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Chaz Dean spent 9 months in a lab creating the product we know as Wen. He had pressure from the company to launch the product early but decided against it. He wanted Wen to be perfect being that it was fully connected to his name.


Since Chaz worked in a Bel- Air Salon he was able to become the manager and soon after by the salon and promote his product. After 5 years he tried and tested out his products on his clients gaining the support he needed to have a celebrity-based clientele. After word spread many actors came into his salon looking to gain knowledge about the way to get healthier shiner hair. has a 5 in 1 conditioner that takes the place of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave in conditioner and detangler. It provides a healthier alternative to the harsh chemicals of many shampoos. It provides clean manageable hair without sulfate. With its perfect blend of herbs and extracts it is a gentle cleanser for all hair types.
According to, after doing a study on this product there were positive feedback that this conditioner adds shine, more moisture and detangles the hair making it more manageable. The almond mint scent is alluring and pleasant. There are also other scents like cucumber, fig, pomegranate, and lavender. Chaz also has seasonal scents available.

Buying a 16 oz bottle of this conditioner is $36.00 on QVC. This price is a reasonable price because the product has multiple benefits and goes a long way. Also, another positive to this product is that it is made for all hair types. Meaning that no one is left out to reap the benefits of healthy shiny manageable hair. Wen has been displayed on many TV networks and luckily has an easy to use website ( for your ordering needs.

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The Brown Agency is a platform that dedicates full-service to grooming talent, representing models and actors in various capacities such as print, catalogue, commercials, film, fashion runway, videos, conventions, voiceovers, trade shows, corporate and promotional events and much more. The talent agency brought itself to Austin in 2010, quickly establishing a reputation of a leading agency in the market. Its goals have been to set high market standards and raise expectations to observing an unprecedented talent display. Justin Brown’s talent agency holds perceptibility in selecting the bet candidates and grooming them to the standards appreciated by the renowned high end brands in the world. The agency has seen their models going on to work for top notches such as Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Dell, Loreal, and myriad of other companies.

The acquisition of Heyman Talent South and its relaunching as The Brown Agency is a powerful combination that has rendered both companies the largest talent joint in the region. Bolstering the unique capabilities, strengths and and potential of The Brown Agency, has made it into a full blown talent company in Texas. It now provides clients with a broadened and versatile portfolio of well prepped and experienced talent. It also renders great opportunities to the members of the agency.

Justin Brown sees the merger as an integral part of of his company’s growth strategy. Both companies pride themselves with their expertise in training models for a larger market place and commitment to serving their clients.

About Justin Brown

Justin brown leads The Brown Agency as a CEO and President. Having worked his way through a modeling career, Mr. Brown eventually landed himself in the development and placement field. His keen interest in learning about the life behind the camera led him to become a trainer. With a significant amount of experience with various agency jobs, he started off training talent to operate in professional settings.

Brown managed college by modeling for the Lucky Brand during his early days. He studied business management prior to discovering his potential as a trainer. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Brown has groomed talent and placed them on greater platforms. His experience in Los Angeles and New York has indicated he could promote promising talent to even bigger agencies with his set of skills and expert training.

Austin has been central to his career expansion, as Brown chose to accentuate the fashion industry and make his mark. After moving there in 2005, he describes his adaptation to the place as a natural connection that just formed. He sought to take the industry to a big market level by hiring locals and yet looking national. He takes into account regional differences and local taste of fashion and delivers accordingly. The days of operating runway shows in Austin bars are long gone, according to Mr. Brown. His company is headed in the direction of revolutionizing runway shows by conducting national shows from his own hometown.

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When you are looking to take care of yourself, one part of your body that should not be ignored are your lips. One of the best ways to take care of your lips is to use a lip balm. This will help to keep them protected from the sun, keep them moisturized, and even prevent abrasions. When looking for a lip balm, a great option is EOS Lip Balm.

