The full, original article can be found on PR Newswire at:

Many seniors are choosing assisted living these days and for good reasons. Assisted living is considered by many to be the best of both worlds. Residents in assisted living facilities are independent but can also receive personal care and support services, should they need them.

Assisted living facilities are designed to provide residents with the basics of daily living such as bathing, grooming, dressing and help with medications. To be clear, assisted living facilities are different from nursing homes in that they don’t provide more comprehensive medical services.

The Manse on Marsh is an assisted living facility in San Luis Obispo, CA. The Manse on Marsh offers a variety of activities, activities that encourages movement and socialization with their peers. Being active and independent are effective ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As many seniors know, it is important to share with their peers. Sharing with one’s peers certainly makes one’s life more enjoyable and fulfilling. Preparing meals can be time consuming and costly but at the Manse on Marsh, three delicious meals are prepared for their residents every day as part of the regular activities.

Staff at the Manse on Marsh is available 24 hours a day. If any emergencies occur during the day or night, there is someone ready and prepared to help. Those who suffer from diabetes need to have their insulin levels monitored and that is an important task that the Manse on Marsh doesn’t take lightly.

Other services that an assisted living center offers are non-ambulatory care, incontinence care and hospice care. Additional amenities that some assisted living facilities offer are: activities onsite and offsite, devotional services, wheelchair accessible showers and aging in place.

There are many benefits of assisted living. One of the most treasured benefits is the quality of life. Keep in mind; an assisted living facility only takes care of chores that a person can no longer handle safely or appropriately. In addition, an assisted living center provides social and recreational opportunities that a senior could not enjoy if he or she lived alone. Most importantly, an assisted living center minimizes potential hazards by adding shower grab bars, remote panic buttons and other safety features. Also, assisted living provides quick responses to emergency situations and adapts to a person’s individual needs.

Find out more about assisted living from a trusted friend or your doctor.  Trusted websites can be the best place for more information too, as long as they are reputable.

Doe Deere believes that although beauty and fashion rules exist, it is not a sin to break those rules. Often times people think that fashion and beauty rules should be followed so you don’t look dumb well breaking them. You will be happy to know that you won’t look out of place at all when breaking fashion and beauty rules. Many people learn beauty and fashion tips when they are in their early teens and slowly move into deciding which rules should apply to them and which should not.

It is perfectly okay to have your own sense of style and to be your own person. If we all follow these beauty and fashion rules that are set by the magazines we will all be too much alike. Being different from other people is what makes you stand out and shows that you are your own person. Doe Deere doesn’t follow many of the beauty and fashion rules that have been set by society and the beauty and fashion industry and she certainly looks great even though she doesn’t follow all the rules that have been set.

Sometimes when you play around with your makeup and be a little bit more bold you not only gain confidence, but you feel happy because you’re being yourself. Often times Doe will pair many different colors that go with the same color scheme together, which breaks the rule that you shouldn’t wear a bunch of different colors at once. Despite the rule, you won’t look bad as long as your colors go well together. After all a rainbow is made up of many different colors and is beautiful.

Doe Deere is not only a fashion and beauty tip breaker, but she is also a very successful business woman. She runs the company Lime Crime. Which is a cruelty-free and vegan cosmetic brand. Lime Crime is known for its bold colors that will stand out when you wear them. It is no surprise that Doe Deere is doing something so right by breaking fashion and beauty rules. She is making an example for women all around the world. The example is that being yourself is the best kind of you there is. Don’t stay on the safe side just because you think other people won’t like how bold you are.

In reality you will be seen as not only bold but confident. Confidence attracts people to you and makes them want to be your friend so they can learn how to be just as confident as you are. So don’t be afraid to wear bold makeup or have brightly colored hair because Doe Deere does it everyday and looks great well doing it.