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Youtuber Jane On Youtube brings us an in-depth review of EOS crystal lip balm.

She shows the packaging and tells us that the EOS crystal lip balm is a new formulation from EOS that is completely wax free, and crystal clear. Instead, it contains oils like castor seed, coconut, and avocado, as well as shea butter and aloe. It comes in two flavors; Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. She talks about how she enjoys the packaging that the lip balm comes in, and how it’s easy to unpackage.

Jane On Youtube says that her Hibiscus Peach EOS crystal lip balm has a strong, but pleasant smell. At first, she noted that it smelled like a fruity cake, but upon opening, the smell became truer to the description. She shows that the lip balm itself is completely transparent. The lip balm becomes slightly less transparent upon use. She says the crystal balm is a rich, but smooth lip balm. The lip balm egg opens and closes easily.

After about 40 minutes of wear, including eating and drinking, Jane can still feel the moisturizing effects of the lip balm.

She closed by saying the EOS crystal lip balm is a great, affordable lip balm that many people will enjoy.