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EOS Lip Balm is a leading lip balm that is well known for its egg-shaped container. The product can be purchased online through the EOS website, through other online retailers, or through a range of brick and mortar retail stores. When you are looking to get some new lip balm, EOS Lip Balm will have plenty of options for you to choose from. While they started small, the company now has nearly a dozen different flavors to choose from, you may browse here on

EOS Lip Balm’s flavors are well received by the public and are released after a lot of different product reviews. Some of the top flavors of EOS Lip Balm today include plain vanilla, strawberry, mint, raspberry, and coconut, browse here. Each of these flavors provide the same level of coverage to the user.

While EOS is best known for their lip balms, the company has a range of other products as well. Some of the other popular products that the company sells include lotions, shampoos, and other healthy and beauty products. The company strives to use ingredients that are natural and organic. This helps to ensure that they are effective, but also very healthy to use and sensitive on the skin.

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Magnify the skin tissue on your lips with the benefits of EOS lip balm products. They worked exclusively to alleviate your dry cracked lips from the effects of the cold or habits like smoking. They repair and restore your lips to leave them feeling silky smooth with each use. Thousands of women around the world trust the all natural ingredients associated with EOS lip balm products. A beauty article did an a report on the choice of hundreds of users various lip balm products and did a report that determined EOS lip balm products are chosen over their competitors ten to one.

Who Is Evolution Of Smooth?

When you want to transform your lips to make them feel ultra smooth, turn to Evolution of Smooth for a unique balance of moisture and fragrance. That’s right, their products include many delectable flavors that are chosen by high profile celebrities that include Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian. They contain the proper blend of jojoba oil and shea butter to leave your lips feeling silky smooth every time. Evolution of Smooth is an effective product that you can add to your daily routine. However, their long lasting coverage eliminates the need for multiple applications throughout the day. Nourish your lips with a dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free EOS lip balm product.

Evolution Of Smooth Flavors

– Mint Kisser

– Strawberry Sorbet (

– Almond Milk

– Acai

– Lemon Drop

– Vanila Mint

– Blackberry Nectar

– Original EOS

and more….

EOS lip balm products come packed with vitamin C and E to transform your lips for immediate protection. Their antioxidants will soften your lips right away. You can learn more about EOS lip balm products like Evolution of Smooth by visiting their exclusive website or you can check your major retailers like Target, Walmart, Ulta, Amazon and Racked in the beauty care section. Pamper your lips with a phenomenal EOS lip balm product today.



Richard Prince is a 66-year-old artist from the Gagosian Gallery. When Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime, posted a picture of herself with a look-alike doll on Instagram, he took notice. The picture was put on her wall to help her friend, Joshua David McKenney, with exposure on his doll creation. Mr. Prince decided that he would make a print of the picture in a 48×65 frame. He sold it at the Frieze Art Fair in New York. The print sold for $90,000 putting Deere, Prince, and McKenney in the limelight.

McKenney was able to learn from Deere’s eccentric ways. The blue-haired artist has been crafting dolls for almost four years. He has quite a large fan base including stars like Elizabeth Arden and Mariah Carey. McKenny wants to make sure that the public knows his art has a voice. He believes that his newest creation, “Pidgin”, the creation of Deere, it going to be his best seller yet. The reason he chose such a unique name was because “Pidgin” is a language that people use to communicate when people speak diverse languages. He feels that Deere is able to communicate with him using her feminine side, something that few others can do. Many are wondering why Deere and why a doll?

Deere has a fascinating past. She was once a singer in a rock group when she was trying to find her niche in life. However, one thing that kept coming back to her was the fact that she could never find a good shade of lipstick when she needed it. She was bored with the mundane color pallet that other makeup companies used. The Russian immigrant learned that hard work and due diligence pays off. She and her husband build the company from the ground up and its success can be accredited to her work ethics.

She has never gone with the crowd; rather she prefers to march to the beat of her own drum. Through adversity and much criticism, she has overcome everything that life has threw her way. Her business has expanded and is not only online but also in retail locations. She is a self-made woman that is both an artist and a trailblazer. Her office isn’t the stiff corporate board rooms you would see around the world. Rather, she has rainbows on the ceilings and pinks everywhere. A giant six-foot lipstick tube greets people as they come through the door. She definitely is the “queen of the unicorns.”

