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Chaz Dean spent 9 months in a lab creating the product we know as Wen. He had pressure from the company to launch the product early but decided against it. He wanted Wen to be perfect being that it was fully connected to his name.


Since Chaz worked in a Bel- Air Salon he was able to become the manager and soon after by the salon and promote his product. After 5 years he tried and tested out his products on his clients gaining the support he needed to have a celebrity-based clientele. After word spread many actors came into his salon looking to gain knowledge about the way to get healthier shiner hair.
Wen.com has a 5 in 1 conditioner that takes the place of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave in conditioner and detangler. It provides a healthier alternative to the harsh chemicals of many shampoos. It provides clean manageable hair without sulfate. With its perfect blend of herbs and extracts it is a gentle cleanser for all hair types.
According to wikipedia.org, after doing a study on this product there were positive feedback that this conditioner adds shine, more moisture and detangles the hair making it more manageable. The almond mint scent is alluring and pleasant. There are also other scents like cucumber, fig, pomegranate, and lavender. Chaz also has seasonal scents available.

Buying a 16 oz bottle of this conditioner is $36.00 on QVC. This price is a reasonable price because the product has multiple benefits and goes a long way. Also, another positive to this product is that it is made for all hair types. Meaning that no one is left out to reap the benefits of healthy shiny manageable hair. Wen has been displayed on many TV networks and luckily has an easy to use website (wenhaircare.com) for your ordering needs.

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