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Jessica Boskoff is an event designer and planner based in New York City. She plans events from weddings to corporate events. She founded and is the CEO of 23 Layers, the NYC event planning company.

In her interview with The Perfect Palette, Jessica stated that she loves pastel colors such as mint and aqua. She incorporated these delicate yet fun colors into the design of the shoot.

The photoshoot was taken in celebration of 23 Layer’s new look. Images from the shoot are incorporated into the company’s website.

The whimsical scene included sweet desserts like cupcakes and doughnuts, beautiful peonies, and pastel pillows. The combination of props, sweets, and color added a touch of playfulness to the design.

The background elements in the shoot allowed the bright colors and details to pop, catching the eye. With white and transparent walls, floors, trunks, and other props, it appears as if the color mainstays were floating.

Together, the details created a sophisticated yet fun look. Details such as including the novel The Last Unicorn and books about love added to the romantic atmosphere.

Jessica said that her style as a designer is always changing, but that she loves colors and symmetry. When it comes to event planner, the details are incredibly important to her.

She uses her creativity in every element of her life, from her career to the design of her own home.

Working with her in this design were photographer Vanessa Tierney, baker Ashleigh Blackman, and florist Van Vliet & Trap. Jessica used their products to add fun layers of details and style to her brand.

Jessica Boskoff can be found on Instagram. Those interested in her event planning and design can also visit 23 Layers’ website, where there is more information about her company and the services it offers.

Jessica Boskoff, an event planner in NYC, is the founder of Twenty Three Layers. She recently conducted an interview about some of the ways she brings color and style into the events that she helps to coordinate.

She is a woman who uses creativity when she makes designs for events. Taking the time to explore various artistic approaches, she makes sure that clients receive exactly what they are looking for with their wedding and other special events. Designers that are used enjoy color and texture as well as contrast. Fun is also used in many of the designs that are created. Jessica enjoys using pastels whether they are on the top of a cupcake or in the form of flowers.

A styled shoot was recently done with Jessica’s input. One can clearly see the care that is provided in product placement and the colors that blend well together. The reason for the shoot was to showcase a new look for the brand. Colors used in the shoot are bright and fun. They include mint green, pink and yellow. Sweet treats, such as donuts and cupcakes, can also be seen in the shoot to add a bit of flair to the picture. Donuts are decorated with pink frosting and sprinkles, and cupcakes are decorated with mint green icing.

Simple flower arrangements are placed in clear vases, positioned so that they are beside the treat stands. Jessica’s favorite colors include mint green and aqua. These colors are often present in events that she has a hand in helping to decorate. Each component of the recent shoot that was done with Jessica’s inspirations include whimsy and a touch of play. Pastel cushions are placed on a stool while a yellow rocking chair is the focal point of the picture. Jessica enjoys expressing her style through various colors and unique designs.

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