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2010 was the year that White Shark Media was founded. A search marketing agency, White Shark Media currently has over 600 clients, offices from Denmark to the United States, and revenue estimated between three to five million dollars.

According to, White Shark Media offers other services besides search marketing such as web development, landing page optimization, and more. Some major clients of White Shark Media include both A Star Movers Texas and Platinum Pro Painters Canada.

According to a written piece at by Andrew Lolk (CMO and co-founder of White Shark Media), White Shark Media primarily specializes in AdWords and Bing Ads Management services for clients. Lolk goes on to write “Our focus is in the areas where our Clients earn money. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

For all ecommerce Clients we offer Product Listing Ads in all management plans as well as full Conversion Tracking and Google Analytics implementation on all Shopify platforms.” This is very convenient for clients who may not know how to proceed in these areas in marketing or are new to marketing in general.

White Shark Media Review even offers to fully manage AdWords campaigns for clients from the very beginning so that the campaigns can reach their goals on a monthly basis as they’re modified over time to satisfy client desired results.

The video below explains more:

Aside from the various services offered by White Shark Media, many clients have written testimonials about White Shark Media and the services that have satisfied them. For example, an E-commerce store from Wisconsin wrote “They have helped grow my E-Commerce business, while being very easy to work with.” A law firm from Washington wrote “They generate appropriate leads and give you the best reach no matter the budget.” These are only a few of the many testimonials that can be found at the White Shark Media official website.

In conclusion, White Shark Media is currently in its sixth year as a search marketing agency available for mid-level prices. This is great for small businesses looking to gain more business and to get an edge over competition.

The testimonials stand as a monument to White Shark Media and the great quality of the services it provides to all its clients. With over with 600 clients and offices in multiple countries and continents, it comes as no secret that White Shark Media has been successful in its field of search marketing for the past six years.