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Dogs are truly the best companions. Regardless of your situation they always greet you with a smile. When you wake up in the morning, they sit by your side while you drink your coffee, and in the evening they welcome you home with a smile. Dogs are truly man’s best friend, and most people would do anything to keep their dog healthy and happy. For years, that simply meant buying the most popular dog food brand and getting your dog exercise, but now there are thousands of dog food options, so dog owners must educate themselves. Beneful is an amazing dog food brand owned by Nestle PurinaStore Petcare that offers several important varieties of food.
Beneful has prided themselves on providing the best possible dog foods since they were established in the early nineties. They have always sought out the best possible ingredients and dog lovers know that a Beneful product will keep their dog happy and healthy. Beneful currently offers several amazing varieties of dog food.

Dry dog food is incredibly popular because it is easy to store. Beneful offers several varieties of dry dog food, each tailored towards your dog’s interests. The Beneful Original line is an Amazon best seller, it offers great dry dog food. Beneful offers several meats in their dry food, including chicken, beef, and salmon. They meat is 100% real and your dog is sure to appreciate. If your dog has special dietary needs, then Beneful may offer the dog food they need. Beneful offers a Healthy Puppy line that is targeted at keeping your puppy in top shape. If your dog is on a diet, then they may enjoy the Healthy Weight line, designed to keep your pup in top condition. Beneful’s dry dog food is a great option for dog owners everywhere.

Treats are necessary for any dog owner. They put a smile on your dog’s face and are a great way to train your friend. Beneful’s Healthy Smile line up is perfect for your dog. They include several flavors and sizes, so every dog owner will have an option.

Dog food is vital to your dogs health, and Beneful is proud to offer an amazing selection.

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Philip Diehl has spent most of his career around the coin minting industry. To be precise Mr. Diehl is a former Director of the U.S. Mint, and presently Mr. Diehl is the Present of U.S. Money Reserve. Mr. Diehl’s experiences in the industry of money minting and company announcements can be found on the website. Information can also be found on which is another company business profile for the U.S. Money Reserve company.

According to PR News Wire, U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest distribution companies available on the planet that provides investors access to precious metals. In a declining paper dollar economy the core value is to help investors see the benefits of transferring their wealth from dollars to metals, such as gold and silver.

Mr. Diehl goes on to state in on his profile page on that saving preserving money in precious metals is the best financial strategy to use in order to preserve capital. Learn more about US Money Reserve: also guarantees that the exchange period from paper does to tangible assets is safe and secure experience. Investors are given a positive piece of mind when they have chosen to use as their precious metals portfolio investment resource.

The U.S. Money Reserve company does not only sell investors and mint coin buyers with the promise of preserving their wealth. The company also provides sound investment advice to those that are interested in learning more about the details of how gold and silver help to balance out their portfolios.

IRA and retirement funding is also available through programs that are offered by, Mr. Diehl and his associates.

Providing sound investment vehicles through precious metals is the forte of Mr. Diehl and the U.S. Money Reserve company. The company is use to helping clients from around the world understand the value of placing their wealth in precious metal commodities.

U.S. Money Reserve and Mr. Diehl are helping clients preserve wealth and helping to grow a trend within the financial investing industry.

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George Soros has long been considered one of the best speculators in the world when it comes to global currencies. He has made billions of dollars by being able to accurately analyze various markets and make moves with large amounts of money when George Soros thinks there is going to be a fluctuation in a currency. He came to the fore front in terms of market prediction in 1992, when he bet that the UK was going to have to devalue their currency. ValueWalk has recently put out an article that depicts his strategy during this time frame, as he knew that the UK was going to have to devalue their currency, putting his own hedge fund on the line.

1992 was an interesting time in terms of monetary systems on during the early 1990’s, and Britain wound up trying to do some things that put them in hot water. They were a part of the Exchange Rate Mechanism, or ERM, which basically was a system to handle the many monetary systems that were present in Europe. When you have countries that are in close proximity that are exchanging currency frequently, this type of exchange rate system is essential in order to ensure that the exchange rate is fair. The UK had very high inflation rates during the time and took action to try to boost the pound. They basically raised their interest rates in an attempt to attract people in Europe to invest in the pound. George Soros was one of the people that recognized that this was not going to work and decided that he was going to short the currency. The UK eventually had no other choice but to withdraw from the ERM, as they were spending way too much money trying to artificially boost the pound. 

