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Richard (Dick) Marvin DeVos, Jr., of Grand Rapids, Michigan, was born on October 21, 1955. His father, Richard M. DeVos, Sr., (03/04/1926) is the co-founder and former

CEO of Amway, a consumer goods distributor.


Dick DeVos, Jr. earned his Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree at Northwood University. He attended Harvard Business School too but did not graduate. He also attended Executive Study programs at Wharton School. Mr. DeVos began working with Amway in 1974. He worked in several divisions of the company, in various positions –

R & D, marketing, sales, manufacturing and other departments.


Dick became the Amway vice-president in 1984, which gave him the obligation to oversee the operation’s spread over 18 nations. He also proved his ability to lead Amway by leading them into many new, lucrative markets. Their International sales rose to top the company’s domestic revenue the first time since Amway’s beginning. It is noted that when Dick became Amway’s International Operations VP, in 1986, sales beyond the US totaled approximately 5% of overall market sales. When he left the VP position, after six years, that 5% had developed sales outside of the US into 50% of market sales.


Dick DeVos next found himself at the hoops a lot, with Orlando Magic Basketball team. His family had bought the National Basketball Association’s Orlando Magic Basketball Franchise in 1991, and Dick Devos was named the team’s CEO and President.


Mr. Devos left Orlando Magic the first of 1993 to return to Amway and succeed his father, Rich Devos, then current President, CEO, and co-founder of Amway. Under Dick DeVos’ leadership, the firm’s performance flourished and Amway operations extended into over 50 territories and countries, spanning six of the world’s seven continents.

Dick DeVos and his brother, Doug DeVos, are credited with helping their company go global and reaching the industry-setting results they achieved.


In the year 2000, Dick DeVos decided Amway should be reorganized and a new parent company, Alticor, was created. In 2002, Mr. DeVos, Jr. retired from Alticor and joined the Windquest Group, a private investment management firm.


Mr. Richard M. DeVos is also into politics. He vied for the position of Governor of Michigan in 2012 but was defeated by the then current democratic Governor. Mr. DeVos works to help with Educational needs and is also a great believer in the Right To Work Law – not just in Michigan, but country wide.

Every lip balm addict and newbie alike is bound to find that one product that becomes their jam. You know, that one thing you cannot live wit out? You check and double check your purse (or pockets to be sure that your absolute favorite beauty staple is in there before you leave out for the day. So, mines is Evolution of Smooth. I’m telling you I can’t do without this lip balm in my life.
Evolution of Smooth, also known as EOS lip balm, is made from natural ingredients and is paraben and petroleum free. This means better feeling lips and a better feeling environment too. Plus, the natural oils in this lips balm are extremely pampering. Oils such as jojoba oil, shea butter, and vitamin E oil. All powerful oils if you ask me. And clocking in at only 3.29, EOS is extremely affordable, too. EOS balms are sold at retailers such as Target and Walmart was the staple of countless beauty gurus.

Now don’t get me wrong. I have had a lot of close calls when it comes to proclaiming my jam of a lip balm to be Evolution of Smooth. I’m happy to list the for your viewing, as what works for one person may not work for the next. (But I’m sure Evolution of Smooth will work for you!) Check out my nifty list below, and see which lip balms you prefer.

Could These Lip Balms Be Your Jam? There’s something for everyone, I Promise!
1. Nuxe Baume Leres Reve De Miel, A Honey Lip Balm- $13.00
Sounds fancy, right? Well it is, and so is the price.
2. Smith’s Rosebud Salve- $6.00
This one here is a multi-purpose balm. Use it on your lips, hair, eyebrows and more.
3. Organic Naked by Dr. Bronner- $3.29
This organic lip balm will please your inner hippie, as it’s USDA Certified Organic.

Visit their website:

Visit their Facebook page:

2010 was the year that White Shark Media was founded. A search marketing agency, White Shark Media currently has over 600 clients, offices from Denmark to the United States, and revenue estimated between three to five million dollars.

According to, White Shark Media offers other services besides search marketing such as web development, landing page optimization, and more. Some major clients of White Shark Media include both A Star Movers Texas and Platinum Pro Painters Canada.

According to a written piece at by Andrew Lolk (CMO and co-founder of White Shark Media), White Shark Media primarily specializes in AdWords and Bing Ads Management services for clients. Lolk goes on to write “Our focus is in the areas where our Clients earn money. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

For all ecommerce Clients we offer Product Listing Ads in all management plans as well as full Conversion Tracking and Google Analytics implementation on all Shopify platforms.” This is very convenient for clients who may not know how to proceed in these areas in marketing or are new to marketing in general.

White Shark Media Review even offers to fully manage AdWords campaigns for clients from the very beginning so that the campaigns can reach their goals on a monthly basis as they’re modified over time to satisfy client desired results.

The video below explains more:

Aside from the various services offered by White Shark Media, many clients have written testimonials about White Shark Media and the services that have satisfied them. For example, an E-commerce store from Wisconsin wrote “They have helped grow my E-Commerce business, while being very easy to work with.” A law firm from Washington wrote “They generate appropriate leads and give you the best reach no matter the budget.” These are only a few of the many testimonials that can be found at the White Shark Media official website.

