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Chris Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital and has been a successful investor and entrepreneur for almost forty years. He acquired Nihiwatu in 2012 and renovated the luxury resort. By 2016 the resort was ranked by Travel + Leisure magazine as the number one hotel worldwide.   Additional article on Mr. Burch developed an interest in the hospitality field when he started a partnership with Alan Faena and Philippe Stark and created the Faena Hotel.

Mr. Burch and Ellen DeGeneres became partners in 2014 when she launched her ED by Ellen DeGeneres brand. For related article, check this recent interview with Burch.  The same year he launched luxury prefab homes called Cocoon9. The homes were space saving, contemporary in design, sophisticated and energy efficient. His diversified portfolio also includes office supplies by Bur+Mah, women’s accessories and apparel by TRADEMARK, BaubleBar, Soludos, Little Duck Organics, Chubbies, Brad’s Raw Foods and Blink Health. Hop over to, to check this diversified portfolio of Burch.

Chris Burch sat on the board for Rothman Orthopedic Foundation and was previously the president of The Pierre Hotel Board. He has contributed funds to Mt. Sinai Hospital, NYU Langone, The Henry Street Settlement, The Child Welfare League of China, The Sumba Foundation and the China Association of Social Work.

Mr. Burch admits he is curious about the world around him and notices how services and products can be improved. He decided to use his resources and knowledge to help entrepreneurs who have great ideas. This was the decision that led to him founding Burch Creative Capital. The company takes ideas and brings the world amazing results. He believes passion and good people are what it takes to succeed. For Burch Creative Capital timeline activities, click on

Chris Burch is excited about tiny houses because he feels it means people are living with experiences instead of just things. That’s why he developed Cocoon9. He wanted to help the people looking for adventure and culture. He is extremely proud of the accomplishments he has made in this area.

Mr. Burch is a risk taker. He admits it’s not quite a strategy but feels risks are unavoidable if you want to break new ground. He has taken many risks in his career and although he had some failures he is happy to be where he is today. When he does fail he mourns the failure, does some reflection and moves ahead with new clarity. He keeps investing and he keeps creating because this is his passion.  For a glimpse of this investments, hop over to

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