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Infinity Group Australia has come a long way in the past five years since they first opened for business. In the beginning, Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker founded the company and started it in their home office, but today they have expanded their operations to an official office space and continue to grow at a steady pace. Along with a growing staff, Infinity Australia Group continues to build clients every year, mostly through referrals and Infinity Australia Group reviews. The original idea for the company came to Graeme Holm when he noticed there were more efficient ways to help their clients optimize their deals, which the banks paid little attention to, leaving clients on their own regardless of bad deals. Learn more:

It took a lot of effort on the part of Graeme and Rebecca in order to research their market and determine if their business idea was even practical. After roughly six months on the drawing board, Graeme and Rebecca finally started up Infinity Group Australia. In just five years, Infinity Group Australia reviews have been continuing to go up, with more people taking notice of their unique services. To date, Infinity Group Australia has had a success rate near 100 percent, saving their clients an average of more than forty thousand dollars. What makes Infinity Group special is that they do not lock their clients into any kind of commitments for their services. What’s even better is they will not make their clients pay any fees unless they successful help them improve their financial situation and save money.

Not only does Infinity Group Australia help their clients save money, but they also help them plan for retirement and improve their investments for the future. Like many countries around the globe, Australia has a complex law system that can be difficult for the average citizen to navigate through when it comes to getting the most out of their money.

In 2018, Infinity Group Australia was named as one of the most innovative businesses of the year in the Australian Financial Review. To date, Infinity Group has yet to do major advertising campaigns and instead grows simply through word of mouth from all of the happy clients saving money without worry.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar (also referred to as Dr. J) is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and currently based in Dallas, Texas. He graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School and has been practicing 11-20 years in his field. Dr. Jejurikar works with the Dallas Institute of Plastic Surgery and the Pine Creek Medical Center. At these facilities he specializes in various cosmetic procedures, including those for the face, nose, and body. Dr. Jejurikar is known for the detailed attention he gives each patient’s unique needs and desires, whether they are in need of a tummy tuck or hair replacement surgery.

He is affiliated with three hospitals including the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas and accepts seven insurances. In 2012 Dr. Jejurikar won the Compassionate Doctor Certification for his excellent bedside manner. Websites, such as vital and Patient’s Choice, allow patients to give reviews on physicians. Physicians with the highest scores are then presented with the Compassionate Doctor Certification. Out of almost 900,000 doctors only three percent of those received the 2012 Certification. Many of Dr. Jejurikar’s patients were very pleased, not only with his work but how they were treated, leading him to win the certification. He has also received The Registry of Business Excellence plaque from the American Registry.

Information concerning the procedures offered can be found on his website, which features a blog and virtual tour of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Information about new technology, such as Crisalix which enables patients to see their new future body prior to surgery, can be accessed here as well.

Dr. Jejurikar continues his work in Dallas as well as volunteering with operation Smile Bangladesh which helping children in that region.

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