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Arthur Becker is not only a tech investor, but also a real estate investor! Becker, who is known as a quiet backer in New York City, is the very proud owner of three different townhouses that are adjacent from each other. These townhouses are located in Soho on Sullivan Street. According to Huffington Post, Becker had put an investment into a condominium project and he received this townhouse investment in exchange for his investment. The condominium development is in a neighboring region of these townhouses and is a 16-story, boat shaped building. It is believed that Becker provided as much as $15 million in equity and up to $5 million for the mortgage of this condominium building.

The townhouses that Becker was gifted for his involvement are 6,500 square foot town homes, costing as much as $29.4 million. Becker made investments in one of the townhouses he was gifted, which is where he is currently planning to live. In 2012, the site for the townhouses was purchased and then in September of 2014, the developer was given permission to start the building of four different four-story town homes. Becker has said on that the town homes are not yet complete but when they are he plans to live in one of them while either selling or leasing out the other two that he now owns. The two town homes that Becker plans to sell or lease will most likely be worth quite a bit more due to their large and spacious yards.

Even though Becker ( has had the majority of his career and made the majority of his income from tech investments, he has still invested an amazing number of $500 million into New York Real Estate. Some of the investments Becker has made have been with Property Markets Group and AmBase Corp as well as JDS Development Group. View his Linked In page for more information.

Heideck Knows the Law

Karl Heideck Can Help

Of all of the positions in the legal field, litigation is an area where knowledge, experience and a list of victories make the difference when it comes to finding the right one to represent you. Litigation is the process that a case goes through during deliberation in a lawsuit. Certain procedures are utilized and knowing what to look for might be the key in the process to winning a case. Litigation needs to be fair to all of the parties involved and the steps that are taken are never more important than when you are involved in a case that you need to win. The end result may be a court trial, or the parties may be able to agree on an alternative end to their conflict. Resolving any issue before it reaches litigation is always preferred and saves money for all of the parties involved.

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A litigation attorney presents the sides of a disagreement to the judge on your behave and works to ensure that the case is decided in your favor. Also known as a litigator or trial lawyer, they represent either the defendant or plaintiff in a legal dispute and take care of everything from the beginning steps of the case to any investigation that might be necessary, as well as making a plea and negotiating a settlement in your case. It is important to hire a competent litigation attorney when taking a case to court to make sure that things are resolved the way you desire. Litigation is over once a decision is reached.

Karl Heideck is a litigation attorney in Jenkintown near the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. Of all the qualified legal representatives in Jenkintown and the surrounding areas, Heideck has made himself a name as a well-known litigation attorney who has racked up an impressive list of experience in not only litigation in the court system but also risk management and compliance.

Heideck studied at Swarthmore College with a bachelor of arts in English Language and Literature/Letters, attending from 1999-2003. Heideck also attended Temple University Beasley School of Law from 2000 to 2009. Since finishing law school he has been busy in the legal field in litigation as well as his other specialties of practice.

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One of the most important aspects of an investment bank is the staff that helps to run the daily operations of the bank. Inside an investment bank, one of the most important staff positions is the investment banker. While there are other positions in an investment bank that may hold a higher ranking on the organizational chart, the investment banker is a key position that handles a variety of investment banking tasks.


The investment banker is responsible for assisting clients with their investment banking needs, bringing in new clients, acquiring funding for business deals, completing business deals, and a variety of other tasks related to the operations of investment banks.


One of the challenges that investment bankers face with the position is that the position requires multiple skill sets. Good investment bankers need to be able to handle financial matters, business matters, accounting matters, marketing matters, and various other matters that are uniquely different. This requires people who have a diverse background and skill set.


Laidlaw & Company provides investment banking services that utilize the unique talents of investment bankers. The company provides investment and brokerage services that are targeted to the ideal investment banker client. Laidlaw & Company has been providing investment banking services for over 170 years. The company has a tradition in the investment banking community that covers many generations.


With locations in the United States and Europe, Laidlaw & Company is positioned to help clients across the globe. The company has an outstanding track record regarding helping clients to achieve their banking and investment goals.


I feel that Laidlaw & Company provides a good mix of investment banking services for its clients. The company has a good understanding of the banking industry, and the company works hard to serve its clients. The competition in the investment banking sector is tough, but I think that Laidlaw & Company will continue to do well.

