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I love the way that Beneful has produced so many premium dog food flavors. This is one of those companies that have managed to become a strong dog food organization because it has stayed innovative. I have seen the changes in healthier dog foods, and I would like to believe that Beneful has pushed the envelope as the pioneer of high quality dog food. I know that the signature Beneful Healthy Weight and the Beneful Healthy Puppy dog food brands are important to consumers life myself. I have also had great success with things like the Beneful Radiance. This brand has helped my dog get strong teeth. These are foods that I have thrilled to purchase over the years because these brands of Purina Store Beneful have been so vital in the overall health of my dogs. I know that there is a lot of demand for healthy dog food because people are starting to see this as the key to longer lives for their dogs. Customers are willing to spend more on the creative dog foods that are out there because the benefits have been proven. People can see the results of good dog foods that have the real beef or chicken. This is what Beneful has done for many of their foods, and customers are happy with the end results of this. The Beneful Radiance, for example, is a pet food that is designed for active pets. It has been known to give pets the energy boost that they need. I believe that a lot of people are also impressed with what they have seen with companies like FreshPet. This organization has been able to provide some new and innovative ways for pets to eat. There are refrigerated meals. There are also meals that have the premium ingredients like salmon, lamb and chicken. There are customized foods that have vegetable mixes available as well.