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OSI Industries has been increasing their presence in the foodservice industry in recent years. The company that started off as Otto & Sons butcher shop in Chicago is now an aggressive player in their industry. With assets ranging over $6.1 billion, the company is integrated heavily into the inner workings of the food service industry. Competition seems to be something that OSI Industries prizes themselves on. Priding themselves on their ability to adapt to demand (a trait which has been proven consistently by their history) OSI Industries seems prepared to rush forward into the future of foodservice, an industry that is having consistent growth.

Otto & Sons first branched their roots out into the core of America and abroad after a handshake deal with Ray Kroc, the owner of McDonald’s. Otto & Sons became the sole supplying of McDonald’s meat products and the company had to expand as McDonald’s expanded. What started off as one location for McDonald’s quickly, as we all know, became thousands and thousands. Otto & Sons rebranded into OSI Industries and walked with McDonald’s hand-in-hand into the future.

OSI used this opportunity to expand. And expand they did. OSI now has over 60 factories residing in 17 countries. With a reach that spans the globe, OSI doesn’t seem to be slowing their growth down. Recently, OSI has been doing some remarkable things. OSI purchased Baho Foods and Creative Foods int he same year. These two acquisitions are both insanely good choices for the company. Let’s take a quick look at both.

Baho Foods is a Dutch convenience store suppliers. They supply deli meats, snacks, and other products and operate primarily out of the Netherlands and Germany. This acquisition gives OSI more products to offer its consumers, allows it to break into the convenience game, and gives them factories in Germany and the Netherlands, as well as connections in both countries.

The other acquisition Flagship Europe was just as incredible. Flagship Europe — now Creative Foods — is a major producer of pies, frozen poultry, and fillings in the United Kingdom. Access to these products, again, increases the portfolio of OSI Industries, as well as gives them landmark gains in the United Kingdom (a major consumer of meat products.)

Overall, OSI has been seeing incredible gains. They are a company who is capable of keeping up with the times and shifting dynamically to any changes that come their way. When the world asks for growth, OSI grows. When the world asks for variety, OSI gets variety. I’m sure Otto Kolschowsky would be proud.

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Taking on a new sound and a brand new sense of direction, The Chainsmokers have evolved incredibly since the duo comprising of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart came out. It seems like only yesterday that The Chainsmokers released their first hit single that propelled them on the music scene. Since then, the duo has come out with a number of chart-topping hits like ‘Don’t let me down’, ‘Closer’ and ‘Roses’.

In a recent interview, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart let fans in on the history behind the duo and the road that let them be the iconic act that they are today. Music has always been an important part of both Andrew and Alex’s lives, and it was their love for music and their passion for creating art that brought them together. Alex Pall had been DJing and producing music since high school, and Andrew shared a similar story. Both the members of the duo were matched together by their manager who thought that they would work well together. After a few initial sessions, The Chainsmokers was formed. Combining their musical talents, their vision for the music that they create and the ability to tell stories through their music has helped the duo reach the next level within the industry.

Writing about their lives has always been one of the key components of the music that The Chainsmokers puts out. Several songs like Don’t Let Me Down, Closer and even the newest song Sick Boy have all been about the personal experiences that the duo has gone through and the roads that they have traveled. Making music about this has also let them form a strong connection with their fans, which is something that has greatly contributed to the success that they are seeing today.

Making their music unique to their own style has always been one of the defining characteristics of The Chainsmokers. Not many music producers and DJs nowadays actually sing over the music that they themselves make, and by doing that, The Chainsmokers have been able to bring their own sense of originality to the fans who tune into them.

No doubt that by now you’ve heard of Evolution Of Smooth, more commonly known as EOS lip balm. The orb-shaped cosmetic that’s reinventing a stagnant industry, making it exciting new and trendy! People all over the world are after these little things, so much so that they’re even becoming rare in places like the UK, where one young girl says she’s obsessed with them.

