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Chris Burch known as the founder and also the CEO of his private investment company that is based out in New York called Burch Creative Capital. Chris has nearly 40 years experience as an investor and also as a entrepreneur. He has played a major role of growth for over 50 business companies, see it here at ( Burch’s Idea is to help other entrepreneurs with using his knowledge and resources and basically that’s the concept in reasoning for his company Burch Creative Capital. Many services that Burch’s company represent is lifestyle, consumer products, retail, apparels, and other variety of things. Burch’s Private company expanded and gained attention from hotel resorts such as the Nihi Sumba Island. Chris Burch invested in the island along with his business partner James McBride. Nihi hotels is voted #1 the best Hotel In the globe in 2016 and 2017 according to Travel Leisure Magazine, click Burch also involved himself into the growth of several technology and luxury brands. To name a few of the brands he’s tied into are Voss Water, Tory Burch, Jawbone and plenty more. Chris Burch’s business minded success started back when he was an undergraduate at Ithaca College in 1976. He invested in Eagle Eye’s apparel with his brother Bob investing $2,000 dollars. The business expanded then they sold it over to a company called as Swire Group For $60 Million.


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