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Anthony Petrello runs a large corporation in Nabors Industries that has to constantly stay ahead in technology developments in order to succeed in the oil drilling industry. Nabors Industries is also publicly-traded and Petrello has to maintain good investor relations in addition to spearheading project developments.

Petrello is compensated quite well for his efforts in $1.58 million in base salary and $27.5 million in total worth. But a good bit of that money is also given away to charity at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Petrello became involved with the TCH because his daughter is a victim of cerebral palsy. He and his wife Cynthia Petrello had no treatment options that could cure their daughter, but they did get to know Dan and Jan Duncan who started a neurological research institute at TCH. Anthony Petrello was impressed with the special doctors doing work at that institute that he dedicated $7 million to research and called on others to do the same.

Anthony Petrello has been in the oil industry since 1991, but before that he studied advanced mathematics and practiced law. His studies at Yale University were spent under Serge Lange, an advanced mathematics professor who made many discoveries of modern-day algebra. Petrello got his J.D. at Harvard University and then began practicing corporate law at Baker & McKenzie in New York City. He specialized in corporate taxes and regulatory compliance and helped various corporations find loopholes for operations. Nabors Industries sought his expertise for their company, so after 13 years at the firm he joined Nabors Industries Board of Executives as Chief Operating Officer.

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When EOS – or Evolution of Smooth – first began popping up in stores in 2009, no one thought they’d become so popular. Some of the more popular flavors are the newer ones. These new ones have expanded the line up from a few classic flavors to include a whole rainbow of different colored “pods” that one can buy.

Two of these new flavors have something in common: glitter. Since EOS lip balm commercials often feature women, it’s no surprise that it seems like the company is marketing towards women. EOS products are often seen on the shelves of Walmart, Lucky Vitamin and Target stores. With the success of their shimmer smooth spheres, it looks as though that market is coming through.

The shimmer spheres come in two colors: sheer pink and pearl. Both of the pods are black. The pearl pod’s top features swirl in white, while those swirls are a pink color for the sheer pink. It’s a departure from their recognizable single color spheres, and the difference is perking ears. These lip balms are meant to do everything a classic flavor can do: rejuvenate the lips, prevent chapping, and give women everywhere a fun way to do so.

However, they also add something to the fun. Since these two have glitter in the lip balm, they are a good alternative to wearing lip gloss or lip stick on a night out. Since many keep a pod of EOS ( in their purse anyway, what harm is it to add another one that they can simply reapply when their color begins to fade? It’s certainly easier than trying to remember to bring a tube of gloss or lip stick – and much easier to reapply in front of the date.

With the popularity of these new flavors, the world waits with anticipation for the next release. The next addition is certain to have the same success.

Mike Baur has become the person that people look to when they are interested in starting a business. He is helping entrepreneurs all over the world get the proper perspective about opening a business. He is helping entrepreneurs with his 360 accelerator plan.

This is a plan and when she brings in consultants from a team of professionals and various aspects of business. Mike Baur has people that are able to help with sales forecasting. He also has consultants on his team from the Swiss Startup Factory that have experience with inventory matters. There is an art to starting a business, and Mike might knows there are a lot of people have the insight that is needed to get started. This is why a lot of businesses fail. They are starting business, but these entrepreneurs don’t have the slightest clue about what it takes to make a business work.

Swiss Startup Factory Mike Baur is trying to help people see that it takes a team business professional business. Mike Baur has a team in place that has tried and failed. He knows about the trial and error getting a loan for a business. He knows about venture capitalism because he has been in the banking industry for decades. All of this qualifies as the perfect person for any type of business startup.


Smart entrepreneurs knows that he cannot do it on his own. It is going to take the help of someone that has already mastered what it takes to build a better inventory or create a just-in-time inventory system. Established business owners know about the risks that comes with an insufficient amount of marketing. These business owners also know the trouble that one can run into when they oversale a product or service that they could not easily access when customers are in demand. The supply chain is a very complicated thing to master, but it is actually quite complicated. Mike Baur and his team have the ability to help those that are trying to master the supply and demand chain productivity.


The great thing about using a company like the Swiss Startup Factory is that there is a great chance of surviving because you have insider tips. People that are trying to implement any business concept without the aid of advice from experienced consultants will certainly fail. Mike Baur is trying to help entrepreneurs avoid this startup dilemma.



A dash of tint will give you that perfect lip that you have been looking for! Lip balm, such as EOS lip balm, is a wax-like substance that is used to help soothe lips that are dry and chapped. Lip balm offers your lips protection and can even give a bit of color without that annoying, sticky feeling that lip gloss leaves you with! The egg-shaped balm has an easy grip and it has a globe-like surface that is able to cover both your top and bottom lip in just one easy swipe. EOS includes shea butter, vitamin E, and jojoba oil to help keep your lips hydrated and smooth.

EOS comes in many different varieties – all organic, spheres, sticks, colored, and many more! Sweet Mint is one of the most popular and will always be one of the fan favorites. This minty goodness gives your lips a little bit of a tingly sensation and smells and feels amazing the the cold winter months!  Be sure to visit this important site.

If you are looking for more of a summer flavor, Strawberry Sorbet has you covered! Making you feel as though you just stuck your lips in a strawberry field, this sweet and tasty flavor is one that is sure to make your summer better! After a long day in the sun at the beach, your lips are sure to feel dry and cracked. EOS Strawberry Sorbet will help re-hydrate your lips while giving you the sweet scent of summer!

When looking for the perfect year round flavor, Vanilla Bean has you covered! Giving you the warmth you so desire in the winter while also giving you the sweet smell in the summer, this flavor will be a favorite year round!

Whatever flavor you decide to go with, your lips will be thanking you! Giving them that hydration that they so desperately want, you will feel like a brand new person!

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