She lists the small handful of flavors lying on her countertop: Honeysuckle Honey Dew, Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint, Passion Fruit, Pomegranate Raspberry and her absolute favorite Strawberry Sorbet. They’re fun shaped and packed with vitamin E oil and soothing shea butter so she thinks they’re perfect for winter when your lips get dry and cracked and with so many flavors and specialty lines it’s hard to get bored!

The list of flavors really is quite long and they constantly come out with lines. The Active balm is packed with SPF and energizing scents like Pink Grapefruit and Lemon Twist to wake you up and get you moving! The Shimmer line is perfect for your next night out with friends or hot date. They’ve even come out with collectors lines that are still selling for a lot of money online, see Amazon.

The girl also mentions how much she loves the dome shape, showing how easy it is to open one handed and apply. She says they’re much better than dipping your finger into a dirty tin or losing half the tube of balm when its fixed to the inside of the cap. And who wouldn’t agree to no more sticky gunk under your new manicured nails? EOS has reimagined and reinvented a lip balm that’s fun to use easy to apply and even easier to find at the bottom of your purse! (


Robert Deignan is a Co-Founder and CEO of Advanced Technical Support Digital Services, LLC (ATS). The company was previously known as inbound Call Experts (ICE). ATS was established in 2011 and is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. As a call center corporation, ATS offers technical support to customers via telephone and screen sharing technology.

Deignan regards focusing on the needs of customers based upon a holistic approach to compliance as the foundation of ATS. The company is a provider which can meet all the digital support needs of organizations. Recognized as a leader in customer service, ATS was the first call center company to receive APPEsteem certification. ATS participated in a detailed certification process by the APPEsteem in which the policies and procedures were evaluated and ATS was found to meet adhere to the rigorous requirements.

There were various leadership positions held by Deignan in companies located in Florida. Prior to his role at ATS, Robert Deignan was an Executive Vice President at iS3 located in Boynton Beach, Florida. The company is an internet security provider. Deignan worked for iS3 for nine years. Moreover, Deignan Co-Founded Franlink during 1998 and worked in the company located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for over two years.

One activity Deignan enjoys is participating in fishing tournaments. He has used his fishing skills to support community causes. During 2017 Robert Deignan won second place in the Carolina Boat Builders Fishing Tournament. The Dare County Boat Builders Foundation hosts the fishing tournament fundraiser and the organization has provided more than $531,000 in scholarships to students in the community. Additionally, Deignan was an Angler in the 79th Annual Silver Sailfish Derby which occurred in 2016.

Deignan is a believer in the importance of education. Robert Deignan is a graduate of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Purdue in 1995. (note: his name is not spelled correctly in this article)

Youtuber Jane On Youtube brings us an in-depth review of EOS crystal lip balm.

She shows the packaging and tells us that the EOS crystal lip balm is a new formulation from EOS that is completely wax free, and crystal clear. Instead, it contains oils like castor seed, coconut, and avocado, as well as shea butter and aloe. It comes in two flavors; Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. She talks about how she enjoys the packaging that the lip balm comes in, and how it’s easy to unpackage.

Jane On Youtube says that her Hibiscus Peach EOS crystal lip balm has a strong, but pleasant smell. At first, she noted that it smelled like a fruity cake, but upon opening, the smell became truer to the description. She shows that the lip balm itself is completely transparent. The lip balm becomes slightly less transparent upon use. She says the crystal balm is a rich, but smooth lip balm. The lip balm egg opens and closes easily.

After about 40 minutes of wear, including eating and drinking, Jane can still feel the moisturizing effects of the lip balm.

She closed by saying the EOS crystal lip balm is a great, affordable lip balm that many people will enjoy.


Though man may drive nature out, still she returns. As an extension of natural law, the laws of economics are no more sensitive to man’s whims than those of gravity or light. Astute businessmen are, by definition, careful students of human nature and the laws of economics. This fact alone goes far towards explaining why many of the companies within Silicon Valley, particularly recent IPOs, have been colossal failures.

David Zalik, the founder and CEO of GreenSky Credit, is one of the few resolute pragmatists that one might find in the financial technology sector. He has famously quipped that startups not having $30 million in venture capital available is a good thing. That way, those startups have no way to waste $30 million. You won’t find bean bag chairs, complimentary pizza and ping pong tables around the headquarters of GreenSky Credit. Zalik prefers to pay his employees well, and, in return, he expects them to work.

