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Unroll Me is an email subscription service program that allows users to combine their email subscriptions into a rollup box they can easily access at a time of their choosing. The program also unenrolled users from all of those subscriptions they don’t use and that simply clog up space in the email box. Created by Jojo Hedaya in 2011, the New York-based company’s service is a hit with customers across the country.

Sadly, Unroll Me service is no longer available in Europe. It isn’t that the company wanted to discontinue service to customers in this country, it was the simple inability to comply with the very strict GDPR rules that are in place. The rules are very different from the standards set in place in the United States, Canada, and other countries. While the news is heartbreaking for those in the country who used the free service, it’s great that it is still available elsewhere.

Yes, you did read that correctly and Unroll Me is an absolutely free service. So many similar services cost users an arm and a leg each month, but this one sets itself apart from the rest and doesn’t cost a penny to use. Simply download the app, open it up and adjust your settings to benefit from the service. You’ll appreciate opening up an email box that is less cluttered. It is less stressful and ensures that productivity is in your bag throughout the day, every day.

Along with using the Unroll Me service, anyone who wishes to keep their digital life simple and safe can follow a few simple tips that experts recommend. First, read and familiarize yourself with rules and regulations on any site that you use. Second, keep all of the software updated to prevent security breaches. Fourth, use a VPN to enhance privacy when browsing the internet. It is the easiest way to remain anonymous and reduce the risks of being attacked by hackers or hijackers.

CloudWick is a global leader in providing business and technology enhancing solutions and services. The firm helps the leading establishments gain competitive advantage from big data, data lakes, open source, and state-of-the-art analytics as well. This company typically builds it work around individual company’s data and works well with Spark, MAPR, and Windows Azura platforms. It also provides you with relevant tools, programs as well as support. Their extensive knowledge, skills, and professionalism assist organizations that handle data collection and information management. The major strength of this company is found in its advanced analytics, cyber security and machine learning.

CloudWick is widely recognized across the world and has attained various awards and on some events received special honors from corporations like Databricks, DataStax, and Hortonworks. Most of the companies that utilize the services of this technology giant are massive and huge clusters. When it comes to Amazon Website Services (AWS), CloudWick is one of the leading consultants.

The AWS bridges the gap between the leading developers who design the machine learning prototypes and the business users. Once you contract the company to upgrade your business systems, it will provide you with a solution team, advanced analytics and a source line merging the Amazon’s Apache Sparks and EMR. This program consists of a pricing breakdown and a system plan.

When integrated with Amazon Sage Maker, CloudWick AWS allows the users to deploy several machine learning models into production systems rapidly. That enables the users to make copies of machine learning notebooks and edit notebooks, as well as implementing new versions of machine learning paradigms and take advantage of the advanced analytics, typically supported by remarkable visualizations.

Once you hire this company, it will begin with an on-site visit to review the present operating system of your firm. As their client, you’ll provide the team with access to your company network. After the assessment, the firm will develop warehousing structure, exploration tools, and audit systems for you. As for the future data, it’ll be stored in the Data Lake, cloud-based storage developed by CloudWick. This firm understands that data collection is typically a vital tool for any establishment and has hundreds of experienced developers, consultants, and engineers that manage thousands of clusters.

Doe Deere – Changing the Way We View Make-Up and Immigration

Doe Deere is a well-known make-up artist. She created the make-up brand Lime Crime and a fashion line called Poppyangeloff. Doe Deere, whose real name is Xenia Vorotova, was born in Izhevsk, Russia. She grew up in a Jewish household and lived with her mother, who was an accomplished accountant, and her little sister. She dreamt for many years about coming to America and became obsessed with American culture because of the American persona that was shown by the media worldwide. She was obsessed with the English language, music, and magazines that were portraying the “American Dream.”

At 17, Deere, her mother and her younger sister packed their bags and headed for the States. They ended up in New York City, which to many immigrants, is the true “America” in their eyes. Many of them believe the phrase, “if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere,” which is why many immigrants flee to New York City when they immigrate to the States. New York had a shocking and lasting effect on Deere, considering the population at the time was around 7.4 million, which was vastly different from the half-million population of Izhevsk. Deere came to terms with the fact that New York was really a “sink or swim” kind of place.

When the three Russian ladies arrived in New York, they knew they were going to have to start at the bottom and work their way up in life in this new area. Soon, after exhausting their mother’s savings and trying to get dead end jobs to make ends meet, they found themselves homeless. The next six months, they lived in the homeless shelter and ate free meals offered through churches and local food pantries. This is where Doe Deere’s dream about becoming a fashion designer began, as she would resort to her sketches in order to take her mind off of the stresses of her life.

In 1999, Deere and her mother and sister were introduced to the Sanctuary for Families, which was a legal organization that helped immigrant women and children in horrible situations. Sanctuary for Families was an instrumental force in helping Deere and her family get back onto their feet after their time in the homeless shelter. They were in better living conditions, and she and her sister finally had their own rooms, which was a luxury that they had never experienced before.

After all of the struggles that she went through, Doe Deere created her make-up company, Lime Crime, in 2008 and she now employees a little under 40 people in the Los Angeles area. She truly is an example of the “American Dream,” coming from really low and horrible living conditions and situations and working her fingers to the bone. Now she is a CEO, has a beautiful home, and a successful business and can truly treasure all of her blessings because she has been on the other side of the spectrum before.

