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Just about every family in Brazil has someone who owns their own business, usually in the retail sales arena. Throw a rock and you will hit a fount of sagely administered business advice. It seems that all South Americans have plenty of unsolicited advice to purvey, private jewels that they claim to live by, and for a quite nominal fee they will let you have access to this valuable advice. Ah, everyone has an angle. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours is the name of the game there.

However, when it comes to real business savvy in South America, you must turn to Igor Cornelsen. Besides embodying the human encyclopedia of business and finance, he seems to possess a special ‘second sight’ that enables him to master business relationships and effective networking. If that is not enough, he is equally the resource to approach when knowledge about the huge number of Brazil’s sub-cultures. Igor Cornelsen on whitepages has employed all of this amazing acumen to grow tight relationships with the upper-crust of Brazilian society. When asked about this, Igor Cornelsen replies, “Be sure to connect with the natives.”

Mr. Igor Cornelsen built his stellar reputation as a builder, mover, shaker, and investing legend upon his deep understanding of Brazil’s small business environment.

Even today, he offers the advantages of his advice, based upon long and varied market experience. The general opinion by the majority of business experts in the South American export markets is that Mr. Igor Cornelsen is a quite shrewd and gutsy investor, especially in the agricultural sector. He is seen as the major player in Brazil’s busy export business. His standard practice is to develop detailed profiles for his clients and requires them to read and study them. He makes the study of these profiles mandatory for any of his foreign clients.

Whenever anyone asks Igor how this has all come about, how he became such an influencer, he says, “Be ready for some red tape… Those who make informed decisions and put the work in are the ones who will see the big payoffs in the end.”

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