Are you looking for a mentor or success coach? Do you want a step by step guide created by a successful stock investor? If you are planning to start a profitable business or venture on into the investment field, you’ll need to know about Jim Hunt – a highly reputable and knowledgeable business coach and stock trader.

VTA Publications is a highly reputable source of information materials on topics related to business, finance, investing and wealth developing. VTA Publications is well managed by a knowledgeable team of business people and investment professionals who have attained marvelous fortunes and success in their respective ventures. These professionals develop programs and other materials in VTA Publications to help ambitious individuals begin a business, invest in lucrative opportunities, develop the right mindset to attract success, and create great fortunes.

Jim Hunt tackles the topic by providing a step-by-step program, outlining the strategies and techniques that work for successful traders. Jim’s course, Wealth Wave, is comprised of proven methods that thousands of people have used to amass a fortune for themselves. Wealth Wave of VTA Publications is getting raving reviews from entrepreneurs, investors and professionals all over the world. By employing the knowledge you gain from Wealth Wave, you are sure to join the ranks of prosperous stock traders, and enjoy financial freedom.

It is extremely important to understand that your environment and the individuals you associate with can absolutely affect the results you get or what you can obtain in life. Successful people at understand this very well and take appropriate steps to immerse themselves in the right environment.

Before you can realize huge success in your chosen venture it’s extremely crucial that you have the right mindset. One of the most imperative steps you ought to take, is surround yourself with positive individuals on Try to stay away from individuals who doubt your ability to achieve your goals. They can not help you in any way, so let them know you don’t need their advice or input.

Check out VTA Publications and the proven programs and books the company promotes, including information products by Jim Hunt.

Josh Verne is considered as one of the best serial entrepreneurs in the United States. He has a vast experience in the funding and selling of companies and businesses from scratch. For over two decades of professional experience in areas of business and finance, Josh Verne has worked as an entrepreneur. He is the current President and Founder of According to him, vision is one of the divisive factors which separate business people from serial entrepreneurs. This is because a serial entrepreneur’s vision can be seen while he is sitted, the same vision cannot be seen by any other person even when they are standing. For his reason, Josh Verne has developed ways in which a young person can follow to accrue success in his life.


  1. Everything has to be a win-win for everyone

For you to succeed in business and the deal-making process, you must struggle to have everyone who is part of the deal win through profit. As much as you want to have and make money, the other people in the deal must benefit to make sure they bring business to you. Always struggle to achieve a winning situation at every corner of your business level. Never agree to a call of actin or a plan which has no accreditation to both sides of the deal. Because you will fail in the end, desist from engaging yourself in these deals.


If you win, your clients will also win in the business cycle. Your works, on the other hand, will also feel the effect of the win. You will not only help the business community by agreeing to follow a win-win action plan but also affect the goodness of the society. You will never, therefore, stop getting business from other clients if they win your trust and goodwill. Reputation is more important than money.

Find out more about Josh Verne:

Jennifer Walden is one of the top cosmetic surgeons in the Texas area. She began her career chase in the eighth grade where she announced her interest in becoming a medical provider like her parents. Her father is a very well-known dentist and her mother is a surgical nurse. Jennifer made her choice to go to the University of Texas after high school. After completing her education she moved herself to the big city of New York to work with a surgeon for her experience.


Cosmetic surgeons, such as Ms. Walden, are responsible for doing reconstructive surgery and things like face lifts for customers. Some cosmetic surgeries are repairs and may be covered by insurance. Others are strictly for cosmetic reasons and will be private pay. Plastic surgery is something that a cosmetic surgeon does as well. Plastic surgeons may repair a person’s face after a car wreck. They may move skin from one area to a burnt area on the body. The plastic surgeon needs to have a steady hand and a good idea of a person’s appearance when participating in a reconstructive surgery. Plastic surgery will make a big difference in the way a person will see themselves.


Jennifer Walden participates in mommy makeovers and teen plastic surgery. She also helps people with double chins and non-invasive procedures. One of the procedures she is best known for is the vaginal rejuvenation surgery. She loves to help women with their sexual dysfunction and with the leakage they may have from having children. Minimal surgeries can repair damages suffered and can give a woman a better life.


