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Having served as the head investor relations for numerous alternative investments management companies that are based in the United States, Gareth Henry has a vast experience in the private credit sector. Gareth Henry who has also served as the head of IR for Fortress Investment Group and Angelo Gordon has a bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Mathematics he attained from the Heriot-Watt University where he graduated with a first class honors. His education as an actuary has also assisted him in understanding some complicated math that is often involved behind all these investments. In addition, the experience he has gained after working in various alternative assets industry and the practical work ethic has also given him the opportunity to create awareness and participate in collecting a substantial amount that has been offered to the industry.

Developments in the Private Credit Sector

Over the past few years, many developments have been witnessed in the private credit sector. Some the developments include the changes that have been done in the regulatory guidance that was implemented after the 2008 financial crisis. The changes that were done in regulatory guidance have caused the backs to stop lending money to private investors. This was triggered by the information in the regulatory guidance that needed banks to be more careful when lending money to private investors. There have also been challenges that are related to public companies. The rampant scandals in public companies that have led to large sums of money being lost have also led to banks being reluctant to lend money to public parties.

All these changes that were made in the regulatory guidance have made it difficult for private investors to borrow money from banks. Gareth Henry having worked for so long in the private credit sector knew that this was going to affect the future of private companies. That is why he decided to step in order to assist private investors. Gareth Henry also understands all the necessary calculations that are involved in the private credit sector and it will be difficult to lend money to a company that won’t be able to pay back under his watch.

Gareth Henry’s Facebook Page.

Doe Deere – Changing the Way We View Make-Up and Immigration

Doe Deere is a well-known make-up artist. She created the make-up brand Lime Crime and a fashion line called Poppyangeloff. Doe Deere, whose real name is Xenia Vorotova, was born in Izhevsk, Russia. She grew up in a Jewish household and lived with her mother, who was an accomplished accountant, and her little sister. She dreamt for many years about coming to America and became obsessed with American culture because of the American persona that was shown by the media worldwide. She was obsessed with the English language, music, and magazines that were portraying the “American Dream.”

At 17, Deere, her mother and her younger sister packed their bags and headed for the States. They ended up in New York City, which to many immigrants, is the true “America” in their eyes. Many of them believe the phrase, “if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere,” which is why many immigrants flee to New York City when they immigrate to the States. New York had a shocking and lasting effect on Deere, considering the population at the time was around 7.4 million, which was vastly different from the half-million population of Izhevsk. Deere came to terms with the fact that New York was really a “sink or swim” kind of place.

When the three Russian ladies arrived in New York, they knew they were going to have to start at the bottom and work their way up in life in this new area. Soon, after exhausting their mother’s savings and trying to get dead end jobs to make ends meet, they found themselves homeless. The next six months, they lived in the homeless shelter and ate free meals offered through churches and local food pantries. This is where Doe Deere’s dream about becoming a fashion designer began, as she would resort to her sketches in order to take her mind off of the stresses of her life.

In 1999, Deere and her mother and sister were introduced to the Sanctuary for Families, which was a legal organization that helped immigrant women and children in horrible situations. Sanctuary for Families was an instrumental force in helping Deere and her family get back onto their feet after their time in the homeless shelter. They were in better living conditions, and she and her sister finally had their own rooms, which was a luxury that they had never experienced before.

After all of the struggles that she went through, Doe Deere created her make-up company, Lime Crime, in 2008 and she now employees a little under 40 people in the Los Angeles area. She truly is an example of the “American Dream,” coming from really low and horrible living conditions and situations and working her fingers to the bone. Now she is a CEO, has a beautiful home, and a successful business and can truly treasure all of her blessings because she has been on the other side of the spectrum before.

This is part of the reason why many immigrants insist on coming to the United States of America. Doe Deere is an example that no matter how difficult your life is, you can always take control of your situation and turn in around for the better and become successful.

Marc Beer is well known for being the Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Renovia Inc. Company. He has more than 25 years of development and commercialization experience in diagnostics, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and devices. He founded Renovia in August 2016 with a major aim of delivering and discovering diagnostic and first-line digital therapeutic devices which treat the disorders among women associated with the pelvic floor like urinary inconsistency. His previous accomplishments and positions act as evidence for why he is recognized as the best leader for Renovia.