The new doll comes in many different color variations, which only highlight the wide color pallet that Deere uses.

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All people today have a story they can tell. People also all have a dream in life that is important to them. One person who tells the world about her dream is entrepreneur and makeup expert business woman Doe Deere. Deere is the founder of one of the nation’s most respected online makeup companies. She is also someone who has seen her own dream come true. From the time she was a little girl, she realized that she could use makeup and fashion techniques to express her own inner thoughts and tell the world about her. This led to her to found a company online devoted to help others find such a means of important self expression.

Telling Her Story

In a recent interview she gave to the website The Story Exchange, Deere speaks to others about her own personal experiences both in the world of fashion and in the world of business. She hopes that doing so will help inspire others to realize that they can also make their own dreams come true. She begins her story with an account of her own start on the net. She first began by registering the name of her company, Lime Crime. Lime Crime is her own company and the creation of her own inner, quite vivid imagination. Her own start was on eBay, a world famous site for buying and selling items. It was her own popularity on the site that led her to realize that she could reach out to a customer base and meet their needs as well. It was also then that she realized that she needed to offer products that were just right for customer’s many makeup needs.

Her Biggest Success

When creating the Lime Crime brand, Deere took a great deal of time to make sure her products were made well. To that end, she worked with a chemist in order to determine what kind of ingredients would be ideal for use in the makeup she offered. She also worked hard to make sure that the products she offers are completely vegan and therefore not made in a cruel way or from items that may provoke an allergic reaction. Her entire line of products has even been certified as cruelty-free from a highly trusted organization dedicated to overseeing such matters. She is confident that Lime Crime will continue to provide products her customers will always adore.


Lime Crime is a cosmetic company founded in New York City, New York by Doe Deere. They are now headquartered in Los Angeles, California. For those readers unfamiliar with Deere and her company, don’t get worry lines. Here is a bit of background on the subjects in question.

Doe Deere, legally known as Xenia Vorotova, is not only the founder of Lime Crime but also the CEO and the owner of the makeup company. She is a native of Russia but she grew up in New York City, New York. She started the company because she could not find makeup products that were quite colorful enough to go with the custom line of clothing she was marketing on Ebay.

The official Lime Crime company launch occurred in October of 2008. It began with several different brushes, eyeshadows, glitters and a primer. Doe followed these up with her distinct and unusual Unicorn Lipsticks the following year.

The company states that their original Velvetines line of lipstick, which they first put on the market in 2012, was what ignited the entire liquid to matte lipstick movement present today. Lime Crime products have always been cruelty free. Much of their product line has also been vegan since the company began in 2008.

Doe, a significant, sometimes celebrity-like figure in her field, supervises all product development and is said to be very sensitive to her customer base. In 2012 she oversaw the reformulation of the remainder of her product line in order to conform with vegan requirements.

The Lime Crime cosmetics product line can now be found in retail outlets across the globe in countries such as the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Russia and Thailand. Lime Crime products are also available online through the official company website and many other internet retailers.  Check out their tips on Tumblr for great looks, or follow them on Instagram @LimeCrimeMakeup.


Doe Deere is a name that is well known among those who follow fashion, but wish to find their own individuals sense of style through a combination of clothing decisions and the best in bold cosmetics choices. The chance to become a famous figure in the world of popular culture is something Doe Deere has been on the edge of for a number of years, particularly after she formed her LimeCrime brand soon after completing her fashion education in New York; Deere sold innovative one of a kind clothing of her own design through an Online marketplace before embarking on a career as a singer.

Doe Deere eventually found herself drawn towards the world of cosmetics design and creation when she was seeking to market her own clothing range, which she felt was not being properly represented in the marketing she was undertaking. Deere has found success as a designer of innovative cosmetics options, which include her own ranges of eye and lip makeups that she gives tutorials on via her extensive Online presence.

