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Doe Deere is a name that is well known among those who follow fashion, but wish to find their own individuals sense of style through a combination of clothing decisions and the best in bold cosmetics choices. The chance to become a famous figure in the world of popular culture is something Doe Deere has been on the edge of for a number of years, particularly after she formed her LimeCrime brand soon after completing her fashion education in New York; Deere sold innovative one of a kind clothing of her own design through an Online marketplace before embarking on a career as a singer.

Doe Deere eventually found herself drawn towards the world of cosmetics design and creation when she was seeking to market her own clothing range, which she felt was not being properly represented in the marketing she was undertaking. Deere has found success as a designer of innovative cosmetics options, which include her own ranges of eye and lip makeups that she gives tutorials on via her extensive Online presence.

The need for an individual sense of style has always been strong in Doe Deere, which has included her own belief that confidence in oneself is as important as following the traditional rules of fashion Deere loves to break. In interviews and articles the LimeCrime founder has revealed the cosmetics she is creating alongside the experts in her own laboratories take up much of each working day; these cosmetics are created to reflect the needs of Deere herself after the move from New York to Los Angeles of the Russian born fashion expert, her husband, and three cats.

Doe Deere has proven herself as a successful businesswoman who has a knack for finding the perfect way of marketing both herself and the products she creates. Doe Deere has become a major part of the lives of her followers who she now encourages to follow in her footsteps with video tutorials on creating and using cosmetics. The LimeCrime CEO is now seen as one of the most important executives in the fashion industry because of her role as a leading creator of new products; the need to create remains important in her marketing campaigns and the many new products and lines she is constantly working to produce.

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