Most recently, Marc Beer raised $42M which is regarded as series B financing. The funding was from perceptive Ascension and Advisors who shared the vision of Renovia to treat, diagnose and improve the health of many women suffering from pelvic floor disorders in a better way. The funding was to be used for developing and testing other therapeutic and diagnostic products. Through Marc’s leadership, Renovia has become a rapidly growing and robust commercial organization. It has more than 300 employees who are under Marc.


Tips on how Marc Beer has helped Renovia grow


First, Marc has ensured that Renovia has partnered with the leading investors in healthcare who share the vision of the organization when it comes to treating, diagnosing, and improving the lives of women suffering from pelvic floor disorders. The major aim of the partnership was to help the organization gather more information on how it can eliminate the disorder among women.


Second, through Marc’s efforts the organization has managed to combine their proprietary and innovative sensor technologies and at the same time form factors associated with digital health so as to provide their customers with valuable information for new treatment options. The new information also helps their customers have a good understanding of the pelvic floor disorder, thus reducing long-term healthcare costs.


Third, Marc has ensured that the organization is committed to creating a product pipeline that has a diagnostic and therapeutic potential, thus having a positive impact on the general health of women. The organization has a device known as FDA-cleared device that directs and isolates the levator plate’s movement. The full product pipeline and the device all leverage data management technology and state-of-the-art patient-based apps to provide cost-effective and precise treatment to all women suffering from the pelvic floor disorder.


Finally, Marc has helped the organization to have a sound financial plan. The financial plan has enabled the organization to conduct research and obtain new technologies that have helped the organization come up with new ideas on how to deal with the pelvic floor disorder among women. Learn more:


The above tips will help you understand the input of Marc Beer in Renovia. As an aspiring entrepreneur, the above tips will help you turn your dream into a reality.


When Jake Gottlieb started his first business, he knew it would be one of the great adventures of his life. He had some concerns about how the business would turn out but he also knew things would keep getting better no matter how hard he had to work to get where he wanted to be.

There were things that allowed Jake Gottlieb the chance to continue pushing to make his business better. By focusing on everything he could do with the business, he showed people he could be the best in the business. He also showed people he had a good idea of how to run a successful company. It made him an important part of the business world and also gave him the opportunities he needed for success. As long as Jake Gottlieb was behind the wheel of his company, he could make things better for all the employees.

Things didn’t work out exactly how Jake Gottlieb imagined with his first business. He struggled with some of the issues in the business and that’s what caused him to lose out on the money he might have made through the industry’s opportunities. It also made him want to focus on how he could give other people positive experiences.

After realizing the struggles that came along with owning a business, Jake Gottlieb was better prepared to start Altium. He knew what he needed to do to make the company more successful. By focusing the company on small-growth businesses and other opportunities, Jake Gottlieb made sure he could actually help others. He also used the company to show people they could be successful by using a hedge fund management team. No matter how what Jake Gottlieb does, he does it with passion so it is successful. He likes looking at different opportunities and using them to come up with the best options for his business.

Now that Jake Gottlieb is successful with Altium, he knows things will keep getting better for his business. He also knows everything will change when he makes new opportunities for the people he serves through the business.


Over the last decade, the United States has engaged in a program of expansionary monetary policy that has flooded the market with easy credit. This has led to historically high valuations across all asset classes as investors have chased increasingly small returns coupled to increasingly high levels of risk. It has also created serious risk of eventually destroying the value of the dollar.

Shervin Pishevar is one of the nation’s top authorities on finance. He has been one of the most prominent venture capitalists in Silicon Valley for more than a decade, having founded and overseen the growth of Investment company. His company has been behind the creation of some of the most recognized names in the world of tech, including Virgin Hyperloop, Airbnb and Uber.

But in a recent 21-hour tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar made clear that he is increasingly pessimistic on the long-term outlook for the U.S. economy. He says that the experimental quantitative easing programs that the Federal Reserve has been following are likely to end in inflationary disaster. Shervin Pishevar warns that the Fed will not come to the rescue of ordinary savers. He says that, instead, the nation’s central bank will destroy all savings and liquid wealth in order to prop up the stock market.

