Fashion Repeats: Turning Japanese

Dalia Lace Cropped Kimono at Anthro (via

As a kid shopping with my mom, I would get used to her saying things like, “Oh, flares are back in?” or, “Sarah, look at those espadrilles.  I wish I had saved mine from the 70s”.  She taught me that fashion repeats itself. But trends that return are typically updated.  Take shoulder pads: these bad boys have been en vogue since the 1940s (i.e. Joan Crawford), making a return with Monsieur Laurent’s “Le Smoking” suit in the late 60s.  Again they made an appearance in the 80s as power jackets (Jones, Mugler, Hall, oh my!) and they were, well, huge just a few years ago in 2009 with Maison Martin Margiela and those famous Balmain jackets.  The Japanese inspiration popping up this Spring is subtle, but it’s history is rich.  From the early 20th Century, Paul  Poiret brought beautiful kimono-cut gowns and coats to the Occident.  Today, we’re seeing cherry blossoms multicolored and  digitalized.  There are many-a pretty flatform.  A certain chicness is alive in the Japanese trend which feels feminine and traditional.   I have a Yoana Baraschi top from Anthropologie that is Japanese-esque that I love to wear it in the warmer months. What do you think of this trend?  Do you have any Japanese-inspired items in your wardrobe?

Paul Poiret’s Japonisme (via

Matthew Williamson SS 2012 (via

Oasis Japanese Maxi Dress at ASOS (via

Halt Wood Flatform Sandals (via

Vipor Flatform High Sandals (via

Orimono flower cushion (via

Me, preggo and waiting in (the very long) line at the Met for the Alexander McQueen exhibit last June. Sporting my Yoana Baraschi butterfly top.