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Wengie, popular YouTuber, has a penchant for hacks and DIY videos, and in this back-to-school video, she combines both with twelve ideas to make back-to-school both more fun and more practical.


She starts off with four DIY hacks relating to writing utensils. Her first hack describes how to turn a highlighter into a rainbow, ombre or watercolor highlighter through a simple process of dabbing the darker colors onto the lighter highlighter. She also shows how to decorate pencils with washi tape, how to turn the inside of a clear pen into glittery goodness, and how to make your very own feather quill.


Next up, she colors staples with a set of sharpies to turn boring old silver staples into playful ones. This is one of the most simple hacks. The only thing easier that she demonstrates is turning regular paperclips into heart-shaped ones simply by bending them into shape.


A few hacks are a little more complex, such as creating a pencil shaving holder for those little pencil sharpeners that don’t contain the shavings. She shows two methods, one with an empty Tic-Tac container and a second using a small condiments container that she turns into a cute Starbucks cup.


Her hacks also include one practical, money-saving idea that doubles as a method to add some extra cuteness to a binder. By taking washi tape (a favorite in this video) and covering the the tabs on the binder separators, Wengie both decorates and makes the tabs re-usable. Simply peel the tape off and re-decorate when it’s time to re-label them!


Another practical yet fun hack makes a DIY sticky note section for the front of a binder. By taking a piece of cardboard, punching holes in it, and hot-gluing different pads of sticky notes to it, a simple and effective addition for note-taking and reminders is also at your fingertips.


To round out her list, she also demonstrates how to turn a pencil tin into a paperclip holder, how to chalkboard paint a binder, and how to make an adorable USB holder using erasers.



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