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Shea butter is an amazing hair conditioner often overlooked by the Average Jane. Manufactured oils by high priced brands get the fanfare, but don’t always work as well as this natural emollient. Why is it so great? This substance resuscitates dull tresses bringing them back to life.


Shea Butter Benefits


Extracted from the nut of an African shea tree, shea butter contains healthful properties. One is Vitamin E which protects the scalp from dryness. Then, there’s the antioxidant properties that stimulate blood flow and, thus, hair growth. Lastly, shea butter has antioxidants that heal skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. So, when applied to hair, shea butter protects and/or rebounds precious strands from sun damage, dryness and harsh styling tools.


How to Apply Shea Butter


To deep condition your hair, heat a mixture of two tablespoons of shea butter and two tablespoons of coconut oil until both melt. (The time is between 30 to 40 seconds in a microwave). Next, add a teaspoon of honey. Stir and apply to damp clean hair. Rinse thoroughly. Afterward, enjoy luxurious locks. Style as usual.


Uses for Shea Butter


In the world of hair care, Eugenia Shea’s shea butter is a jack of all trades. Utilize this natural emollient and keep your hair soft and subtle. Below are a few examples:



  • Detangle. Unravel knots by rubbing shea butter on damp hair and combing with a wide-toothed comb.
  • Curl. Emphasis curls in natural hair by applying a mix of shea butter and coconut oil to a strand and twisting out.
  • Heat. Reduce heat damage from a flat iron by applying a (melted) mix of shea butter and grapeseed oil prior to styling.
  • Treat. Get rid of an itchy or irritated scalp by massaging melted shea butter to the affected area.


In conclusion, shea butter is the ultimate hair transformer. Use this substance and go from drab to fabulous. You and your hair deserve more out of life.


In an interview with Galore Magazine, “Unicorn Queen” Doe Deere shares with us her inspiration, some of the difficulties and doubt she has faced while shifting cosmetic sales from department store counters to an online storefront and the joy she finds in keeping her “Unicorn” followers happy. Mrs. Deere hopes to give guys and gals alike a means to express themselves artistically through her cosmetic company, Lime Crime. Lime Crime was founded in 2008 by this spunky lady to fill a need for more vibrant cosmetics to match her funky and vibrant clothing line sold on eBay. The interview with Galore can be found here:

Doe Deere is illuminating, both metaphorically and literally speaking. An inspiration to women around the globe, her entrepreneurial spirit shines bright along with the color palette displayed proudly on her face and in her hair. Mrs. Deere tries all of her products herself before making them available for sale to the public. If it doesn’t feel right, she works alongside the chemist developing the product until it is perfect for her customers. All Lime Crime cosmetics are now certified cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. Above all, Mrs. Deere aims for her products to be fun and freeing. She encourages experimentation and acceptance and vows to help other aspiring entrepreneurs on their own journeys as well. She believes that positive reinforcement and respect for others are key to business growth and maintaining a positive work atmosphere.

Fearless and inspirational, Mrs. Deere has turned doubts about online cosmetic sales into a new way to display lip colors in an online storefront. She introduced the “on-lip” lipstick swatch which allows shoppers to see a lip color applied to lips as opposed to smeared on a piece of paper. Now this method is more common in cosmetic ecommerce than the outdated picture of a smear or crumbles.

Lime Crime cosmetics have provided a medium for customers to reinvent themselves time and again. The wild color palette provides a means of self-expression for many. What is the one thing Mrs. Deere wishes to see in the near future? Shoes to match the vivid colors of her clothes and makeup! Calling all aspiring entrepreneurs!

Learn more @doedeere

There are a lot of hair care products on the market right now. Trying to figure out which one might be right for any given person can be a matter of trial and error. It is not always clear what products might work for any given person. One person might have fine hair that requires a delicate shampoo. Another person may have thicker hair that is better off with another kind of shampoo altogether. Any person needs to be aware of this fact and see which products on the market might have them get the kind of results that they need to look their very best.
One Reporter Tries A New Product

It was with this idea in mind that a reporter for Bustle Magazine decided that it made sense for her to consider a new kind product designed for her hair care needs on the market right now. Wen hair By Chaz are items that have garnered a bit of attention in recent years and have been seen on the shelves by millions of consumers. The reporter found that she was able to try out these products very easily in place of her own existing products that she usually uses on her hair.

