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Japan is of the world’s most populated nations. More than a hundred million people make this series of islands in the Pacific their homeland today. Japan has been occupied by humans for all of recorded human history. Today, the nation of Japan is part of long and honorable history. Many people such as Michael Zomber have chosen to study this part of the world because of the unique culture that flourished here during the medieval period in Europe. Just as Europe developed a culture that has long merited study, so too has Japan. Japanese arts and crafts continue to be of interest to people like Michael Zomber.

His Early Passion

Historical Japan has long exerted a fascination in the west. This is true today when many people like Zomber find themselves drawn to a time frame that was all about the unique culture and the power an influence of the Samurai. The Samurai were a group of warriors dedicated to the defense of the Japan and to a code that is still influencing contemporary Japanese society. As part of that code, the locals developed a unique kind of armor and special kinds of swords of all types. This particular type of metalworking was much prized back in that day and is still quite prized today by collectors and metalwork lovers all over the world. Zomber has made a special study of the world of Japanese swords and armor in an effort to become an expert about all aspects of such metal making. His work began at an early age when he was still young. He began to realize just how much this particular subject fascinated him. He also began to understand how much others also shared his passion for this particular subject.

His Own Business

It was this realization that helped him decide to enter the world of Japanese sword collecting and armor. He knows that this world is one in which people seek to see how it was possible to create such amazing objects hundreds of years before the development of modern technology. He wants both those who collect such objects and those who simply admire them to be able to feel a sense of awe for the skills and hard work of ancient Japanese craftsmen. This is why he opened up his own business in an effort to help share his passion for the wonderful work they did.  Not to mention the inspiration that Zomber has been, given how he’s excelled after his exoneration.