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Betsy DeVos is someone who has played a prominent role in the development of the education system in the country, particularly since taking over the position of Secretary of Education for the company. She is someone who has pushed for the development of different aspects of education, particularly when it comes to the school system in the country.



Betsy first started to grow interested in educational development when it was time to send her children to school. She wanted to send them to good schools that would foster their growth and development. However, she soon realized the disparities between the public and private school systems in America. Public schools were mainly dependent on taxpayers money and sometimes lacked the necessities that children needed to grow and develop. There was an incredible strain on the school system, and children often weren’t given all that they needed to become well-functioning members of society.



The private school system, or charter school system, on the other hand, was dependent on private funds from individuals who wanted to support the school system. This meant that private schools had a lot more resources to be able to support the growth of the children going there. This disparity made DeVos question the entire system and the kind of education that was being offered to students.



Ever since taking over as the Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos has made numerous changes that have improved the education system. She believes that good education is the foundation for the growth of the country and something that should receive an incredible amount of focus.



In addition to focusing on education, philanthropy is also something that DeVos tries to focus on actively. She believes that she has the power to make a difference in the lives of people, which is something that she should most definitely do. To help her achieve her philanthropic goals, DeVos decided to set up an organization known as the DeVos Family Foundation. This is an organization that offers support to those in need and supports various endeavors for the benefit of society.



With her strong focus on education, there was no doubt that DeVos would use her organization to help children receive a better education. The organization has a special Education Freedom Fund that helps individuals who want to seek better education but don’t have the funds to be able to do so themselves. The organization also hands out scholarships to students who have just finished their graduate programs at some Michigan colleges and who want to set up their businesses during this time as well. Through these numerous efforts, DeVos has indeed been able to make a significant difference in the lives of people.


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Today’s kids are growing up in a world very different from the one their teachers knew, connected and tech-ready. The sweeping changes social media has brought to the social order are only just now being realized, and teachers and parents alike have every reason to be wary, but there is also much to be gained. ClassDojo is one such program that may just turn social medial on its head.

ClassDojo is a mobile communications app designed for teachers, parents, and students, bringing connection and empowerment to the classroom. The app harnesses the power of a mobile communication platform to the needs of educational professionals, creating community between families and their schools. The app enables a simple interface for sharing photos, videos, and messages, bringing parents right into the class’s daily activities. The idea is to bring all invested parties together, creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools.

The app allows teachers to start addressing the all important discussions with their students, using videos and games, shared through the app. With ClassDojo, teachers can instill lessons in their students about cooperation and compassion for their fellow students. ClassDojo brings parents seamlessly into the lessons and allows everyone, teacher, students, and parents, to address issues and concerns in real time, as situations develop and evolve.

Many teachers, however, are also finding an additional benefit. The solitary world of the classroom, with long days spent with the children they teach, often isolates teachers from their peers. ClassDojo is bringing down those classroom walls, connecting teachers to their peers across the globe. The app is fostering an encouraging and productive dialogue amongst educators, whether to the discuss the daily concerns of any teacher, or to address bigger questions, and seeking fresh approaches to significant problems.

Now reaching 85,000 schools in the United States, across private and public systems, ClassDojo hopes to continue growing, recently raising over $21 million in a second round of venture capital funding. The San Francisco-based company is looking to the horizon for news ways to get students, teachers, and parents involved in the learning process, and creating a connected community.

There is a growing trend in schools around the country. They are starting to realize that the home and the stability that is found in it are a key to the success of a child in school. Nowhere can this be found more than in Rocketship Education schools. Rocketship Education knows how important the home is. That is why when there was a flood in San Jose and thirty families whose children attended Rocketship Education had their homes flooded, Rocketship Education was there to help. They raised sixty thousand dollars for these families so that they would have food to eat, clothing to wear, and a home to live in.

A lot of schools are applying the community style of education that is provided at Rocketship Education schools. A larger emphasis is being placed on getting the parents involved in the education. A lot of schools are starting to make sure that they are investing in the families. They are focusing on creating a network of parents and teachers. That is why when a disaster strikes a family or a number of families, Rocketship Education bands together so that these families are supported when they need it most.

More and more schools are starting to come to the realization that when parents are involved in the process, students will succeed more. In order for a child to succeed at school, it is vital that the parents are involved. The way the parents interact with the child at home will influence how they succeed at school. At Rocketship Education, they believe that parents are partners, just like the teachers are. Therefore, they make sure that they are involved at every step of the way. They believe that parents, students, and teachers all make up a large community and family. The family must be helped when they are in trouble.

Rocketship Education runs a number of charter schools in various states. They focus on bridging the gap that has long existed in low income communities.

Rocketship Education is known for the high performance of their students.