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The Real Estate Weekly reported Re/Max’s new endeavors to penetrate the real estate industry of the state of New York. It started in the 1970’s and later expanded to various locations across the globe through the sale of its master franchises. Consequently, it currently boasts of global presence in a hundred nations and an excess of 100000 representatives.

Dave Liniger, Re/Max founder, expressed confidence in the success of his company in overcoming the cutthroat competition that exists in New York Boroughs such as Manhattan. Re/Max has set up an incredible and experienced team of experts led by Terri Bohannon to conduct fresh branding and marketing operations in New York. In addition, Liniger likened the move to venture into Manhattan to moving to another high school and making an effort to be a part of the popular students.

Apart from the planned marketing and branding effort by Re/Max, it has been buying back most of the franchises it sold in the past. Subsequently, it has managed to procure back sixteen franchises in its continued national plans.

Anthony Franzese, the founder of Weichert Realtors, echoed that most real estate brokerage firms were attracted to the New York market due to higher commissions, without keeping in mind the stiff competition. Further, he proclaimed that for a firm to succeed in New York it had to be persistent to overcome the resisting forces. The original information can be obtained from the Real Estate Weekly

A Detailed Look at Town Residential

Town Residential is among the top New York City real estate firms. It has managed to withstand the high competition, which prevails in the luxury real estate industry by utilizing a competent team of customer service personnel. Consequently, it has been able to set the bar high in terms of service provision through its dedicated team of representatives, therefore, maintaining its position in the industry.

Town Residential also has a Marketing and Leasing division, which focus on converted, repositioned, and ground up multi-family properties. Town Leasing and Marketing plays the role of leasing properties within a short duration, but at the best achievable value. It also conducts an all-extensive market research and creative marketing. Town Residential has achieved various accolades for being among the 50 best working spaces in New York.

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