Jennifer moved back to Austin Texas after spending a few years in New York. She was very happy to introduce her sons to the Texas way of life. Her parents are happy to have her home and glad to be able to participate in the raising of their grandsons.

Magnify the skin tissue on your lips with the benefits of EOS lip balm products. They worked exclusively to alleviate your dry cracked lips from the effects of the cold or habits like smoking. They repair and restore your lips to leave them feeling silky smooth with each use. Thousands of women around the world trust the all natural ingredients associated with EOS lip balm products. A beauty article did an a report on the choice of hundreds of users various lip balm products and did a report that determined EOS lip balm products are chosen over their competitors ten to one.

Who Is Evolution Of Smooth?

When you want to transform your lips to make them feel ultra smooth, turn to Evolution of Smooth for a unique balance of moisture and fragrance. That’s right, their products include many delectable flavors that are chosen by high profile celebrities that include Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian. They contain the proper blend of jojoba oil and shea butter to leave your lips feeling silky smooth every time. Evolution of Smooth is an effective product that you can add to your daily routine. However, their long lasting coverage eliminates the need for multiple applications throughout the day. Nourish your lips with a dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free EOS lip balm product.

Evolution Of Smooth Flavors

– Mint Kisser

– Strawberry Sorbet (

– Almond Milk

– Acai

– Lemon Drop

– Vanila Mint

– Blackberry Nectar

– Original EOS

and more….

EOS lip balm products come packed with vitamin C and E to transform your lips for immediate protection. Their antioxidants will soften your lips right away. You can learn more about EOS lip balm products like Evolution of Smooth by visiting their exclusive website or you can check your major retailers like Target, Walmart, Ulta, Amazon and Racked in the beauty care section. Pamper your lips with a phenomenal EOS lip balm product today.


When Securus Technologies needs to make a stand, they do. GTL made inflammatory comments about their company, so they wrote an article that refuted them. This is because they wanted the public to know that they are doing an excellent job for everyone’s safety.


They invited them down to their headquarters for a presentation about what they are doing, and why it is so important. They can also ask questions, if they have any. Since this is a great way for the company to get the word out to the public about what they do, it works since the legal system takes years to complete.


Securus Technologies is a company that takes a lot of pride in what they do for people all over the nation. They are the leader in the public safety field. They create technology that keeps people safe, and they work with the government all the time. Every week they are working on more and more ways to keep the public safe. They deal with prisoners all the time. In the number of the millions, using videos, incident reporting and more. Their dedicated workers always complete their mission that they are sent on. They want to make the world a safer place for everyone. They are in demand all over the country, and known all across the globe for their expertise.



Shea butter is an amazing hair conditioner often overlooked by the Average Jane. Manufactured oils by high priced brands get the fanfare, but don’t always work as well as this natural emollient. Why is it so great? This substance resuscitates dull tresses bringing them back to life.


Shea Butter Benefits


Extracted from the nut of an African shea tree, shea butter contains healthful properties. One is Vitamin E which protects the scalp from dryness. Then, there’s the antioxidant properties that stimulate blood flow and, thus, hair growth. Lastly, shea butter has antioxidants that heal skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. So, when applied to hair, shea butter protects and/or rebounds precious strands from sun damage, dryness and harsh styling tools.


How to Apply Shea Butter


To deep condition your hair, heat a mixture of two tablespoons of shea butter and two tablespoons of coconut oil until both melt. (The time is between 30 to 40 seconds in a microwave). Next, add a teaspoon of honey. Stir and apply to damp clean hair. Rinse thoroughly. Afterward, enjoy luxurious locks. Style as usual.


Uses for Shea Butter


In the world of hair care, Eugenia Shea’s shea butter is a jack of all trades. Utilize this natural emollient and keep your hair soft and subtle. Below are a few examples:



  • Detangle. Unravel knots by rubbing shea butter on damp hair and combing with a wide-toothed comb.
  • Curl. Emphasis curls in natural hair by applying a mix of shea butter and coconut oil to a strand and twisting out.
  • Heat. Reduce heat damage from a flat iron by applying a (melted) mix of shea butter and grapeseed oil prior to styling.
  • Treat. Get rid of an itchy or irritated scalp by massaging melted shea butter to the affected area.


In conclusion, shea butter is the ultimate hair transformer. Use this substance and go from drab to fabulous. You and your hair deserve more out of life.