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The dominance of Chapstick in the beauty market has been challenged by the emergence of EOS in the market. EOS is currently the sensation in many places. It is stocked in shopping malls and other retail shops to the satisfaction of its growing customers. The good reviews made in beauty magazines have helped the product grow. In fact, that EOS flavor honey drew is worn by Kim Kardashian has boosted the product’s likeability in the market.


Fast Company’s Interview

EOS spoke to Fast Company about its rising stature and the fact that it is now regarded as the second best selling lip balm in USA, according to Kline. It is second only to Burt’s Bees with other competitors like Chapstick and Blistex following in sales. Refer to for more news.


 ‘Pot Lip Balm’

The EOS lip balm is better, according to clients, than the ‘stick lip balm’ since it does not get lost in ladies bags. Customers were however, not happy about the use of their fingers when applying the balm. This application technique was seen to be unhygienic. Mehra, whose target population was young women, felt disappointed. He however, understood the customers’ reservations. Watch out this video here on



In order to grow the lip balm, EOS decided to partner with Keds. With Keds, EOS created a shoe that matched the lip balm. To further popularize the brand, EOS organized a Disney appearance using the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ collection.



EOS wants to leave a mark in the market and is therefore working on other products like shaving creams for men and lotions for both men and women. The partnership of Mehra and Teller has made them quite successful. Before these two met, Mehra worked in established corporations while his business partner was employed in start ups. Mehra has worked for PepsiCo among other large corporations.

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