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One of today’s biggest fashion trends in the past couple years has been athleisure; athletic leisure clothing on that provides both comfort and style. This growing trend has become somewhat of a lifestyle, as the clothes are so versatile and can be worn anywhere. In a recent article, it discusses the popularity of athleisure and why it is here to stay.

This article explains how much the trend has grown. $323 million dollars of athleisure clothing was sold in 2014, and the amount increased by one in 2015. The style is still going strong. One of the reasons that athleisure is so desirable is because they are so comfortable, like athletic wear is meant to be. But with bold patterns, vibrant colors and a sleek look, it can also be paired with casual wear and look like a fashion statement! It’s a style we see so often on celebrities as well, which makes it even more of a huge trend worldwide. To read more from this article featured on Forbes, visit:

Fabletics, a website that offers athleisure clothing, has become increasingly popular in the past couple of years. This clothing line offers people a chance to have athleisure wear delivered to their door each month. Since this lifestyle has become so desired, Fabletics makes it easy for athleisure addicts to keep adding to their wardrobe. Fabletics has a celebrity spokeswoman, Kate Hudson, who does a wonderful job promoting the company. There are even plans for expansion- they are adding retail stores this year, to make it even easier to purchase these styles!
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All you have to do is create an account and you are free to purchase at your own leisure or sign up for a subscription. And, remember, you won’t find these styles in department stores- they are made exclusively for Fabletics! This website is s great opportunity for those to expand their wardrobes and add some fashionable athletic leisure clothing. Don’t waste any time- they styles sell out quick!

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