George Soros Reaffirms His Position To Principles Of Open Society In An Interesting Manner

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Soros has over time been an advocated for principles of open society; he is then not pleased with Trump ad Cruz on their political campaign strategy to enforce the rules on the border. As a reaffirmation to his driving mission Soros fund managers Scott and Stanley donated $488,375 to John Kasich the Ohio governor and a candidate in the ongoing campaign. Scott and Stanley have been the managers of Soros hedge fund and conservatives are even wondering how they have decided to go to the limits of funding a Republican. Scott left the hedge fund in 2015, but Stanley is still investing $2 billion in the hedge fund. The two allegedly have been with Soros since the time that he bet led to a crisis in England economy.
Federal Electoral Commission released the results of the new funding where Scott and Stanley a referring to it as a soft loan to the super PAC “a new day for America”. Kasich joins Clinton in the list of those who have received donations from George Soros in this political campaign season. Clinton is a beneficiary of $8 million from George Soros; Kasich is also getting support from Rubio supporters who are not for delegates to support the lame political ideas of Trump. From a published article in, George Soros has spent huge cash in creating and supporting organizations like the pro- amnesty groups, ACORN, and

Soros has an all-time drive which is the respect for the principles of open society. As the chairperson of Open Society Networks, Soros has been supporting for many groups fighting for human rights, accountability in the government and the need to avoid monopolization of truth by some hidden interest person. His open society networks support groups in over 100 countries globally especially those in support of education for youths and against youth radicalization. George Soros is a great investor who fled from Hungary after surviving the Nazi occupation and the domination of the Soviet. He does not approve the campaign strategy that Trump is using like blocking Muslim refugees from entering the country. He has been very supportive of the provision of education for all immigrants. Soros has also been a liberal democrat all his life and the anti-Muslim move by Trump according to him is very offensive and harmful to the democracy of the states.

According to his marketwatch profile Gorge Soros began his investment career in the New York City back in the 1950s he is now has a net worth of $27.3 billion. He was born in Hungary in the 1930s and has become the greatest and influential investor all over America; his prowess began by winning the $1 billion bet about the British pound in 1992. He is also the founder of Central European University an institution that focuses on promoting critical thinking, his philanthropy is all over Africa, Asia and United States and he has overtime supported lawyers in the protection of individual whose rights are violated or improperly incriminated from critiquing wrong issues in their governments. He is grateful for his success in financial investment because it has given him lots of personal independence and freedom than many other individuals.