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Image recognition technology has been in development for years and its progression only shows signs of soaring ever higher in the future. Artificial Intelligence is deeply connected to image recognition development. It has advanced so much that Google has introduced an artificial program that beat a human Go champion at the enormously complex game. A.I is possibly the biggest current battleground of several of today’s biggest technology companies such as Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft. These companies got big in the first place by building platforms that became indispensable to people.

They want to do the same thing was A.I. Google is especially driven. The company believes A.I. will drastically revolutionize the use of its signature search bar. But although Google may be the most determined, the others are also very, very determined. They all well recognize that whoever wins the A.I. platform will have a gigantic leg over its competitors in future technology. As mentioned, A.I. is deeply connected to image recognition technology. Another large face in the race is Facebook. Facebook is currently use A.I. and image recognition software to select what images and/or videos to show a user based on his or her likes and interests.

Slyce, Inc. is the leading visual search engine. Slyce specializes in identifying clothing and products for customers who are interested in purchasing them. A user need only take a photo of one of these items and the photo will take you to the item offered on the website of one of its merchandise partners. Slyce receives monthly payments from the partners via fees for software licensing, integration, purchase transactions, program promotions, data analytics, and various services. The app is effective in every geographical area with no limitations.

The app is currently used by a whole host of retail brands which includes some of the biggest names in the retail industry. Because of the incredibly bright future of image recognition software, Slyce’s future likewise looks bright.