Shervin Pishevar believes that this process is already in motion. He says that the stock market is one major crash away from the central bank reneging on its promise to undergo so-called quantitative tightening, which involves the bank unwinding its more than $1 trillion in treasure securities, as well as raising interest rates. But Shervin Pishevar says that the first hint of a real market correction will see the central bank trying to outdo Japan in market interference, buying everything that the treasury can possibly print.

This, he says, is likely to lead to serious inflation. It will present a problem chiefly to ordinary Americans, who hold their savings in cash and cash equivalents. Pishevar says that the central bank won’t think twice about sending the working-class to the soup kitchens in order to continue to make the top tenth of a percent richer. He says that this dynamic could lead to a violent revolution.

Infinity Group Australia has come a long way in the past five years since they first opened for business. In the beginning, Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker founded the company and started it in their home office, but today they have expanded their operations to an official office space and continue to grow at a steady pace. Along with a growing staff, Infinity Australia Group continues to build clients every year, mostly through referrals and Infinity Australia Group reviews. The original idea for the company came to Graeme Holm when he noticed there were more efficient ways to help their clients optimize their deals, which the banks paid little attention to, leaving clients on their own regardless of bad deals. Learn more:

It took a lot of effort on the part of Graeme and Rebecca in order to research their market and determine if their business idea was even practical. After roughly six months on the drawing board, Graeme and Rebecca finally started up Infinity Group Australia. In just five years, Infinity Group Australia reviews have been continuing to go up, with more people taking notice of their unique services. To date, Infinity Group Australia has had a success rate near 100 percent, saving their clients an average of more than forty thousand dollars. What makes Infinity Group special is that they do not lock their clients into any kind of commitments for their services. What’s even better is they will not make their clients pay any fees unless they successful help them improve their financial situation and save money.

Not only does Infinity Group Australia help their clients save money, but they also help them plan for retirement and improve their investments for the future. Like many countries around the globe, Australia has a complex law system that can be difficult for the average citizen to navigate through when it comes to getting the most out of their money.

In 2018, Infinity Group Australia was named as one of the most innovative businesses of the year in the Australian Financial Review. To date, Infinity Group has yet to do major advertising campaigns and instead grows simply through word of mouth from all of the happy clients saving money without worry.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar (also referred to as Dr. J) is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and currently based in Dallas, Texas. He graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School and has been practicing 11-20 years in his field. Dr. Jejurikar works with the Dallas Institute of Plastic Surgery and the Pine Creek Medical Center. At these facilities he specializes in various cosmetic procedures, including those for the face, nose, and body. Dr. Jejurikar is known for the detailed attention he gives each patient’s unique needs and desires, whether they are in need of a tummy tuck or hair replacement surgery.

He is affiliated with three hospitals including the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas and accepts seven insurances. In 2012 Dr. Jejurikar won the Compassionate Doctor Certification for his excellent bedside manner. Websites, such as vital and Patient’s Choice, allow patients to give reviews on physicians. Physicians with the highest scores are then presented with the Compassionate Doctor Certification. Out of almost 900,000 doctors only three percent of those received the 2012 Certification. Many of Dr. Jejurikar’s patients were very pleased, not only with his work but how they were treated, leading him to win the certification. He has also received The Registry of Business Excellence plaque from the American Registry.

Information concerning the procedures offered can be found on his website, which features a blog and virtual tour of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Information about new technology, such as Crisalix which enables patients to see their new future body prior to surgery, can be accessed here as well.

Dr. Jejurikar continues his work in Dallas as well as volunteering with operation Smile Bangladesh which helping children in that region.

Find out more about Sameer Jejurikar:

Imagine seated inside an 8-seater twin-engine aircraft on Samoan Airways or Talofa Airways while descending into the wonderful lush rainforests around the Upolu Island. Faleolo International Airport is a 40-minute drive to the west, but Fagali is so much closer.

After departing the aircraft and walking on the cement-paved tarmac into the Fagali Airport, there is a desk and a customs booth where agents will stamp your passport for entry into the country. Keep in mind that the American Samoa rules apply here.