This is part of the reason why many immigrants insist on coming to the United States of America. Doe Deere is an example that no matter how difficult your life is, you can always take control of your situation and turn in around for the better and become successful.

Southridge Capital has been operating for more than twenty decades having put about $ 2 billion of investments in both expanding and start-up businesses, firms, companies, and corporations across the globe. Southridge Capital has gained significant business interactions with over 250 public companies with which some of those organizations are so large that they sell stock to investors to help grow businesses and operations. The company is known to specialize in two sectors namely; advising and structured financial investing.


The structured financial investing operations entail of designing innovative approaches to obtaining financial muscles and funding operations. Southridge also helps in building creditworthiness of their clients primarily through paying all debts on behalf of their clients or sourcing finances to settle the financial downturns. On to the advisory sector, the firm specializes in optimizing balance sheets, predicting future financial situations, restructuring credit and debit accounts and preparing clients for the best mergers and acquisitions. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Stephen Hicks is an American businessperson who currently holds the CEO position at Southridge Capital and well as being recognized as the firm’s founder. Born and raised in New York, Hicks would later join King’s College to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in business administration. He later earned an MBA from Fordham University. Hicks began his career journey at a small hedge fund located in New York. He continued to grow deep in the investments business until when he decided to start his hedge fund. Southridge Capital was born. Three decades into the industry, Stephen Hicks has developed and grown his firm from a small hedge fund to one of the world’s largest investments company.


Stephen Hicks has been gaining interest in the cryptocurrency industry stating that the venture would undeniably yield enormous profits soon. Hedge funds are always after putting money on the many things that bring great returns and cryptocurrency could be that juicy opportunity. Hicks has learned the virtue be realistic in all his business dealings and return he has been able to make sound judgments on every investment opportunity that comes his way. He advises investors to take great interest in a potential investment’s current and past trends to predict the future. You can visit their Twitter account.



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Robert Deignan is a Co-Founder and CEO of Advanced Technical Support Digital Services, LLC (ATS). ATS was established in 2011 and is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. As a call center corporation, ATS offers technical support to customers via telephone and screen sharing technology.

Deignan regards focusing on the needs of customers based upon a holistic approach to compliance as the foundation of ATS. The company is a provider which can meet all the digital support needs of organizations. Recognized as a leader in customer service, ATS was the first call center company to receive APPEsteem certification. ATS participated in a detailed certification process by the APPEsteem in which the policies and procedures were evaluated and ATS was found to meet adhere to the rigorous requirements.

There were various leadership positions held by Deignan in companies located in Florida. Prior to his role at ATS, Robert Deignan was an Executive Vice President at iS3 located in Boynton Beach, Florida. The company is an internet security provider. Deignan worked for iS3 for nine years. Moreover, Deignan Co-Founded Franlink during 1998 and worked in the company located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for over two years.

One activity Deignan enjoys is participating in fishing tournaments. He has used his fishing skills to support community causes. During 2017 Robert Deignan won second place in the Carolina Boat Builders Fishing Tournament. The Dare County Boat Builders Foundation hosts the fishing tournament fundraiser and the organization has provided more than $531,000 in scholarships to students in the community. Additionally, Deignan was an Angler in the 79th Annual Silver Sailfish Derby which occurred in 2016.

Deignan is a believer in the importance of education. Robert Deignan is a graduate of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Purdue in 1995. (note: his name is not spelled correctly in this article)

Though man may drive nature out, still she returns. As an extension of natural law, the laws of economics are no more sensitive to man’s whims than those of gravity or light. Astute businessmen are, by definition, careful students of human nature and the laws of economics. This fact alone goes far towards explaining why many of the companies within Silicon Valley, particularly recent IPOs, have been colossal failures.

David Zalik, the founder and CEO of GreenSky Credit, is one of the few resolute pragmatists that one might find in the financial technology sector. He has famously quipped that startups not having $30 million in venture capital available is a good thing. That way, those startups have no way to waste $30 million. You won’t find bean bag chairs, complimentary pizza and ping pong tables around the headquarters of GreenSky Credit. Zalik prefers to pay his employees well, and, in return, he expects them to work.

But this pragmatic approach has eluded many of GreenSky Credit’s competitors in the fintech space. These include the IPO horror stories of Lending Club and OnDeck. Both companies have experienced stock declines in excess of 85 percent. But at the end of the day, all the foosball and ping pong tables may simply be the superficial symptom of these companies’ disease, rather than the disease itself.

Far more worrying is these companies’ obsession with one-world, neo-Marxist ideas like so-called microlending and attempts to radically circumvent the established lending channels. This foolishness has had the same predictable results of other well-intended but badly misguided programs, such as minority outreach programs of the Bush Administration for homeownership.

The reality is that, at the end of the day, no wishy washy rhetoric or newfangled theory of human capital can overcome the cold, hard realities of economic law. GreenSky Credit has wisely focused on creating value in the prime-borrowing market. Only servicing customers with 700-plus FICO scores. While its competitors were making 5-figure NINJA loans to street people, GreenSky was building a $5 billion company on sound economic principles. And it’s a solid bet that GreenSky will use that sensible formula to continue its strong growth into the future.