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Taking on a new sound and a brand new sense of direction, The Chainsmokers have evolved incredibly since the duo comprising of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart came out. It seems like only yesterday that The Chainsmokers released their first hit single that propelled them on the music scene. Since then, the duo has come out with a number of chart-topping hits like ‘Don’t let me down’, ‘Closer’ and ‘Roses’.

In a recent interview, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart let fans in on the history behind the duo and the road that let them be the iconic act that they are today. Music has always been an important part of both Andrew and Alex’s lives, and it was their love for music and their passion for creating art that brought them together. Alex Pall had been DJing and producing music since high school, and Andrew shared a similar story. Both the members of the duo were matched together by their manager who thought that they would work well together. After a few initial sessions, The Chainsmokers was formed. Combining their musical talents, their vision for the music that they create and the ability to tell stories through their music has helped the duo reach the next level within the industry.

Writing about their lives has always been one of the key components of the music that The Chainsmokers puts out. Several songs like Don’t Let Me Down, Closer and even the newest song Sick Boy have all been about the personal experiences that the duo has gone through and the roads that they have traveled. Making music about this has also let them form a strong connection with their fans, which is something that has greatly contributed to the success that they are seeing today.

Making their music unique to their own style has always been one of the defining characteristics of The Chainsmokers. Not many music producers and DJs nowadays actually sing over the music that they themselves make, and by doing that, The Chainsmokers have been able to bring their own sense of originality to the fans who tune into them.

From 1991 to 2006, Lawrence Bender and Quentin Tarantino’s A Band Apart Films was in operation. This company was responsible for the creation of many of Tarantino’s most successful films. A Band Apart Film’s productions were no limited to Tarantino’s films; other films that were produced by their company include White Man’s Burden, a film directed by Desmond Nakano and starring John Travolta.

Lawrence Bender’s contributions to the film industry were not limited to A Band Apart.

One of Lawrence Bender’s most recent contributions to the entertainment industry came as a Netflix limited series. The show is based on a Russian film called The Major, and it debuted on February 23rd, 2018.

The series is about a police officer in New Jersey who runs over a young-black child in the road with his car. The man is distracted, conducting calls concerning his wife’s issues when he hits the child. After first checking his bumper for damages he sees a bicycle wheel still spinning on the passenger side of his vehicle.

The show has two main points of view: that of the officer and that of the surviving family. The officer and his police force peers are trying to cover up the accident. Racial issues escalate in the community as a result of the event.

Inglourious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds was the last film produced by A Band A Part Films, but it wasn’t the last project from Lawrence Bender.

Inglourious Basterds has an all-star line-up of actors including Brad Pitt, Eli Roth, Michael Fassbender, and Diana Kruger.

The movie is about an expert team of killers during World War II. The film uses their nonchalant attitude towards killing Nazis as comedy relief to and otherwise serious topic.

The main plot of the film consists of this group of people plotting an assassination attempt during a movie screening.

The film was received by critics positively.