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He has established conducive spaces where he has the freedom to choose projects to work on and guide them to success. The freedom of ownership, profit, and recognition are crucial and attractive elements in the equation.

Talking about profit, the hardest part of the journey to revenues is getting FDA approval for the drugs you develop. It is a long and risky path to get the approval. Once you are past that hurdle, you can expect ridiculous revenues from direct sales and licensing agreements.

Clay Siegall also values the power of soft capital. He recognizes the crucial role his sales teams have played in the success of the company. It is important to engage people with experience and technical expertise in the business.

The industry can get quite technical, so a background in biotech is beneficial. Equally important, Seattle Genetics develops awesome products. Having a quality product is smart marketing in itself.

Clay Siegall has overseen numerous successful funding processes for Seattle Genetics. He was helpful in the company’s IPO in 2001. He has also played a key role in negotiating private funding and public financing to raise capital.

Before Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall is associated with numerous names in the industry. This includes Bristol-Myers Squibb and National Institutes of Health among others. He is also affiliated with Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Mirna Therapeutics and the Fred Hutchinson Center among other multiple firms.

He continues to conduct and supervise leading research into targeted therapies. He has published more than seventy peer-reviewed papers. Additionally, he has his name on more than a dozen patents.

Clay Siegall continues to lead the company to greater heights. Through a series of targeted acquisitions, he is consolidating the firm’s position in key assets and technologies.

He is passionate about improving the lives of cancer patients. He does this through better oncology drug development and effective collaborations in the industry.