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Beneful is a dog food brand that was created by Purina to help suit the needs of dogs everywhere. It is a brand that is focused on the health of dogs and works to make the best food options for all dogs, regardless of breed or necessary dietary requirements. Baneful has many different dry food options to suit your pal, no matter what he or she needs. Originals is the first brand of food that was created by Baneful. It is used for dogs who do not have any dietary needs and who are older than one year. The food is an easy to use option for owners and is able to be used for all breeds. Because of its popularity, it comes in many different sizes to suit you and your dog no matter what your feeding schedule is. Healthy Puppy is a food that was developed for Baneful dogs who are under one year of age. This is a food that is nutritionally rich and provides puppies with nearly all of the same nutrients they would get from their mother’s milk. This food is intended for puppies who will be using the other Beneful brands on Amazon later on in life and works well with the Baneful system. Healthy Weight was designed for dogs who do not get as much activity as they could. This could be due to the owner’s lifestyle, the dog’s abilities or even the dog’s age. Dogs who do not get a large amount of activity could have a harder time keeping weight off. Beneful’s Healthy Weight is a diet food that was designed specifically for dogs who do not get a lot of activity or who need to lose weight. In contrast, Playful Life is a nutritionally dense food that does the opposite of Healthy Weight. It was designed for dogs who get a lot of Youtube activity and can be used in combination with other foods that were made to help dogs gain weight. This food will only work with dogs who get a lot of activity because it could cause other dogs to gain weight.