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Rebel Wilson has been known for making people laugh, and it appears that she wants to do much more of this for her fans in 2019. She is getting off to a good start with a movie called “Isn’t it Romantic.” It is already getting a lot of us from moviegoers that are looking for a nice date night movie for Valentine’s Day.

That is the release date, and the trailers appear at the show Rebel Wilson as a reluctant romantic that does not have an ounce of interest in this rom-com genre that has swept America audiences and beyond. She is totally against the Prince Charming movie magic, but this does not stop her from getting trapped inside of a romantic comedy world.

Natalie is the character that Rebel Wilson plays, and it shows that she is debunking the myth of the romantic comedy while getting caught up in various scenes that may seem very familiar to people that love these types of movies. One cannot help but laugh at Rebel Wilson and her character’s interesting take on what appears to be almost a cookie-cutter romantic movie formula.

The laughs keep coming as people realize that she does not take so kindly to being caught up in these movies. She takes her chance to derail all of the things that play out in the same way inside of the movie. She gets somewhat off script from what a regular romantic comedy would look like. Ironically, this is where the comedy starts. Read more: Rebel Wilson Reveals Character Isn’t Romantic Wears Clothes Fashion Line | Daily Mail and Isn’t Romantic Trailer | Glamour

She has a great supporting cast inside in the romantic comedy world that includes a Prince charming Liam Hemsworth along with hopeless romantic friends and a gay best friend.

People that know romantic comedies well will laugh at the fact that so much of what happens inside of the film is true to form for the romantic comedy movies. It is enlightening for someone like Rebel Wilson to put an interesting spin on what a romantic comedy looks like when you take time to analyze the scenes and pay attention to all of the cookie cutter that continue to perpetuate a certain type of couple for a wide audience.

Rebel Wilson will make you laugh, but she also will make you think when you look at the fact that there is a standard type of woman that is picked for these roles even though the role tends to cater to a viewing audience that is very diverse. That is something that this movie points out as it makes you laugh through all of these different scenes.

Rebel Wilson has been making people laugh for a long time, and it certainly appears that she wants to continue on this track.

She has been in several movies and gained quite a bit of a fame, but people that are just seeing her for the first time will enjoy themselves. Many of the fans that she gains with Isn’t it Romantic will undoubtedly go back and check her other films that catapulted her to success.


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When the duo of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart released the song Selfi in 2014, they had hoped it would accord them some level of success, but what they did not know is that it would go on to become the number one song in more than twenty countries officially becoming the Chainsmokers breakthrough song.

The Chainsmokers as they are now known is considered one of the best know groups in the EDM-pop category and have released a host of singles that have gone on to top the US Billboard top 100. Their song “Don’t let me down” which featured music artist Daya and produced by the Chainsmokers on February 5, 2016, would win them a Grammy award during the 59th award ceremony. This was also in addition to 2 American music awards.

A brief history of the Chainsmokers

The group originally had DJ Rhett Bilxer and pall. This would later change when Adam Alpert took over managing the group. Alpert introduced pall to Taggart, and from that point, the group was formed. The two enjoyed DJing before they met at a time when Taggart was interning at Interscope Records while Pall was working at an art gallery in Chelsea. In their formative years they both had released music on sound cloud and had worked with Priyanka Chopra in 2013 on the single Erase.

Memories Do Not Open

In 2014 the Chainsmokers gave their first live performance when they opened for Timeflies. When Dim Mak Records re-released their song Selfi in 2014, the song would peak on the dance songs chart internationally giving them their first break as a group.

Memories… Do Not Open which was their debut album would then accord the Chainsmokers international success. The Album was Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums for a long time and would tie the record for the most consecutive weeks as the number one album. This album was released courtesy of Sony and Disruptor was certified platinum in August of 2017 having sold more than one hundred and sixty-six thousand copies. In the same year, they were listed among the highest grossing DJing units having brought in a combined 38 million dollars.

Taking on a new sound and a brand new sense of direction, The Chainsmokers have evolved incredibly since the duo comprising of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart came out. It seems like only yesterday that The Chainsmokers released their first hit single that propelled them on the music scene. Since then, the duo has come out with a number of chart-topping hits like ‘Don’t let me down’, ‘Closer’ and ‘Roses’.

In a recent interview, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart let fans in on the history behind the duo and the road that let them be the iconic act that they are today. Music has always been an important part of both Andrew and Alex’s lives, and it was their love for music and their passion for creating art that brought them together. Alex Pall had been DJing and producing music since high school, and Andrew shared a similar story. Both the members of the duo were matched together by their manager who thought that they would work well together. After a few initial sessions, The Chainsmokers was formed. Combining their musical talents, their vision for the music that they create and the ability to tell stories through their music has helped the duo reach the next level within the industry.

Writing about their lives has always been one of the key components of the music that The Chainsmokers puts out. Several songs like Don’t Let Me Down, Closer and even the newest song Sick Boy have all been about the personal experiences that the duo has gone through and the roads that they have traveled. Making music about this has also let them form a strong connection with their fans, which is something that has greatly contributed to the success that they are seeing today.

Making their music unique to their own style has always been one of the defining characteristics of The Chainsmokers. Not many music producers and DJs nowadays actually sing over the music that they themselves make, and by doing that, The Chainsmokers have been able to bring their own sense of originality to the fans who tune into them.