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Recently as reported by PR Newswire, Securus Technologies has released the new THREADS 3.1 which is the most advanced data analytical tool in the market today. I also learned that the release was announced by Securus last December 21, 2015.

What is the impact of this latest update? gives us a backgrounder, Securus is the number 1 provider of technological innovations designed primarily for security and investigation activities especially in the field of public safety and criminal justice. The company is known for its state-of-the art platforms one of which is THREADS.

This implies that Securus is not jut satisfied with being the leader in the industry. It shows that user satisfaction is its primary concern over its market position.

Why are the changes they have made?

n They enabled some features that can record the loading details as well as the search function.

n They improved the system navigation and other related functions in order to make the platform much more user-friendly.

n There were also several built-in functions that were no longer useful and necessary, and they have now been removed to make the system more efficient and effective.

n Web-based technologies have advanced over a certain period of time. Therefore, to keep up with the latest technology, they adjusted the platform to make it more compatible with all the latest web-based technologies.

n They also enhanced the user interface (UI) not only for aesthetic purpose but also for smart functionality.

Is there a big difference from the previous one?

As far as I can see, there is a big difference since some unnecessary actions have already been removed. Nevertheless, the powerful features which many of Securus clients got used to are still kept. What makes THREADS 3.1 far different is because of the improvements of existing functions and the addition of new features.

Additional Features

n Guided real-time analysis

n Context-sensitive reports

n Customized mapping and printing

n Capability of integration with other Securus products


In my own assessment, I am convinced that THREADS 3.1 is an improvement rather than a correction. The changes that Securus has made seem to be based on the changes in the field of technology in general. Even so, THREADS 3.1 has been released not only to keep up with the latest technology but to be introduced as the most advanced data analytical tool in the market today.

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