Wen By Chaz Products

Wen By Chaz are an entirely new line of hair care products that have been brought into the Total Beauty and sephora cosmetics market. Each product from this new line has been made with fine products that allow for hair that smells good, has body and works with well any style that the user has in mind. Many customers have embraced these new products and found them to be just what they need to have hair that is exactly what they want. This is why the product line has been so successful. People know it works very well. Check the Wen hair website,



Richard Prince is a 66-year-old artist from the Gagosian Gallery. When Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime, posted a picture of herself with a look-alike doll on Instagram, he took notice. The picture was put on her wall to help her friend, Joshua David McKenney, with exposure on his doll creation. Mr. Prince decided that he would make a print of the picture in a 48×65 frame. He sold it at the Frieze Art Fair in New York. The print sold for $90,000 putting Deere, Prince, and McKenney in the limelight.

McKenney was able to learn from Deere’s eccentric ways. The blue-haired artist has been crafting dolls for almost four years. He has quite a large fan base including stars like Elizabeth Arden and Mariah Carey. McKenny wants to make sure that the public knows his art has a voice. He believes that his newest creation, “Pidgin”, the creation of Deere, it going to be his best seller yet. The reason he chose such a unique name was because “Pidgin” is a language that people use to communicate when people speak diverse languages. He feels that Deere is able to communicate with him using her feminine side, something that few others can do. Many are wondering why Deere and why a doll?

Deere has a fascinating past. She was once a singer in a rock group when she was trying to find her niche in life. However, one thing that kept coming back to her was the fact that she could never find a good shade of lipstick when she needed it. She was bored with the mundane color pallet that other makeup companies used. The Russian immigrant learned that hard work and due diligence pays off. She and her husband build the company from the ground up and its success can be accredited to her work ethics.

She has never gone with the crowd; rather she prefers to march to the beat of her own drum. Through adversity and much criticism, she has overcome everything that life has threw her way. Her business has expanded and is not only online but also in retail locations. She is a self-made woman that is both an artist and a trailblazer. Her office isn’t the stiff corporate board rooms you would see around the world. Rather, she has rainbows on the ceilings and pinks everywhere. A giant six-foot lipstick tube greets people as they come through the door. She definitely is the “queen of the unicorns.”

The new doll comes in many different color variations, which only highlight the wide color pallet that Deere uses.

For more details about Doe Deere, visit


All people today have a story they can tell. People also all have a dream in life that is important to them. One person who tells the world about her dream is entrepreneur and makeup expert business woman Doe Deere. Deere is the founder of one of the nation’s most respected online makeup companies. She is also someone who has seen her own dream come true. From the time she was a little girl, she realized that she could use makeup and fashion techniques to express her own inner thoughts and tell the world about her. This led to her to found a company online devoted to help others find such a means of important self expression.

Telling Her Story

In a recent interview she gave to the website The Story Exchange, Deere speaks to others about her own personal experiences both in the world of fashion and in the world of business. She hopes that doing so will help inspire others to realize that they can also make their own dreams come true. She begins her story with an account of her own start on the net. She first began by registering the name of her company, Lime Crime. Lime Crime is her own company and the creation of her own inner, quite vivid imagination. Her own start was on eBay, a world famous site for buying and selling items. It was her own popularity on the site that led her to realize that she could reach out to a customer base and meet their needs as well. It was also then that she realized that she needed to offer products that were just right for customer’s many makeup needs.

Her Biggest Success

When creating the Lime Crime brand, Deere took a great deal of time to make sure her products were made well. To that end, she worked with a chemist in order to determine what kind of ingredients would be ideal for use in the makeup she offered. She also worked hard to make sure that the products she offers are completely vegan and therefore not made in a cruel way or from items that may provoke an allergic reaction. Her entire line of products has even been certified as cruelty-free from a highly trusted organization dedicated to overseeing such matters. She is confident that Lime Crime will continue to provide products her customers will always adore.



Doe Deere is a name that is well known among those who follow fashion, but wish to find their own individuals sense of style through a combination of clothing decisions and the best in bold cosmetics choices. The chance to become a famous figure in the world of popular culture is something Doe Deere has been on the edge of for a number of years, particularly after she formed her LimeCrime brand soon after completing her fashion education in New York; Deere sold innovative one of a kind clothing of her own design through an Online marketplace before embarking on a career as a singer.

Doe Deere eventually found herself drawn towards the world of cosmetics design and creation when she was seeking to market her own clothing range, which she felt was not being properly represented in the marketing she was undertaking. Deere has found success as a designer of innovative cosmetics options, which include her own ranges of eye and lip makeups that she gives tutorials on via her extensive Online presence.

The need for an individual sense of style has always been strong in Doe Deere, which has included her own belief that confidence in oneself is as important as following the traditional rules of fashion Deere loves to break. In interviews and articles the LimeCrime founder has revealed the cosmetics she is creating alongside the experts in her own laboratories take up much of each working day; these cosmetics are created to reflect the needs of Deere herself after the move from New York to Los Angeles of the Russian born fashion expert, her husband, and three cats.

