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IAP Worldwide Services embarked on its growth strategy by announcing the acquisition of two firms in November 2015. The company bought DRS Technologies’ Tactical Communications & Network Solution business (TCNS) and Aviation & Logistics (A&L) business, which are based in Aberdeen and Oklahoma City respectively. TCNS offers communication, information technology and engineering solutions to the United States Department of Defense and different agencies. A&L provides logistical services and aircraft repair services to various institutions. IAP Worldwide Services intends to integrate all the strengths and capabilities of the acquired businesses in order to enhance its growth strategy.

The acquired firms were integrated to a single unit called Aviation & Engineering Solutions, and the existing National Security Programs Unit of IAP. IAP Worldwide’s CEO, Doug Kitani, said that courtesy of the acquisition, the company would expand its service offing to different agencies. In addition, IAP would double its addressable market. Doug posited that the support of IAP Worldwide’s investors and board was clearly demonstrated in the acquisition of the two businesses. He added that the company’s consistent devotion to serve its customers saw them establish a strategy for organic growth early in 2015. The strategy was to be accomplished through lean operations, innovations in the major government section, customer-focused discipline and inorganic growth. The only way to achieve this objective was through acquiring companies that identify with IAP Worldwide’s vision and mission.

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About IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide offers facilities management, global-scale logistics as well as advanced professional and technical services. The leading service provider has over 2,000 staff members spread across 25 countries where it operates. The firm’s extensive experience in planning, coordinating and engaging in the most complicated technical and logistical services has enabled them to offer customers instant solutions to problems like overseas battlefields and natural disasters. IAP is responsible for managing, maintaining and overseeing small city military operations, distant research laboratories and civilian facilities. Being in service for more than 60 years, IAP has continuously delivered outstanding services that meet and exceed customer’s expectations, making it a trusted and reliable leader in the market.

IAP’s success not only comes from how they treat their clients but how they relate with the public. The company gives back to the society by hiring veterans and funding different community projects. Over the years, it has succeeded because of embracing work ethics and having high moral standards.

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