When you return to the airport later, after your fabulous trip, do not be surprised if you are asked to step on a scale. Staff wants to make sure that the overall weight inside the aircraft stays balanced for safety issues. You can check-in a bag up to 44 lbs and a carry-on up to 12 lbs.

After leaving the Fagali Airport, the main town of Apia is only a five-minute drive away. If you are hungry then there is a market across the street for some basic snacks and local drinks. After enjoying your meal, you can hop on a local bus and take it to Apia or the small village of Fagali.

If taking the public buses is not your style, then you could pick up a cab at the terminal according to There will be plenty outside waiting for departing passengers. The trip should not cost more than $5.


Things To Do On The Island

Every Friday there is a firework show that is very beautiful. There is also a Samoa Cultural Village celebration for a real taste of the traditional Samoan culture. Enjoy a day with the Samoa Dive & Snorkel company for exploring some underwater treasures according to The Immaculate Conception of Mary Cathedral is a religious institution worth visiting along with the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum for a view into Samoan life and history. After your cultural explorations, you could seek refuge with the Yoga Yoga Hiking Tours. Practice some moves on the beach or in the surrounding rainforests. Additionally, here is an art gallery nearby for viewing contemporary and international works.

There is so much to see and do in Apia, Upolu!


There are so many ways a to do list can help you in your daily life. However, a lot of people do not know how to put one together. Here are some tips on putting together a great to do list.

One thing you should do when putting together a to do list is to put down everything you need to do on the list. You don’t want to leave it to memory because this has been known to be detrimental. This is because you are constantly thinking about tasks you need to be doing while you are doing other tasks. By writing every task down that you need to do then you can accomplish them all. You do not have worry about them while you are doing other tasks that need to be done.

Another tip to making the best to do list is to keep your lists all in one place. A lot of people put things they need to do in different places such as sticky notes, calendars, and notebooks. This is not the best thing to do. This is because there are too many places to remember to look and people often forget tasks. It’s best to keep them all in one place so you don’t forget all your tasks.

You should make your list the first thing you do. This is because in the morning we have the highest amount of energy. So getting your to do list done quickly will help you get the tasks done fast.

If you need help with some of the items on your to do list then you should check out Upwork. This great company is a freelance website. It helps business owners and other people connect with talented freelancers to get projects done. There are over three thousand five hundred different skills available for hire on this fabulous website.

Upwork offers many different freelancers with great skills on it’s website. These include writers, design, accounting, sales, marketing, virtual assistants, and more. If you are looking for a place to get your to do list done check out Upwork.

Since 1998, Randal Nardone has been of the highly valued principals at Fortress Investment Group ever since the company was first born two decades ago. 2013 was the that something even bigger happened for Randal Nardone, though. After spending 15 years committed to the company, he was rewarded for his experience and strong work ethic by being promoted to the highest position within the entire organization, CEO. Fortress Investment Group is involved with a variety of different tasks, but its clients primarily come to the company for private equity management, which is an area that Fortress Investment Group has consistently performed well in over the years.

Before Randal Nardone made a name for himself at Fortress and eventually climbed to #557 on the list of billionaires that Forbes Magazine keeps track of, he had a typical university education and a few less public positions in the finance industry. He earned his B.A. at Connecticut University, which was in the areas of English and Biology. Then, he earned his J.D. after leaving the Law School at Boston University.

One of the more significant positions that he held within the financial sector before co-founding Fortress was when he worked at BlackRock Financial. It was here that got his first chance at being a company’s principal, and he certainly did not disappoint. If you are curious as to what other companies Randal Nardone has worked with besides Fortress Investment Group, then two of the more well-known ones are Newcastle Holdings, LLC and Springleaf Holdings, LLC. Both of these organizations proudly welcomed him to the board of directors, and, as a chairman, he had a positive impact on both companies.

$3.3 billion is the hefty price that SoftBank recently paid in order to acquire Fortress Investment Group. Masayoshi Son, the individual that founded the wildly successful SoftBank, is looking forward to growing Fortress even further, and he thinks that doubling the dollar value of assets currently under the control of Fortress Investment Group is a very realistic goal that can be achieved in just a few years. Meet Fortress Investment Group’s Ex-Billionaire Interim CEO