Doe Deere has proven herself as a successful businesswoman who has a knack for finding the perfect way of marketing both herself and the products she creates. Doe Deere has become a major part of the lives of her followers who she now encourages to follow in her footsteps with video tutorials on creating and using cosmetics. The LimeCrime CEO is now seen as one of the most important executives in the fashion industry because of her role as a leading creator of new products; the need to create remains important in her marketing campaigns and the many new products and lines she is constantly working to produce.

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When you think of cosmetics you think of colors that will compliment your natural tones. Concealers, foundation, and soft lip colors that are made to make people think you aren’t wearing anything at all. That has always been what moms have taught their daughters since make up made its way onto the scene so many years ago. But Doe Deere is challenging that theory and doing so quite beautifully if I say so myself.

Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of a little cosmetics company called Lime Crime. Dare to dream yourself in color should be her tag line. Doe has successfully brought the bright blues, groovy greens, vivacious violets, and out of this world oranges to life. Doe doesn’t believe in wearing make up to look natural. If you’re going to wear make-up you might as well have fun with it.

Doe was born in Russia but ended up being raised in New York. She opened an E-bay store in 2004, that’s also when she inadvertently came up with the brand of Lime Crime. Doe has a refreshing entrepreneurial spirit, having tried a number of endeavors over the years. One of which, probably her most successful before Lime Crime, was starting the band Sky Salt. The band never really gained traction in the music industry, but without it Doe would not have met her husband Mark, who is now her Lime Crime partner and president as well as her best friend. That’s a success that beats out all others in my book.

The self-proclaimed animal lover gives back regularly to no-kill shelters for cats and dogs by donating monetarily. But she’s not just some big shot with a checkbook she really does walk the walk by having a couple of rescues of her own.

Recently named Top Inspirational Female Entrepreneur by Self-Made magazine, Doe has reached a level of success that most women business owners only dream of. By focusing strictly on selling her products online and coming up with the “on-lip” swatches she has opened the eyes of her fellow cosmeticians and has quickly made these practices a norm throughout the beauty industry.

Her approach to beauty and fashion is invigorating. She is a fashion faux-pau but in good way. Doe doesn’t follow the traditional color and pattern schemes that the fashion world has claimed “the right way” to dress. She prefers the fun and flirty, the bright and bold, the mystical and marvelous designs that your average woman would fear to attempt. Not only does she attempt them but she brings to life those quirky fashions with her bright colored make-up and hair.

Doe Deere is an inspiration to women and young girls everywhere. Not only with exhilarating style and confidence, but also her ambitious never-give-up attitude in business. She has done what is necessary to remain true to herself all while making her business prosper. Doe has empowered us all to do and wear what makes us feel good and that’s just good business!

Doe Deere believes that although beauty and fashion rules exist, it is not a sin to break those rules. Often times people think that fashion and beauty rules should be followed so you don’t look dumb well breaking them. You will be happy to know that you won’t look out of place at all when breaking fashion and beauty rules. Many people learn beauty and fashion tips when they are in their early teens and slowly move into deciding which rules should apply to them and which should not.

It is perfectly okay to have your own sense of style and to be your own person. If we all follow these beauty and fashion rules that are set by the magazines we will all be too much alike. Being different from other people is what makes you stand out and shows that you are your own person. Doe Deere doesn’t follow many of the beauty and fashion rules that have been set by society and the beauty and fashion industry and she certainly looks great even though she doesn’t follow all the rules that have been set.

Sometimes when you play around with your makeup and be a little bit more bold you not only gain confidence, but you feel happy because you’re being yourself. Often times Doe will pair many different colors that go with the same color scheme together, which breaks the rule that you shouldn’t wear a bunch of different colors at once. Despite the rule, you won’t look bad as long as your colors go well together. After all a rainbow is made up of many different colors and is beautiful.

Doe Deere is not only a fashion and beauty tip breaker, but she is also a very successful business woman. She runs the company Lime Crime. Which is a cruelty-free and vegan cosmetic brand. Lime Crime is known for its bold colors that will stand out when you wear them. It is no surprise that Doe Deere is doing something so right by breaking fashion and beauty rules. She is making an example for women all around the world. The example is that being yourself is the best kind of you there is. Don’t stay on the safe side just because you think other people won’t like how bold you are.

In reality you will be seen as not only bold but confident. Confidence attracts people to you and makes them want to be your friend so they can learn how to be just as confident as you are. So don’t be afraid to wear bold makeup or have brightly colored hair because Doe Deere does it everyday and looks great well doing it.