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The term “fake news” is probably most closely associated with US President Donald Trump and summarizes his combative approach towards the press, but in Brazil there are many more instances where it has come up. Attorney Bruno Fagali has been exploring the issue and how the Superior Electoral Court of Brazil, or TSE as it’s referred to is looking to mitigate the issue. What Fagali mentions is “deepfakes” which are automated social media accounts also known as bots or trolls that governments like Russia have used to disseminate false information.

Bruno Fagali notes that in Brazil’s 2018 election the use of “deepfakes” will probably increase which is why the TSE has instituted the Consultative Council on Elections and the Internet. One of the most popular tools of the “deepfakes” are videos that have been doctored to to slander political candidates, and the TSE has been setting up task forces to combat false propaganda coming out of those videos.

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Bruno Jorge Fagali is the founder and managing partner of Fagali Advocacia, a law firm based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and he’s held several positions in legal advisory and compliance for both public and private sector organizations. He graduated from one of Brazil’s top law schools at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo earning his bachelor’s degree in law, and then completing his master’s degree in administrative law with additional specialties such as a certificate in healthcare compliance. He also previously served as a compliance officer for an advertising agency for two years.

Bruno Fagali mostly specializes in public law, electoral law, parliamentary proceedings, advertising legal issues and anti-corruption cases. Fagali Advocacia has served some of the most prestigious Brazilian clients, and it’s had a great track record of litigating difficult cases. Its method is to approach each practice area with diverse views and to make sure each client’s side is heard and that they will be fought for all the way to the end. But Bruno Fagali and his associates have also maintained solid ethics and social responsibility in how they conduct business. Fagali Advocacia is also an affiliate of the Brazilian Institute of Law and Business Ethics and a partner of Ethos.

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Karl Heideck is one of the most prominent attorneys based in the United States. Before Karl Heideck started working as an attorney in the country, he attended an extensive education session. Karl Heideck is a graduate of the Swathmore College with the highest honors in a Law Degree. Karl Heideck also decided to attend some literature and English classes to sharpen his language skills that are paramount in the legal profession. He attended the literature and English lessons while he was still attending his premium college education. For six years, Karl Heideck worked to attain the best education in the law degree. Karl Heideck graduated with a Law Degree from Temple University School of Law.

For over one decade, Karl Heideck has been working in Philadelphia as a legal worker in the field of litigation and general counsel. After becoming an associate of the Conrad Law firm based in the United States, Karl Heideck served some business and companies with legal counsel as a litigator. This experience helped him work to become one of the most proficient litigators in the region. Karl Heideck also worked to perform both the post-trial and initial tasks involving the issuance of litigation in the field of law. Karl Heideck went off from the Conrad Law firm and started working for the Pepper Hamilton LLP Company based in Philadelphia.

Karl Heideck has worked to increase in a wide range of expertise in many legal areas of the United States. His legal experience includes corporate litigation, merchandise liability, writing, risk management, and research. Karl Heideck has also authored a wide range of online guides that explain how small companies and businesses can work to emulate their business deals to ensure they adhere to the employment law in the country. Karl Heideck has always worked to help business executives as well as business owners to comply and understand the intricate regulations set by the federal institutions. Karl Heideck has also written about the best ways to become a lawyer in the country. Karl Heideck is a lawyer at the Hire Counsel Company. Karl Heideck represents people facing business-related legal implications in Pennsylvania.

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