The need for an individual sense of style has always been strong in Doe Deere, which has included her own belief that confidence in oneself is as important as following the traditional rules of fashion Deere loves to break. In interviews and articles the LimeCrime founder has revealed the cosmetics she is creating alongside the experts in her own laboratories take up much of each working day; these cosmetics are created to reflect the needs of Deere herself after the move from New York to Los Angeles of the Russian born fashion expert, her husband, and three cats.

Doe Deere has proven herself as a successful businesswoman who has a knack for finding the perfect way of marketing both herself and the products she creates. Doe Deere has become a major part of the lives of her followers who she now encourages to follow in her footsteps with video tutorials on creating and using cosmetics. The LimeCrime CEO is now seen as one of the most important executives in the fashion industry because of her role as a leading creator of new products; the need to create remains important in her marketing campaigns and the many new products and lines she is constantly working to produce.

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With warm weather on the horizon and the flowers quickly blossoming around the nation many beauty guru’s have switched their dark lips and heady lined eyes for a brighter, airier look with the added pop of bright colored lips. Many women have begun the search for the perfect lipstick, gloss, or lip stain to make their lips stand out against the soft glow of summer make-up trends. Bright pinks, reds, and even lavender colored lips are on the rise and many beauty addicts in western countries are beginning to delve into make-up from other countries like Korea and Japan.
Beauty guru Wendy Huang has helped jump started this trend by creating a welcoming community where she reviews beauty products, skin care, and make-up trends both in western countries and Asian. Her side by side comparisons have helped women all over the world discover these amazing products offered across the ocean and some have even switched over all together. Huang herself is of Chinese decent but grew up in Australia and now runs the countries number one Asian beauty blog channel. Her YouTube channel has over a million subscribers worldwide. The simplistic yet chic styled blog The Wonderful World of Wengieoffers insight with videos, tutorials, and honest reviews of a myriad of products.
What makes Huang’s channel unique is her charismatic charm and honest way of talking to her views, or as she calls them her family, without hiding who she is as a person. On her videos she openly uses all the products she’s reviewing so her viewers are guaranteed an honest opinion. From lip stains to bubbling green tea masks Huang covers it all in her videos.
Her passion for beauty stemmed from the lack of versatility in both American and Australian media which left her nearly helpless when it came to beauty tricks that worked for her features. After leaving a six figure marketing job to make YouTube her full time job she’s launched into a blossoming career that’s allowed her to travel and meet other guru’s as well as explore more beauty products worldwide.

When it comes to YouTube there are some people who have managed to become regular stars on the network. This is no easy feat and not just anyone can make a video to become an online sensation. The following YouTube stars have been building their brands for years. Here is a look at some of the top YouTubers on the web.


Epic Rap Battles


Founders Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist created Epic Rap Battles which is a program that pits famous personalities in history against one another. This particular show has nearly 2 billion views and a total of 12.6 million subscribers. Epic Rap Battle is also filled with lots of humor.




Samuel de Luque is known as Vegata777 is a video game player who creates walkthrough videos for people to see. These videos are entertaining, fun and filled with lots of funny action. Vegata777 makes the video games he plays into a movie like show so that people can sit back and really enjoy his programs. He has around 11 million subscribers and over 3 billion viewers.


Equals Three


Ray Williams Johnson is the creator of Equals Three which is a commentary program on viral videos. Johnson has been making these types of videos for years. In the past his program featured stars such as the the late Robin Williams. Equals Three has 3 billion views and nearly 11 million subscribers.




Australia is home to new internet sensation Wengie. This young lady has been making videos since 2013. Many people who are familiar with Wengie know of her by the trademark pink hair that she frequently sports on her show. Wengie has lots of entertaining videos that deal with subjects such as relationships, beauty secrets and how to wear the right clothing for any type of environment.
People in Australia love to tune in to Wengie. This Chinese born video hostesses makes videos that connects with her audiences. People frequently tune into her videos to watch this young lady make them smile and even laugh. Wengie is filled with lots of humor, wit and has an upbeat personality. She is definitely becoming one of the most famous YouTubers in history. Wengie has a total of 1.1 million subscribers and over 5 million views for some of her programs.