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Marc Beer is well known for being the Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Renovia Inc. Company. He has more than 25 years of development and commercialization experience in diagnostics, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and devices. He founded Renovia in August 2016 with a major aim of delivering and discovering diagnostic and first-line digital therapeutic devices which treat the disorders among women associated with the pelvic floor like urinary inconsistency. His previous accomplishments and positions act as evidence for why he is recognized as the best leader for Renovia.


Most recently, Marc Beer raised $42M which is regarded as series B financing. The funding was from perceptive Ascension and Advisors who shared the vision of Renovia to treat, diagnose and improve the health of many women suffering from pelvic floor disorders in a better way. The funding was to be used for developing and testing other therapeutic and diagnostic products. Through Marc’s leadership, Renovia has become a rapidly growing and robust commercial organization. It has more than 300 employees who are under Marc.


Tips on how Marc Beer has helped Renovia grow


First, Marc has ensured that Renovia has partnered with the leading investors in healthcare who share the vision of the organization when it comes to treating, diagnosing, and improving the lives of women suffering from pelvic floor disorders. The major aim of the partnership was to help the organization gather more information on how it can eliminate the disorder among women.


Second, through Marc’s efforts the organization has managed to combine their proprietary and innovative sensor technologies and at the same time form factors associated with digital health so as to provide their customers with valuable information for new treatment options. The new information also helps their customers have a good understanding of the pelvic floor disorder, thus reducing long-term healthcare costs.


Third, Marc has ensured that the organization is committed to creating a product pipeline that has a diagnostic and therapeutic potential, thus having a positive impact on the general health of women. The organization has a device known as FDA-cleared device that directs and isolates the levator plate’s movement. The full product pipeline and the device all leverage data management technology and state-of-the-art patient-based apps to provide cost-effective and precise treatment to all women suffering from the pelvic floor disorder.


Finally, Marc has helped the organization to have a sound financial plan. The financial plan has enabled the organization to conduct research and obtain new technologies that have helped the organization come up with new ideas on how to deal with the pelvic floor disorder among women. Learn more:


The above tips will help you understand the input of Marc Beer in Renovia. As an aspiring entrepreneur, the above tips will help you turn your dream into a reality.


When Jake Gottlieb started his first business, he knew it would be one of the great adventures of his life. He had some concerns about how the business would turn out but he also knew things would keep getting better no matter how hard he had to work to get where he wanted to be.

There were things that allowed Jake Gottlieb the chance to continue pushing to make his business better. By focusing on everything he could do with the business, he showed people he could be the best in the business. He also showed people he had a good idea of how to run a successful company. It made him an important part of the business world and also gave him the opportunities he needed for success. As long as Jake Gottlieb was behind the wheel of his company, he could make things better for all the employees.

Things didn’t work out exactly how Jake Gottlieb imagined with his first business. He struggled with some of the issues in the business and that’s what caused him to lose out on the money he might have made through the industry’s opportunities. It also made him want to focus on how he could give other people positive experiences.

After realizing the struggles that came along with owning a business, Jake Gottlieb was better prepared to start Altium. He knew what he needed to do to make the company more successful. By focusing the company on small-growth businesses and other opportunities, Jake Gottlieb made sure he could actually help others. He also used the company to show people they could be successful by using a hedge fund management team. No matter how what Jake Gottlieb does, he does it with passion so it is successful. He likes looking at different opportunities and using them to come up with the best options for his business.

Now that Jake Gottlieb is successful with Altium, he knows things will keep getting better for his business. He also knows everything will change when he makes new opportunities for the people he serves through the business.


Southridge Capital has been operating for more than twenty decades having put about $ 2 billion of investments in both expanding and start-up businesses, firms, companies, and corporations across the globe. Southridge Capital has gained significant business interactions with over 250 public companies with which some of those organizations are so large that they sell stock to investors to help grow businesses and operations. The company is known to specialize in two sectors namely; advising and structured financial investing.


The structured financial investing operations entail of designing innovative approaches to obtaining financial muscles and funding operations. Southridge also helps in building creditworthiness of their clients primarily through paying all debts on behalf of their clients or sourcing finances to settle the financial downturns. On to the advisory sector, the firm specializes in optimizing balance sheets, predicting future financial situations, restructuring credit and debit accounts and preparing clients for the best mergers and acquisitions. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Stephen Hicks is an American businessperson who currently holds the CEO position at Southridge Capital and well as being recognized as the firm’s founder. Born and raised in New York, Hicks would later join King’s College to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in business administration. He later earned an MBA from Fordham University. Hicks began his career journey at a small hedge fund located in New York. He continued to grow deep in the investments business until when he decided to start his hedge fund. Southridge Capital was born. Three decades into the industry, Stephen Hicks has developed and grown his firm from a small hedge fund to one of the world’s largest investments company.


Stephen Hicks has been gaining interest in the cryptocurrency industry stating that the venture would undeniably yield enormous profits soon. Hedge funds are always after putting money on the many things that bring great returns and cryptocurrency could be that juicy opportunity. Hicks has learned the virtue be realistic in all his business dealings and return he has been able to make sound judgments on every investment opportunity that comes his way. He advises investors to take great interest in a potential investment’s current and past trends to predict the future. You can visit their Twitter account.



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Over the last decade, the United States has engaged in a program of expansionary monetary policy that has flooded the market with easy credit. This has led to historically high valuations across all asset classes as investors have chased increasingly small returns coupled to increasingly high levels of risk. It has also created serious risk of eventually destroying the value of the dollar.

Shervin Pishevar is one of the nation’s top authorities on finance. He has been one of the most prominent venture capitalists in Silicon Valley for more than a decade, having founded and overseen the growth of Investment company. His company has been behind the creation of some of the most recognized names in the world of tech, including Virgin Hyperloop, Airbnb and Uber.

But in a recent 21-hour tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar made clear that he is increasingly pessimistic on the long-term outlook for the U.S. economy. He says that the experimental quantitative easing programs that the Federal Reserve has been following are likely to end in inflationary disaster. Shervin Pishevar warns that the Fed will not come to the rescue of ordinary savers. He says that, instead, the nation’s central bank will destroy all savings and liquid wealth in order to prop up the stock market.

Shervin Pishevar believes that this process is already in motion. He says that the stock market is one major crash away from the central bank reneging on its promise to undergo so-called quantitative tightening, which involves the bank unwinding its more than $1 trillion in treasure securities, as well as raising interest rates. But Shervin Pishevar says that the first hint of a real market correction will see the central bank trying to outdo Japan in market interference, buying everything that the treasury can possibly print.

This, he says, is likely to lead to serious inflation. It will present a problem chiefly to ordinary Americans, who hold their savings in cash and cash equivalents. Pishevar says that the central bank won’t think twice about sending the working-class to the soup kitchens in order to continue to make the top tenth of a percent richer. He says that this dynamic could lead to a violent revolution.