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Nicolas Krafft may not be the first person you associate with L’Oreal, but he’s been working behind the scenes at the company for the past half-decade. Through this time, he has helped develop some programs and strategies for the international hair product company. Chief among these is Ethics Day, where L’Oreal shows off the four significant philosophies behind the business. Namely, these are integrity, respect, courage, and transparency.

Not only has Nicolas Krafft helped to develop and implement these principals, but he’s always helped with Ethics Day as a whole, even if he wasn’t the primary leader in its implementation. However, he has been a significant player in ensuring that these principals are upheld in L’Oreal’s global business operations; to date, he’s been very useful in implementing them. With the assistance of Mr. Krafft and some other top L’Oreal employees, the majority of L’Oreal workers too part in Ethics Day across some different countries.

In recognition of the tenth anniversary of the event, 60% of the hair-care empire’s staff took part in almost 70 different countries. The day itself was devoted to bringing employees together and coming up with positive initiatives to help the world. Much of the efforts are geared toward social responsibility, respect for human rights, compliance and philanthropy. However, many also focus on the likes of being environmentally friendly and responsible for their innovation. Each Ethics Day also provides an opportunity for employees to discuss the company as a whole with top-level management. This provides employees, as well as customers, a chance to glimpse into the word of L’Oreal’s top management and how they’re planning on running the company in the future.

Nicolas Krafft has been the VP of Global Business Development at L’Oreal since 2014. During this time he has helped the company grow many of its operations overseas. Mr. Krafft had a meteoric rise with the company; he originally started with the company as Marketing Director Kerastase in 2002. He eventually made his way to Marketing Director Asia in 2004 before becoming a General Manager in 2009. In 2011 he became Deputy General Manager Eastern Europe before becoming getting his current position in 2004.

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