The end result was that Soros accurately guessed that the pound was going to drop in relation to other currencies and put his chips in a position to increase in value. He made over a billion dollars in this move alone on, which is why so many people took notice and still to this day consider him to be without a doubt one of the best speculators on the planet. After Soros did this and the UK was forced to devalue their currency, the hedge fund that Soros possessed increased from fifteen billion to twenty two billion dollars over a few months, although it jumped drastically on the first day. Since this time, George Soros has continued to accurately forecast what is going to happen in various markets and has increased his net worth significantly since the early nineties, but this was one of the biggest money makers over his career thus far. 

For pet-owners who want to ensure their dog has the healthiest possible teeth, Nestle PurinaStore has the solution. Beneful has just released an exciting Healthy Smile line that is intended to help all dogs reduce the amount of plaque and tartar that often builds up in their teeth. Dogs need to brush their teeth just like we humans do, and this treat helps pet-owners ensure their dog brushes his/her teeth every day without that much of a hassle. These treats also help improve a dog’s bone strength, as well as improve the odor of their breath. In this article, we will take a look at the Beneful Healthy Smile product line to ensure the perfect dog gets the right treat for his/her teeth.
1. First off, Beneful offers mini Healthy Smile Dental Ridges. These treats are smaller than others, so they are great for smaller dogs, or for dogs that don’t need the overindulgence of big-sized treats. These mini ridges have meaty middles and are sprinkled with a bit of parsley.

2. There is also a variety of Healthy Smile Dental Ridges that is intended for small/medium dogs. These treats are slightly larger than the first ones, but they do contain the same flavor of real meat and parsley.

3. Of course, Beneful also offers this same flavor for the big dogs as well. These large Healthy Smile Dental Ridges are for larger adult dogs that need the larger size to give all of their teeth a truly great cleaning. Depending on how big the dog is will generally determine what size ridges are right for the dog.

4. However, the Healthy Smile line does not end with just these meat/parsley ridges. Beneful also offers a wonderful Healthy Smile Dental Twists line. These twists have real peanut butter flavor with parsley. On these twists customers can see the green parsley swirling around the brown peanut butter flavor. This product has the same powerful anti-plaque and anti-tartar abilities of the ridges. There are also three different sizes available for different dogs: small, small/medium, and large.

All these products can be ordered online via Amazon.
Like the Beneful facebook page: describes The Manse on Marsh as an elderly care unit that provides living services to the senior members of the society. Manse on Marsh operates as an assisted living community located in San Luis Obispo County in California. Assisted living services are quite different from the nursing home services that are most available. Manse on Marsh have tried to bridge the gap through provision of assisted living services which are apartment like style habitat which focus on provision of daily assistance on living activities to the elderly in the society.

Manse on Marsh provide quite a number of services which ranges from provisions of housekeeping services, cleaning services, preparation of meals, medical assistance and general regular checkups for the elderly residents. In terms of payments Manse on Marsh are way cheaper than nursing homes because of the nature of services they offer. Assisted living unlike nursing homes requires fewer funds because they providing assistance services as opposed to nursing homes that provide everything. Assisted living provides the much needed independence unlike nursing homes.

There are so many things that make The Manse on Marsh the ideal place to take your beloved seniors notable to state is it proximity to one of the best hospitals. It is located not more than a mile from French hospital medical center that was voted among the best medical care provider according to recent Medicare review.

According to the available reviews on Manse on Marsh, quite a number of people are happy with the services the facility has been offering. The quality of food and the facility have received a lot of praises from those who have used their services and strongly recommend the facility to others who need those services.

SeniorHousingNet writes the location of the Manse is also very ideal as it is located in the epicenter of San Luis Obispo. Other amenities that include shopping centers, churches, coffee houses, bookstores and ice cream shops are within a walking distance.

The facility provides the best activities to its seniors residents of the society giving them the confidence and peace of mind they need that cannot be found elsewhere. Manse provide 24/7 care services that include five check-ins daily which include making of their beds in the morning and provision of three meals in a day together with the collection of trash in the evenings.