In conclusion, White Shark Media is currently in its sixth year as a search marketing agency available for mid-level prices. This is great for small businesses looking to gain more business and to get an edge over competition.

The testimonials stand as a monument to White Shark Media and the great quality of the services it provides to all its clients. With over with 600 clients and offices in multiple countries and continents, it comes as no secret that White Shark Media has been successful in its field of search marketing for the past six years.

In an interview with Galore Magazine, “Unicorn Queen” Doe Deere shares with us her inspiration, some of the difficulties and doubt she has faced while shifting cosmetic sales from department store counters to an online storefront and the joy she finds in keeping her “Unicorn” followers happy. Mrs. Deere hopes to give guys and gals alike a means to express themselves artistically through her cosmetic company, Lime Crime. Lime Crime was founded in 2008 by this spunky lady to fill a need for more vibrant cosmetics to match her funky and vibrant clothing line sold on eBay. The interview with Galore can be found here:

Doe Deere is illuminating, both metaphorically and literally speaking. An inspiration to women around the globe, her entrepreneurial spirit shines bright along with the color palette displayed proudly on her face and in her hair. Mrs. Deere tries all of her products herself before making them available for sale to the public. If it doesn’t feel right, she works alongside the chemist developing the product until it is perfect for her customers. All Lime Crime cosmetics are now certified cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. Above all, Mrs. Deere aims for her products to be fun and freeing. She encourages experimentation and acceptance and vows to help other aspiring entrepreneurs on their own journeys as well. She believes that positive reinforcement and respect for others are key to business growth and maintaining a positive work atmosphere.

Fearless and inspirational, Mrs. Deere has turned doubts about online cosmetic sales into a new way to display lip colors in an online storefront. She introduced the “on-lip” lipstick swatch which allows shoppers to see a lip color applied to lips as opposed to smeared on a piece of paper. Now this method is more common in cosmetic ecommerce than the outdated picture of a smear or crumbles.

Lime Crime cosmetics have provided a medium for customers to reinvent themselves time and again. The wild color palette provides a means of self-expression for many. What is the one thing Mrs. Deere wishes to see in the near future? Shoes to match the vivid colors of her clothes and makeup! Calling all aspiring entrepreneurs!

Learn more @doedeere

George Soros made a big splash on Wall Street when he “Broke the Bank of England” by successfully predicting the crisis they were going to have in 1992. This prediction made him one of the richest people in the world. He profited $ 1 billion just on that prediction, though he was going to have many more.

Some might assume that money drives George Soros, but those people might be surprised to find out that Soros is actually driven by democratic freedom. This impressive financial guru has loved democracy since he was a young boy when he suffered under Nazi rule. A lot of Soros’ money has been donated to democratic causes, including presidential runs.

The American businessman was so crushed when George W. Bush become president that he went into political hibernation, but Donald Trump has awaken the sleeping giant. He is finally returning to the world of politics on Many of his advisors say that he has been paying attention to the rise of Donald Trump, which is a rise that scares him. Soros began to make moves so that he could donate to Clinton’s campaign to defeat Trump and prevent him from becoming the president of the United States of America.

Read more: Here’s How George Soros’s Latest Predictions Have Played Out

This is a significant blow to the Republic Party, and those who support Donald Trump, because Soros has deep pockets. Soros is determined to shine a very hard spotlight on Trump and help further Clinton’s campaign by contributing $25 million.

The financial giant said that Trump is only feeding ISIS by giving them validation to attack the United States. It is his fear that Trump will continue to create enemies by not giving much consideration to what he says. Soros was scheduled to go to the Democratic Convention this year to see Hillary become the democratic nominee at, but he was unable to. Still, he believes in Clinton and trusts that she will steer the country in the right direction.

George Soros has been a champion of immigration reform, religious tolerance, and criminal justice reform for decades, but they are coming under fire with Trump’s ascendancy to the nomination. There definitely is a lot at stake during this election, and it seems it was enough to get George Soros back into politics.

There are a lot of hair care products on the market right now. Trying to figure out which one might be right for any given person can be a matter of trial and error. It is not always clear what products might work for any given person. One person might have fine hair that requires a delicate shampoo. Another person may have thicker hair that is better off with another kind of shampoo altogether. Any person needs to be aware of this fact and see which products on the market might have them get the kind of results that they need to look their very best.
One Reporter Tries A New Product

It was with this idea in mind that a reporter for Bustle Magazine decided that it made sense for her to consider a new kind product designed for her hair care needs on the market right now. Wen hair By Chaz are items that have garnered a bit of attention in recent years and have been seen on the shelves by millions of consumers. The reporter found that she was able to try out these products very easily in place of her own existing products that she usually uses on her hair.

Wen By Chaz Products

Wen By Chaz are an entirely new line of hair care products that have been brought into the Total Beauty and sephora cosmetics market. Each product from this new line has been made with fine products that allow for hair that smells good, has body and works with well any style that the user has in mind. Many customers have embraced these new products and found them to be just what they need to have hair that is exactly what they want. This is why the product line has been so successful. People know it works very well. Check the Wen hair website,