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1 Post describes The Manse on Marsh as an elderly care unit that provides living services to the senior members of the society. Manse on Marsh operates as an assisted living community located in San Luis Obispo County in California. Assisted living services are quite different from the nursing home services that are most available. Manse on Marsh have tried to bridge the gap through provision of assisted living services which are apartment like style habitat which focus on provision of daily assistance on living activities to the elderly in the society.

Manse on Marsh provide quite a number of services which ranges from provisions of housekeeping services, cleaning services, preparation of meals, medical assistance and general regular checkups for the elderly residents. In terms of payments Manse on Marsh are way cheaper than nursing homes because of the nature of services they offer. Assisted living unlike nursing homes requires fewer funds because they providing assistance services as opposed to nursing homes that provide everything. Assisted living provides the much needed independence unlike nursing homes.

There are so many things that make The Manse on Marsh the ideal place to take your beloved seniors notable to state is it proximity to one of the best hospitals. It is located not more than a mile from French hospital medical center that was voted among the best medical care provider according to recent Medicare review.

According to the available reviews on Manse on Marsh, quite a number of people are happy with the services the facility has been offering. The quality of food and the facility have received a lot of praises from those who have used their services and strongly recommend the facility to others who need those services.

SeniorHousingNet writes the location of the Manse is also very ideal as it is located in the epicenter of San Luis Obispo. Other amenities that include shopping centers, churches, coffee houses, bookstores and ice cream shops are within a walking distance.

The facility provides the best activities to its seniors residents of the society giving them the confidence and peace of mind they need that cannot be found elsewhere. Manse provide 24/7 care services that include five check-ins daily which include making of their beds in the morning and provision of three meals in a day together with the collection of trash in the evenings.

Manse provides the much needed privacy through their single bedrooms and studios that are included in their package for those who need assisted services. Clients are at liberty to choose services that best suit their budget and comfort they desire.

Manse is not only taking in permanent residence, temporary stays are also provided to those who need them. Respite stays also exist for those who are on their way to better health.