Manse provides the much needed privacy through their single bedrooms and studios that are included in their package for those who need assisted services. Clients are at liberty to choose services that best suit their budget and comfort they desire.

Manse is not only taking in permanent residence, temporary stays are also provided to those who need them. Respite stays also exist for those who are on their way to better health.

Madison Street Capital is a leading Investment Banking firm that is dedicated to professionalism and integrity. The firm specializes in valuation services, financial advisory services, mergers, and acquisition. Madison Street has set a distinguished record in providing solutions to companies that are undergoing financial challenges. From diverse funding source and credit provider Madison Street capita offer, struggling companies with financial structure. Further, the firm provides corporate valuation expertise and debt restructuring services to hedge fund, private and public held companies, and government institutions.


Madison Street Capital was established in 2011 and it is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The company features other offices in North America, Asia, and Africa. The company has outstanding professionals who have extensive experience and knowledge in investment banking. Through adoption of global view, Madison Street Capital assists its clients with financing and capitalization structure that meet client’s objectives and goals. Due to a high level of reliability and professionalism, Madison Street Capital has earned the trust of business all over the world.


Companies cannot survive if its value continues to go down. There is dire need to bring forth strategies that will preserve the value of business. Madison Street Capitals professionals play critical roles in identifying major financial bleeding in a company and identify appropriate measures to stop the bleeding. Importantly a company can face challenges that emerge from external environmental factors such as a recession. According to Bloomberg, Madison Street Capital has helped companies overcome these woes.


Madison Street Capital has collaborated with thousands of mid- market companies and helped them chart through complex transactions and achieve excellent outcomes. One fundamental characteristic of Madison Street Capital is that each client is treated as a true business partner thus the need to take the time to understand and analyze customer’s goals. The firm has demonstrated a capability to much buyers and sellers thus ensuring client’s satisfaction always.


Over the years, Madison Street Capital has won various awards due to its distinguished performance. Recently, the firm was named as the finalist in the 8th Annual International M&A Awards. The company was also announced as the finalist in the 14th Annual M&A Advisor Awards


Japan is of the world’s most populated nations. More than a hundred million people make this series of islands in the Pacific their homeland today. Japan has been occupied by humans for all of recorded human history. Today, the nation of Japan is part of long and honorable history. Many people such as Michael Zomber have chosen to study this part of the world because of the unique culture that flourished here during the medieval period in Europe. Just as Europe developed a culture that has long merited study, so too has Japan. Japanese arts and crafts continue to be of interest to people like Michael Zomber.

His Early Passion

Historical Japan has long exerted a fascination in the west. This is true today when many people like Zomber find themselves drawn to a time frame that was all about the unique culture and the power an influence of the Samurai. The Samurai were a group of warriors dedicated to the defense of the Japan and to a code that is still influencing contemporary Japanese society. As part of that code, the locals developed a unique kind of armor and special kinds of swords of all types. This particular type of metalworking was much prized back in that day and is still quite prized today by collectors and metalwork lovers all over the world. Zomber has made a special study of the world of Japanese swords and armor in an effort to become an expert about all aspects of such metal making. His work began at an early age when he was still young. He began to realize just how much this particular subject fascinated him. He also began to understand how much others also shared his passion for this particular subject.

His Own Business

It was this realization that helped him decide to enter the world of Japanese sword collecting and armor. He knows that this world is one in which people seek to see how it was possible to create such amazing objects hundreds of years before the development of modern technology. He wants both those who collect such objects and those who simply admire them to be able to feel a sense of awe for the skills and hard work of ancient Japanese craftsmen. This is why he opened up his own business in an effort to help share his passion for the wonderful work they did.  Not to mention the inspiration that Zomber has been, given how he’s excelled after his exoneration.

One of today’s biggest fashion trends in the past couple years has been athleisure; athletic leisure clothing on that provides both comfort and style. This growing trend has become somewhat of a lifestyle, as the clothes are so versatile and can be worn anywhere. In a recent article, it discusses the popularity of athleisure and why it is here to stay.

