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There have been quite a few professional food corporations that have tried, but have unsuccessfully been able to compete with the OSI Group name. They’ve been able to grow their name as one of the largest food service professionals in the industry. In fact, OSI, has been able to answer to a stabilized food network with over $65.4 billion dollars in assets. Their stock continues to flourish. They have current stockholders proud of their accomplishments. They have also been able to create successful international relationships. You’re invited to join their organic processed foods worldwide. The OSI Food Group, has proudly fed millions of customers a safe and nutritious meal.

OSI Industries Introduces International Deal

There have been several customers that have established an international relationship, but the popular OSI Industries Food Group, has began to process food from their largest food facility in Europe. OSI, will proudly process their restaurant food condiments and frozen patties. The deal has been a success and estimated to be worth $7 million dollars. Together, they’ve been able to grow their professional business portfolio. They’ve been able to acquire the popular, Dutch, Baho Foods. OSI, has been active in international growth for the past ten years. Their CEO and businessman, David McDonald, leads their food group network.

Meet The Team Of OSI Team Executives

The OSI Industries Group, has been able to form a strong team of professionals to back their industry name. Their executives have played a key role in the growth of their network. In fact, their CEO, David McDonald, is behind their successful merger with the Flagship Europe, deal. He understood the richness of the EU industry and went after the deal vigorously. McDonald, also actively participates in many humanitarian causes around the world. Their team of professionals say, David McDonald, also lends generous time and resources to the YMCA and the Boys Scouts of America.Learn more about OSI, by visiting their official website. You can also get information on David McDonald, through his professional LinkedIn account. If it’s an OSI diet, it’s one you can trust for your family or customers.

Many seniors are choosing assisted living these days and for good reasons. Assisted living is considered by many to be the best of both worlds. Residents in assisted living facilities are independent but can also receive personal care and support services, should they need them.

Assisted living facilities are designed to provide residents with the basics of daily living such as bathing, grooming, dressing and help with medications. To be clear, assisted living facilities are different from nursing homes in that they don’t provide more comprehensive medical services.

The Manse on Marsh is an assisted living facility in San Luis Obispo, CA. The Manse on Marsh offers a variety of activities, activities that encourages movement and socialization with their peers. Being active and independent are effective ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As many seniors know, it is important to share with their peers. Sharing with one’s peers certainly makes one’s life more enjoyable and fulfilling. Preparing meals can be time consuming and costly but at the Manse on Marsh, three delicious meals are prepared for their residents every day as part of the regular activities.

Staff at the Manse on Marsh is available 24 hours a day. If any emergencies occur during the day or night, there is someone ready and prepared to help. Those who suffer from diabetes need to have their insulin levels monitored and that is an important task that the Manse on Marsh doesn’t take lightly.

Other services that an assisted living center offers are non-ambulatory care, incontinence care and hospice care. Additional amenities that some assisted living facilities offer are: activities onsite and offsite, devotional services, wheelchair accessible showers and aging in place.

There are many benefits of assisted living. One of the most treasured benefits is the quality of life. Keep in mind; an assisted living facility only takes care of chores that a person can no longer handle safely or appropriately. In addition, an assisted living center provides social and recreational opportunities that a senior could not enjoy if he or she lived alone. Most importantly, an assisted living center minimizes potential hazards by adding shower grab bars, remote panic buttons and other safety features. Also, assisted living provides quick responses to emergency situations and adapts to a person’s individual needs.

Find out more about assisted living from a trusted friend or your doctor.  Trusted websites can be the best place for more information too, as long as they are reputable.