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Doe Deere believes that although beauty and fashion rules exist, it is not a sin to break those rules. Often times people think that fashion and beauty rules should be followed so you don’t look dumb well breaking them. You will be happy to know that you won’t look out of place at all when breaking fashion and beauty rules. Many people learn beauty and fashion tips when they are in their early teens and slowly move into deciding which rules should apply to them and which should not.

It is perfectly okay to have your own sense of style and to be your own person. If we all follow these beauty and fashion rules that are set by the magazines we will all be too much alike. Being different from other people is what makes you stand out and shows that you are your own person. Doe Deere doesn’t follow many of the beauty and fashion rules that have been set by society and the beauty and fashion industry and she certainly looks great even though she doesn’t follow all the rules that have been set.

Sometimes when you play around with your makeup and be a little bit more bold you not only gain confidence, but you feel happy because you’re being yourself. Often times Doe will pair many different colors that go with the same color scheme together, which breaks the rule that you shouldn’t wear a bunch of different colors at once. Despite the rule, you won’t look bad as long as your colors go well together. After all a rainbow is made up of many different colors and is beautiful.

Doe Deere is not only a fashion and beauty tip breaker, but she is also a very successful business woman. She runs the company Lime Crime. Which is a cruelty-free and vegan cosmetic brand. Lime Crime is known for its bold colors that will stand out when you wear them. It is no surprise that Doe Deere is doing something so right by breaking fashion and beauty rules. She is making an example for women all around the world. The example is that being yourself is the best kind of you there is. Don’t stay on the safe side just because you think other people won’t like how bold you are.

In reality you will be seen as not only bold but confident. Confidence attracts people to you and makes them want to be your friend so they can learn how to be just as confident as you are. So don’t be afraid to wear bold makeup or have brightly colored hair because Doe Deere does it everyday and looks great well doing it.

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