This article explains how much the trend has grown. $323 million dollars of athleisure clothing was sold in 2014, and the amount increased by one in 2015. The style is still going strong. One of the reasons that athleisure is so desirable is because they are so comfortable, like athletic wear is meant to be. But with bold patterns, vibrant colors and a sleek look, it can also be paired with casual wear and look like a fashion statement! It’s a style we see so often on celebrities as well, which makes it even more of a huge trend worldwide. To read more from this article featured on Forbes, visit:

Fabletics, a website that offers athleisure clothing, has become increasingly popular in the past couple of years. This clothing line offers people a chance to have athleisure wear delivered to their door each month. Since this lifestyle has become so desired, Fabletics makes it easy for athleisure addicts to keep adding to their wardrobe. Fabletics has a celebrity spokeswoman, Kate Hudson, who does a wonderful job promoting the company. There are even plans for expansion- they are adding retail stores this year, to make it even easier to purchase these styles!
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All you have to do is create an account and you are free to purchase at your own leisure or sign up for a subscription. And, remember, you won’t find these styles in department stores- they are made exclusively for Fabletics! This website is s great opportunity for those to expand their wardrobes and add some fashionable athletic leisure clothing. Don’t waste any time- they styles sell out quick!

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Austin MD Magazine just featured Dr. Jennifer L. Walden, who was recently named on of the 24 top beauty surgeons in the country by Harper Bazaar’s Magazine. After growing up in Austin, Texas, Dr. Walden spread her wings and studied in New York City in order to become one of the best surgeons in her field. While her list of accomplishments in the medical field are beyond impressive, part of Dr. Walden’s crowning glory was her appointment to the board of directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. This was a particularly monumental achievement because Dr. Walden was one of the very few women to receive this prestigious honor in the medical field.

After growing up with two parents in the medical field as a dentist and a surgical nurse, you could say that a future in medicine was just destiny for Dr. Walden. She studied at The University of Texas at Austin to earn her bachelor’s degree and went on to graduate as the Salutatorian of her class in medical school. Dr. Walden completed her residency at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital in New York. After completing her residency, Dr. Walden remained in New York City to begin her own private practice alongside accomplished plastic surgeon and her personal mentor, Sherrell Aston. While Dr. Walden says that she thoroughly enjoyed her time working and living in New York City, when she made the decision to start a family of her own, she then moved back home to Texas.

Dr. Walden chose to have in-vitro fertilization and gave birth to two sons in November of 2010. Because she was surrounded by loving family in Texas, she says it was the perfect place to start raising a family of her own and reinventing her professional career. Although she had to start a new practice in Austin, Dr. Walden was very excited to be back in her own stomping grounds. She launched her own plastic surgery practice as Westlake Medical Center and is able to practice right there in the operating room. She describes the facilities at Westlake Medical Center as top of the line and cutting edge in terms of accommodations and surgical capabilities.


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The concept of ‘freedom’ is, at its core, a completely foreign idea for the citizens of North Korea. Yeonmi Park is the most famous defector of the oppressive country and she has taken to writing in order to describe what it was like to grow up in the world’s most oppressive country before escaping and journeying through hell and back to find out what freedom really was. Since her defection from North Korea Yeonmi has become something of a target to Pyongyang and the rest of the North Korean government. Park has come under fire for her story and it seems like her old country is desperate to tear her down, according to a report done by
Growing up in North Korea Yeonmi Park had few positive things to say about the experience. Instead much of her early life was steeped in the sort of paranoia that only the constant threat of death or imprisonment could bring on. Park describes growing up in a country where even the walls seemed to have ears when it came to talking ill about the government. Park recounts seeing neighbors dragged into the street and executed for simply breaking the smallest of infractions, rules that wouldn’t even have consequences in the United States.

When her father was hauled off into a labor camp for smuggling it marked the time that Park and her mother would need to flee the country. Though they had always been on the brink of starvation while never avoiding abuse, this time was different. So Park and her mother teamed up with a human trafficker and made their way to China and to where they assumed freedom would be found. Instead, Park was summarily sold into human trafficking and for years she would have to fight simply to survive in a world that didn’t treat her like a person.

Now Pyongyang is producing videos in order to derail any attempt at sympathy for Yeonmi Park. The North Korean government is trying to paint Park as a liar and a celebrity defector looking to cash in. Unfortunately for Pyongyang, Park’s story has risen above all.