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Equities First Holdings (EFH) has recently publicized that it has acquired Meridian Equity Partners, a London-based financial lending institution. Meridian Equity Partners will now operate as a subsidiary of EFH.

Equities First Holdings is a world-class provider of alternative financing with agencies in London, Indianapolis, Perth, Singapore, Sydney, and Hong Kong. EFH’s CEO, Al Christy noted that the acquisition of Meridian Equity Partners elevates the company’s brand and services to a new, international level. With operations in Asia, the UK, Australia, and the US, EFH will now offer attractive liquidity against openly traded shares.

Since its establishment in 2002, EFH’s closed loans transactions experiences a growth of 30% annually for the past three years, and the trend will continue in 2014. Furthermore, EFH’s overall labor force has increased by more than half since 2012. Interestingly, Equities First Holding’s loan transactions are non-recourse; therefore, borrows retain all the initial loan proceeds. Al Christy added that EFH continues to consolidate and expand to provide excellent liquidation, coupled with favorable credit terms. EFH continuous to invest in advanced technology and expertise as it experiences ongoing growth. EFH’s workforce comprises of highly qualified personnel that adheres to the company’s principles of providing custom-tailored services to the clients. Equities First Holdings maintains a longtime strategic partnership with the world’s leading asset banks, custodian banks, and top law firms.

Background of Equities First Holdings

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, EFH is the world’s leader specializing in securities-based financing to corporations and high-net-worth individuals requiring prompt funding. Through EFH’s direct lending options, borrowers have access to excellent liquidity at lower rates using bonds and stocks as their collateral. Since its launch in 2002, Equities First Holdings has had over 650 transactions totaling to $1.4 billion.

Within 14 years in operation, Equities First Holdings is fortunate to have an incredible workforce comprising of financial industry veterans. EFH’s personnel leverages their ability to observe oncoming market trends to evaluate the expected performance and risk associated with publicly traded stocks. Equity First Holdings serves as an alternative source of capital for borrowers not qualified for conventional bank loans and those wishing to raise quick capital.

A $1 million dollar challenge grant has been set up by James Dondero and the Highland Capital Management Firm in an effort to help the Family Place finish out their Legacy Campaign with a strong push. The Family Place is a philanthropic organization with a mission to support those who suffer from family violence.

The aim of their Legacy Campaign is to raise $16.5 million which will go towards the completion and functioning of a Counseling Center in Central Dallas that will focus on aiding those victims afflicted by domestic violence.

The challenge grant made by Highland Capital Management will match 50% of any donations made to the Legacy Campaign up until April 4, 2017. It was at the Family Place’s 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer’s Award Luncheon during which the announcement was made. Since then, Highland Capital Management has matched $100,000 of the $200,000 that has been raised.

In a PR Newswire article, James Dondero, president and co founder of Highland Capital Management, said that a call-to-action from the Dallas Police Chief and Mayor to help support the project was the impetus for making the challenge grant.

This donation is not out of character for James Dondero who has always been actively involved in philanthropic endeavors alongside with his successful career in business.

More specifically, Dondero donates much time and resources to affair’s affecting veterans, education initiatives as well as local, public projects like the Family Place. In fact, through his company, Dondero has established Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc. which is the philanthropic branch of Highland Capital.

Before James Dandero very successful career in credit markets and the creation of Highland Capital, Dondero studied at the University of Virginia from which he graduated with high honors. He furthered his education at the McIntire School of Commerce with a dual major of Finance and Accounting.

Dondero actually began his professional career working for American Express as a Portfolio Manager and Corporate Bond Analysis. Through the rest of his career, Dondero gained years of experience and expertise that would eventually qualify him to open up the doors of his very own firm by the name of Highland Capital Management.

David J. Osio is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Davos Financial Group, Venezuela. He is a graduate of the Catholic University, Andres Bello, Venezuela and a specialized degree in International Banking Law from Estudios Superiores (an Advanced Management Program). The Company was established in 1993 and has been committed to serving its exclusive group of customers with financial advice. Osio has propelled the company to profitability and strategically built numerous independent companies around the world including the cities of Geneva, Panama, New York and Miami.

Osio’s career began in 1981 when he worked as the president and CEO of OPED Enterprise managing the coffee export program. He moved on to Letco Commercial Companies where he structured radical marketing programs for several industrial products in the U.S.

In 1984, Osio moved into banking law under the Caracas law firm MGO. He was in charge of corporate clients like Consolidated Bank and Ferro Corporation. His vast experience in Legal Advisory and expertise in the banking industry made him rise through the ranks to become the Vice President of Banking Commercial at Banco Latino.

He helped the Bank increase its customer portfolio and position itself as an international player. In 1993, Osio ventured out to begin his Davos Financial Group of Companies which is now a household name in financial advisory and social responsibility activities.

The strategy to develop each of the group’s companies as an independent financial boutique offering tailor-made services that meet the exclusive client’s needs and expectations has made the Group thrive in every sector. This is attributed to Osio’s advanced training with the American Banking Corporation and the Swiss Bank Corporation.

David Osio’s Philanthropy

Through the stewardship of David Osio, Davos Group of companies has established collaborations with non-profits making organizations in supporting arts and culture. Among the beneficiaries are MISO (Miami Symphony Orchestra), UMA Foundation, Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, and Fundana Foundation. David Osio has notably indicated that as his business grows, the company will establish more support to the communities he operates in and the world as a whole.

The charitable contributions and massive economic opportunities created by David Osio and Davos Group have received numerous international recognition and awards. These include the Medal of Honor by the US Congress, Movers and Shakers 2009, South Florida Business Leaders 2009, New Europe magazine’s “Best Offshore Corporate Service Provider”, and Miami award winner, 2014( a program that honors positive contributions and achievements by Miami-based companies.

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