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Imagine seated inside an 8-seater twin-engine aircraft on Samoan Airways or Talofa Airways while descending into the wonderful lush rainforests around the Upolu Island. Faleolo International Airport is a 40-minute drive to the west, but Fagali is so much closer.

After departing the aircraft and walking on the cement-paved tarmac into the Fagali Airport, there is a desk and a customs booth where agents will stamp your passport for entry into the country. Keep in mind that the American Samoa rules apply here.

When you return to the airport later, after your fabulous trip, do not be surprised if you are asked to step on a scale. Staff wants to make sure that the overall weight inside the aircraft stays balanced for safety issues. You can check-in a bag up to 44 lbs and a carry-on up to 12 lbs.

After leaving the Fagali Airport, the main town of Apia is only a five-minute drive away. If you are hungry then there is a market across the street for some basic snacks and local drinks. After enjoying your meal, you can hop on a local bus and take it to Apia or the small village of Fagali.

If taking the public buses is not your style, then you could pick up a cab at the terminal according to There will be plenty outside waiting for departing passengers. The trip should not cost more than $5.


Things To Do On The Island

Every Friday there is a firework show that is very beautiful. There is also a Samoa Cultural Village celebration for a real taste of the traditional Samoan culture. Enjoy a day with the Samoa Dive & Snorkel company for exploring some underwater treasures according to The Immaculate Conception of Mary Cathedral is a religious institution worth visiting along with the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum for a view into Samoan life and history. After your cultural explorations, you could seek refuge with the Yoga Yoga Hiking Tours. Practice some moves on the beach or in the surrounding rainforests. Additionally, here is an art gallery nearby for viewing contemporary and international works.

There is so much to see and do in Apia, Upolu!


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