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YouTube is a social media site that attracts millions of people daily. It is easy to find information and videos on just about any subject. One subject that interest a lot of girls is beauty, fashion, clothing, DIY, hair, makeup, and life hacks. Well, Wengie is a popular beauty blogger and beauty guru on YouTube. In fact, Wengie is one of the most popular channels on the site, visited by millions weekly. Wengie produces a lot of videos on the previously mentioned subjects. In this video, Wengie shares her favorite EdibleĀ  school supplies


Edible School Supplies

Who knew that school supplies could be edible. You probably remember the kid in your class that liked to freak people out by eating their crayons. Well, in this video Wengie shares a recipe for making your own edible crayons. This is a great idea for all the tricksters out there that would like to freak out their friends by eating a large crayon and watching their shocked reaction. Wengie shares the recipe in this video. She takes the viewer step by step through the entire process to create the edible crayons. Included are 8 really fun edible school supplies to make and prank your friends.



Wengie shares that the edible foods are really fun and could be used to prank your friends. She believes they are some of the best back to school pranks around. However, she is recruiting all her followers to add their input. Share some ideas about the best way to use the pranks and really freak your school friends out. Simply click the link that is included with here and share your idea. It is also easy to join her channel and subscribe with just a few clicks. In the future, Wengie shares that she will probably be making more videos on DIY back to school supplies and pranks. Don’t forget to check out all the other videos that she has on her channel.


Wengie is an Australian/Chinese beauty blogger and YouTube star that is based in Australia. She has over 5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

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