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The advancement in technology has changed the way things work these days and for the better. The real estate industry is among those experiencing these changes as people can now use technology to share information related to the industry. More so, Internet of Things (IoT) has introduced smart home technology in the industry, which includes several smart devices in a home which are convenient for everyone and also life changing for people with physical limitations.

Some Features of a Smart Home

In a certain research on smart homes by TechSci Research, come 2021, the global smart home market will exceed by $60 billion and will no longer be a luxury but a norm.

When you buy a smart home, you have the capability of controlling, monitoring, and automating devices around your home using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Some of the gadgets included in the “Home Technology Package” include smart gadgets such as smart thermostats which were the first to infiltrate the market. Ring motion detecting doorbells, wirelessly programmable lightings, and automated window shades, all of which are connected to smart devices in your home through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or any other transmission technology.

Future of the Smart Homes

According to Patch, although still in their early stages, smart homes have received a lot of acceptance from many home owners due to their numerous benefits. For instance, they make the elderly and those with physical limitations to become self-reliant to some extent. A good example is a force detecting floors and motion sensing walls which can set to up to monitor the elderly and alert medical professional in case they fall.

Also, home owners who have their homes installed with smart gadgets are more likely to attract higher costs for their homes than those selling a regular home. With that said, more people are likely to start embracing having smart homes. As the popularity increases, the smart appliances will continue growing, and as a result, they will become more affordable for everyone.

About Todd Lubar, the Smart Home Expert

Todd Lubar is a real estate professional and a smart home expert. He predicted the rise of smart homes years before people knew what a smart home was. In the initial stages of smart home development, Tony stayed apace with IoT and smart homes technologies.

Todd Lubar graduated from Syracuse University in 1995 and soon after graduating started his career with Crestor Mortgage Corporation. Today, Todd, the president of TDL Global Ventures helps the company rehabilitate, purchase, and sells all types of homes.

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