But this pragmatic approach has eluded many of GreenSky Credit’s competitors in the fintech space. These include the IPO horror stories of Lending Club and OnDeck. Both companies have experienced stock declines in excess of 85 percent. But at the end of the day, all the foosball and ping pong tables may simply be the superficial symptom of these companies’ disease, rather than the disease itself.

Far more worrying is these companies’ obsession with one-world, neo-Marxist ideas like so-called microlending and attempts to radically circumvent the established lending channels. This foolishness has had the same predictable results of other well-intended but badly misguided programs, such as minority outreach programs of the Bush Administration for homeownership.

The reality is that, at the end of the day, no wishy washy rhetoric or newfangled theory of human capital can overcome the cold, hard realities of economic law. GreenSky Credit has wisely focused on creating value in the prime-borrowing market. Only servicing customers with 700-plus FICO scores. While its competitors were making 5-figure NINJA loans to street people, GreenSky was building a $5 billion company on sound economic principles. And it’s a solid bet that GreenSky will use that sensible formula to continue its strong growth into the future.

Robert Santiago is commonly known as Brazil’s Mall Tycoon and is one of the top most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil. He was born and raised in Joao Pessoa City in July 1958. He is a business administration graduate of the University Centre of Joao Pessoa. In 1987, Roberto bought an empty piece of land close to the city center. On this plot, he built the Manaira Mall that began operating in 1989. It has grown to become the largest mall in Brazil. The mall has greatly changed the lives of those who live in its vicinity.


Manaira Shopping Mall has transformed Joao Pessoa completely. It has become one of the frequently visited chill spots. The mall enjoys a good flow of people, both local and international tourists. It provides almost if not all products and services under one roof. The mall is well equipped with facilities that attract thousands of people. It has cinema halls, concert halls, gaming zones, food services, shopping centers, banking halls, wellness and fitness centers and an educational institute.


One of the major attractions in Manaira Mall is the Domus Hall. Roberto Santiago’s decision to build the hall on the rooftop was a well-thought idea. The lounge is spacious and started operating in 2009. Since then, hundreds of event planners have rented the facility for their events. The building has hosted musical concerts, shows, conferences, fairs, wedding receptions and graduation parties. The facility has a big accommodation for both standing and seated events. It can accommodate 10,000 standing guests and 4,000 seated people respectively. The air-conditioning is efficient, and it is made to be sound proof. The sound equipment fitted in the Domus Hall is modern. Roberto designed the concert in a way that gives people privacy. It is subdivided into cabins. The Hall has hosted international artists’ concerts thanks to its reputation and proximity to Joao Pessoa.


Entertainment is paramount to Manaira Mall. Roberto Santiago, therefore, strategically placed entertainment areas in the mall. One of the other fascinating entertainment facilities in this hall is the world-class cinema complex. Manaira caters for family bonding time as it has a gaming area with the likes of bowling where family members can engage in games.


Roberto Santiago’s Manaira also has numerous shops. It thus provides a variety for the shoppers to choose from. Foods have not been left out at all. There is a gourmet section that serves international cuisines in the mall. Manaira Mall thus takes care of almost everybody’s needs. Roberto Santiago thanks the locals for their continued support to his investment. He believes that without them, his recent success would not have been realized.


From 1991 to 2006, Lawrence Bender and Quentin Tarantino’s A Band Apart Films was in operation. This company was responsible for the creation of many of Tarantino’s most successful films. A Band Apart Film’s productions were no limited to Tarantino’s films; other films that were produced by their company include White Man’s Burden, a film directed by Desmond Nakano and starring John Travolta.

Lawrence Bender’s contributions to the film industry were not limited to A Band Apart.

One of Lawrence Bender’s most recent contributions to the entertainment industry came as a Netflix limited series. The show is based on a Russian film called The Major, and it debuted on February 23rd, 2018.

