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In a world where the experts thrive and the young individuals have to climb the corporate ladder, many of them are clueless where to begin. Sandy Chin has obtained over 20 years of experience through her fiance work based out of New York. She has taken strides to challenge herself each step of the way. This includes earning her MBA from the New York University’s Stern School of Business, and managing the portfolio for Tidal Bore Capital beginning in 2016. She too had to start somewhere in the industry, and wishes to share some of her experiences with the rising generation. Chin recently sat down with Gazette Day to discuss the role of a mentor in her personal career.

No matter which industry someone wants to jump into, there are already more experienced individuals in front of them. Sandy Chin believes that every young individual should find a mentor who can teach them the inner workings of the field. She describes her mentor, William Leach, and how he taught her two valuable lessons that have guided her personal career. The first to accept every single meeting because you never know when a high potential investment might appear. At the same, he encouraged Sandy Chin, to always ask questions. Blindly stepping into the industry will rarely end with a favorable outcome. Similarly a mentor can share their experience and knowledge with the next generation. This young individual will be able refine the idea and experiment with new innovate solutions. The advancement of the industry should also be the primary goal of those old and young.

However, a mentor is more than a superior figurehead of their peer. They are a friend and college who can steer that individual in the right direction. Mentors can introduce their peer to the best connections they know. This will put the young individual on a faster track to success. At the same, mentors can ensure their mistakes are not repeated. The forward progress of the field is always the first and foremost goal of individuals. Lastly, developing a good relationship with a mentor can be something guides your career decades later. Calling about them for specific advice can pay off when unusual circumstances arise, or a second opinion is needed. Sandy Chin has looked for help from William Leach numerous times over the years.

The relationship between a peer and their mentor is one that benefits both in the long term. A young individual will have the tools to ascend the corporate ladder, while the mentor will ensure their progress is continued to the next generation. Every industry wants their field to progress to the step level with each new idea coming in.

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