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Just when you thought spring was here and bringing warmer weather, you are hit by snow and continuous cold temperatures. Thanks to EOS, you now have a new option for lip moisture and protection. EOS has recently launched a Chamomile lip balm that is priced at only $3 (Allure).

Chamomile is full of health benefits that include being hydrating, anti-inflammatory, and loads of antioxidants. For those who are facing aging and more specifically aging of the lips, chamomile has aging fighting agents that will keep your lips not only soft but will keep your lips looking young and kissable.

Applying the EOS new chamomile lip gloss, you will be met with a cooling sensation delivered by the medicating menthol contained in the balm. The menthol also provides healing to dry, cracked lips and relieves any pain caused by chapping.

Other ingredients contained in the EOS Chamomile lip gloss include vitamin E, Jojoba oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, and olive oil. The color of the gloss is an opaque white. It is paraben-free, hypoallergenic and gluten free also. Find your lips feeling plump and full with just a $3 medicated balm that smells like your favorite hot tea. EOS lip glosses can be found in at your neighborhood drug store. Check Amazon.

EOS lip glosses come in stylish cylinders in an array of fashionable colors and patterns. They are tested by dermatologist, produced from ingredients of the highest quality and they either meet or they exceed quality and safety standards of the beauty industry and are tested by independent labs rigorously for safety.

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