The series is about a police officer in New Jersey who runs over a young-black child in the road with his car. The man is distracted, conducting calls concerning his wife’s issues when he hits the child. After first checking his bumper for damages he sees a bicycle wheel still spinning on the passenger side of his vehicle.

The show has two main points of view: that of the officer and that of the surviving family. The officer and his police force peers are trying to cover up the accident. Racial issues escalate in the community as a result of the event.

Inglourious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds was the last film produced by A Band A Part Films, but it wasn’t the last project from Lawrence Bender.

Inglourious Basterds has an all-star line-up of actors including Brad Pitt, Eli Roth, Michael Fassbender, and Diana Kruger.

The movie is about an expert team of killers during World War II. The film uses their nonchalant attitude towards killing Nazis as comedy relief to and otherwise serious topic.

The main plot of the film consists of this group of people plotting an assassination attempt during a movie screening.

The film was received by critics positively.

One of the most significant issues in the United Kingdom is rising healthcare costs. Few people can afford to pay for necessary healthcare expenses. One of the most common problems is elderly care. As people age, they typically need additional people taking care of basic needs. Hiring someone to help in this process is expensive. Few people can afford to pay someone for full-time care.

Sussex Healthcare is a company that offers multiple solutions to this issue. Over the past few years, the company has expanded its services to include long-term care.

Growth of Sussex

Sussex Healthcare is one of the fastest growing companies in the United Kingdom. With rising demand for healthcare services, more people than ever before are working with the company. Sussex Healthcare has numerous open positions for nurses in various areas. The company is trying to hire as many employees as possible. However, there is a massive nursing shortage in the United Kingdom. Few people want to become nurses due to the long hours required each day.

With the new products and services offered by Sussex Healthcare, many people expect the high rate of growth to continue. Now is an excellent time for people to start working with Sussex Healthcare on a solution to their health problems.

Paying for Care

Paying for healthcare is a significant issue for most people. There are investment options for people to pay for their care as they get older. However, the biggest problem is that few people can save money each month for future healthcare costs.

The leaders of Sussex Healthcare have a dynamic vision for the future. Although the company was started just a few years ago, the future is bright for anyone who wants to improve their health. Changing just a few daily habits can make a huge difference for most people.

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The term “fake news” is probably most closely associated with US President Donald Trump and summarizes his combative approach towards the press, but in Brazil there are many more instances where it has come up. Attorney Bruno Fagali has been exploring the issue and how the Superior Electoral Court of Brazil, or TSE as it’s referred to is looking to mitigate the issue. What Fagali mentions is “deepfakes” which are automated social media accounts also known as bots or trolls that governments like Russia have used to disseminate false information.

Bruno Fagali notes that in Brazil’s 2018 election the use of “deepfakes” will probably increase which is why the TSE has instituted the Consultative Council on Elections and the Internet. One of the most popular tools of the “deepfakes” are videos that have been doctored to to slander political candidates, and the TSE has been setting up task forces to combat false propaganda coming out of those videos.

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Bruno Jorge Fagali is the founder and managing partner of Fagali Advocacia, a law firm based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and he’s held several positions in legal advisory and compliance for both public and private sector organizations. He graduated from one of Brazil’s top law schools at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo earning his bachelor’s degree in law, and then completing his master’s degree in administrative law with additional specialties such as a certificate in healthcare compliance. He also previously served as a compliance officer for an advertising agency for two years.

Bruno Fagali mostly specializes in public law, electoral law, parliamentary proceedings, advertising legal issues and anti-corruption cases. Fagali Advocacia has served some of the most prestigious Brazilian clients, and it’s had a great track record of litigating difficult cases. Its method is to approach each practice area with diverse views and to make sure each client’s side is heard and that they will be fought for all the way to the end. But Bruno Fagali and his associates have also maintained solid ethics and social responsibility in how they conduct business. Fagali Advocacia is also an affiliate of the Brazilian Institute of Law and Business Ethics and a partner of Ethos.

Find more about Bruno Fagali:,da7796c2023b08e3ba5b3e4207d580dffb81cxb8.html