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Jennifer Walden is one of the top cosmetic surgeons in the Texas area. She began her career chase in the eighth grade where she announced her interest in becoming a medical provider like her parents. Her father is a very well-known dentist and her mother is a surgical nurse. Jennifer made her choice to go to the University of Texas after high school. After completing her education she moved herself to the big city of New York to work with a surgeon for her experience.


Cosmetic surgeons, such as Ms. Walden, are responsible for doing reconstructive surgery and things like face lifts for customers. Some cosmetic surgeries are repairs and may be covered by insurance. Others are strictly for cosmetic reasons and will be private pay. Plastic surgery is something that a cosmetic surgeon does as well. Plastic surgeons may repair a person’s face after a car wreck. They may move skin from one area to a burnt area on the body. The plastic surgeon needs to have a steady hand and a good idea of a person’s appearance when participating in a reconstructive surgery. Plastic surgery will make a big difference in the way a person will see themselves.


Jennifer Walden participates in mommy makeovers and teen plastic surgery. She also helps people with double chins and non-invasive procedures. One of the procedures she is best known for is the vaginal rejuvenation surgery. She loves to help women with their sexual dysfunction and with the leakage they may have from having children. Minimal surgeries can repair damages suffered and can give a woman a better life.


Jennifer moved back to Austin Texas after spending a few years in New York. She was very happy to introduce her sons to the Texas way of life. Her parents are happy to have her home and glad to be able to participate in the raising of their grandsons.